by John Lawrence

Liberal MP Pablo Rodriquez congratulates himself on something he doesn't quite understandWith the three Canadian opposition parties joining together to force the present Conservative government to honour Canada’s catastrophic commitment to Kyoto, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

Being told he must now do, by law, what the Liberals themselves failed to do with a majority mandate, Stephen Harper has two choices. He can abide by the new law or let his government fall. While the act compelling our government to enact legislation and to table a plan within 60 days is not yet officially the law of the land, it will no doubt sail through the Liberal dominated Senate, thus becoming a reality.

So, what is Mr. Harper to do about Kyoto? I have a few suggestions. They may sound outrageous, but given the timetable which the Liberals and NDP feel comfortable foisting upon Canadians, there is little room to maneuver.

Here is my short list:

1) Place an immediate ban on any scientist, their families immediate and extended, and any member of the World Wildlife Fund, the Sierra Club, and a host of other militant, political, environmental lobbies from owning, driving, and/or riding in a private vehicle. They must now use public transit for any and all transportation.

2) Close our borders immediately. There will be an immediate cessation of any immigration. Any non-resident who leaves our country will not be allowed to return and any non-resident not already within our borders will be denied entry. Our national birthrate is so low that our population should immediately begin to plummet. This will reduce our Co2 emissions.

3) End any and all grain and oil exports. While these do feed and fuel the needs of millions of foreigners, these goods need to be transported, thus creating Co2 emissions. Bad. Very bad.

4) Close the oil sands. Of course foreign investment would flee, but to hell with it. The oil sands are dirty. Just think of the thousands of people who will lose their shirts when real estate plummets in Alberta. This is good. Poor people don’t buy new goods, thus further reducing our Co2 emissions.

5) Immediately step down and install a temporary NDP government. World history shows that any nation ruled by Socialists fails quickly, with productivity plummetting exponentially. This will allow Canada’s Co2 targets to be met.

6) Pass draconian laws forbidding Canadians from copulation. Births create humans, humans hurt the planet. Childbirth must be STOPPED!

7) Enact legislation requiring all workers to work 40 hours straight with no breaks. That way, we can reduce the trips in our cars to and from work by an immediate 80%.

8) Place obscene taxes on gasoline, thereby inhibiting its purchase. We already have these, they simply need to be multiplied a few times.

9) Restrict the building of homes. Require all low and middle income earners to live together in communal buildings. This will conserve energy. (The wealthy will be exempt from this. We DON’T want a revolution, you know.)

10) Create huge human-powered turbines which, when thousands of people pedal, create huge energy stores. Require all able-bodied Canadians to give 15 minutes a week to pedal our way to a greener world.

11) Immediately begin to disassemble our transportation infrastructure, leaving only enough roadway for the almighty TTC to use.

12) Immediately ban the use of any outdoor pleasure equipment that runs on fossil fuels. Fun is for earth-killers! No more snowblowers, lawnmowers, or outboard motors either. Paddles are in, as is long grass for hide-and-seek. The ban on snowblowers will cause more heart attacks as older people shovel, thus compounding the Co2 reductions.

13) Ensure that all new housing contains no electrical wiring. No power = no Co2 emissions.

14) Duplicate the blackout of 2003 on an annual basis. Turn everything off for 30 days, effecting a direct 8.3% reduction in Co2 emissions from our energy producers with untold spinoffs throughout the country.

While each of these sounds absurd, I can guarantee you that the end result of each would be lower Co2 emissions. And after all, that is the new god of liberalism. Nothing else matters, does it?

We will submit. All Hail, Mr. Suzuki.

Media Suddenly Discovers US Has Allies in Iraq



Media Suddenly Discovers US Has Allies in Iraq

In an AP story published in both the Detroit News (“Does Blair’s move doom coalition?”) and the Detroit Free Press (“‘Coalition of willing’ is wilting”) on Thursday, something like a full list itemizing the number of allies fighting with the United States in Iraq appeared for the first time since March 2003. Up until now such lists have been conspicuously absent, as they are direct evidence that the United States was not acting “unilaterally” in Iraq, or that the President was not “going it alone” and behaving like a “cowboy.”

For four years the existence of a coalition has been one of the most under-reported facts of all the under-reported facts about the war.

But today, it’s finally all right to print a list, as mentioning America’s allies helps in reporting how they’re all abandoning Iraq.

Rush Limbaugh had a similar observation yesterday, when he played a montage of sound bites from several giddy newscasters declaring that Tony Blair’s announcement of a withdrawal of some 1,600 troops from southern Iraq was proof positive that the coalition allies are abandoning the Iraq war even more precipitously than the Democratic Congress:

“ED HENRY: No matter how the White House tries to play this, this is clearly a blow to Mr. Bush, when you combine it with what’s just crossing the hours over the last hour or so that Denmark is also going to pull its troops from Iraq. The perception is reality, and the perception is that US allies are now walking away, and they’re shunning what Mr. Bush has repeatedly said, that setting a timetable and withdrawing troops is not the right way to go. His allies are now walking away.

“RUSH: We did a Nexis search here, folks, this morning because I could not ever recall Ed Henry at CNN telling us that Denmark had troops in Iraq. I never knew from CNN that Denmark was part of our coalition. So we did a LexisNexis search, and we can’t find, of all the CNN transcripts, we cannot find a day prior to today where CNN reporter Ed Henry ever reported that Denmark has troops in Iraq.”

Note how Ed Henry also falls back on the “perception is reality” slogan, which as a general proposition is both irrational and untrue. Perception is not reality. For that matter, notice how he relies on the “perception” that “US allies are now walking away,” and insisting on “setting a timetable,” even when that is demonstrably not the reality–as Tony Blair made perfectly clear in his announcement on Tuesday that British troops would be expected to remain in Iraq at least through 2008, and that further withdrawals would be “condition-based,” not based on any timetable.

But when you want to accomplish a reality by manipulating perception, it’s best to create the perception first, then call it reality. That’s how Walter Cronkite did it when he called the US victory during the Tet offensive a US defeat.

It isn’t all the media’s fault that the number and identities of coalition partners has remained a secret. (Did you know Georgia contributed 900 soldiers? El Salvador 380? Poland 600?). Since March 2003 the President has wasted opportunities during every speech he gave on Iraq to painstakingly itemize every nation in the coalition, especially during his State of the Union speeches. He could have listed them slowly to give the cameras time to pan to irritated Democrats who’d shot their faces off accusing him of acting unilaterally, and at the same time the slow build up of nations would give his supporters something to cheer for.

Yes, most of the coalition nations have sent only token forces. But Blair is only withdrawing 1,600 troops, and look at how much “perception” the Left is getting out of that? And more important, even one token troop is a token of that nation’s endorsement of the President’s policy in Iraq. And a better use of those tokens sure could have been made to shut up the left’s whining that the “whole world” has been against us on the Iraq war.

Too bad. Now it’s getting late to advance the perception of that reality.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards ARE the Regime

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards ARE the Regime

By Clare M. Lopez

When President Bush recently answered a reporter’s question about Iranian shipments to Iraq of lethal explosive devices, he was very careful to avoid assigning direct responsibility to the highest levels of the clerical regime. He needn’t have been.
Asked what made him so certain that “the highest levels of Tehran’s government” are responsible for supplying the deadly IEDs called Explosively Formed Penetrators to Iraq, the president answered, “We don’t know…whether the head leaders of Iran ordered” the shipment of lethal explosive devices to Iraq for use against American troops. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns also tip-toed tentatively around the question in a 14 Feb 07 appearance at the Brookings Institute, where he, too, declined to charge the Iranian regime with direct responsibility for the presence of these weapons in the hands of Iraqi terrorist militias.
This kind of misplaced deference to a regime dedicated to the defeat of democracy in Iraq serves only to embolden the aggressive, repressive, and extremist Shi’ite clerics who run Iran today. Let us be very clear about what is really happening: the emergence of a democratic, prosperous, and secure Iraq on its western border poses a direct and unbearable threat to the totalitarian theocratic police state that Iran has become since its 1979 Revolution. While its clerical leadership does not want Iraq to descend into complete chaos, neither is it prepared to permit it to develop peacefully into a modern democracy allied with the United States.
That is why its policy since the initiation of Operation Iraqi Freedom in March 2003 has been to flood the country with agents from its Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS, otherwise known by its Farsi acronym, VEVAK) and Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The task of Iran’s VEVAK and IRGC operatives is to infiltrate the Iraqi government at every level and manage the liaison relationship with terrorist militias wreaking havoc across Iraq.

Iran seeks to export its Islamic Revolution and ideology, known as the Velayat-e Faqih (Rule of the Jurisprudent), to Iraq and other regional neighbors, such as Lebanon. Iran wants to create Islamic regimes ruled by Shari’a (Islamic law) and headed by Shi’ite clergy in as many places as it can; this is the menacing vision that Jordan’s King Abdullah referred to as the spreading “Shi’ite crescent”. It does not include concepts of democracy, civil society, equal opportunity for all, or rule of man-made law.
Iran really has a dual objective: the ideological leadership of the radical Islamist movement and regional geo-strategic expansion. To achieve this, it deploys its assets, including the IRGC, irregular Bassij forces, and VEVAK. Each of these is an integral element of the Iranian regime and comes under the direct control of the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The current IRGC commander, Major General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, does not report to Iran’s Minister of Defense, but rather to the Supreme Leader.
The IRGC was formed in the early days of the Iranian Revolution specifically to guard and preserve the Revolution at home and export it abroad; the national armed forces were assigned the defense of the country’s borders and sovereignty, but the IRGC was to ensure the survival of the Revolution itself. It was the threat of just such action in Iraq that helped precipitate Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran in September 1980. The Marine Barracks were blown up in Lebanon in 1983 under the command of IRGC Brigadier General Hussein Moslehi, commander of the Lebanon Brigade. Another IRGC commander, Brigadier General Muhammad-Ja’afar Sahraroudi, was the field commander assigned to the 1989 assassination of Kurdish Democratic Party leader, Abdul-Rahman Qassemlou, in Vienna, Austria. Today, the IRGC is assigned responsibility for both Iran’s Shahab missile program and its nuclear weapons program.
The Qods Force (Jerusalem Force) is an integral unit of the IRGC. Formed in 1990, the secretive Qods force is responsible for commanding, planning, and executing the extra-territorial operations of the IRGC. Its commander and General Staff report directly to the Supreme Leader. In effect, this makes the Qods Force the terrorist wing of the Iranian regime. The Qods Force deploys its terrorist operatives across the world to equip, train, and support terrorist operations and cells in Bosnia, Chechnya, Lebanon, North and South America, Europe, Northern Africa, the Horn of Africa, the Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere. The Qods Force is the unit charged with liaison with Al-Qa’eda; it is under their “supervision” that Usama bin Laden’s two sons and military operations chief have enjoyed safe haven inside Iran for the last five years. In addition to its military mission, the Qods force also deploys a political staff charged with export of the Iranian regime’s radical ideology to neighboring regions, such as Iraq.
In Iraq, the IRGC Qods Force has been heavily involved for over three years to build, arm, finance, and train an extensive network of terrorist groups, including both Sunnis and Shi’ites, to ensure the perpetration of vicious sectarian violence and a never-ending situation of instability that will bleed American forces and prevent the emergence of a secure democracy there. The IRGC Qods Force was the principal sponsor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and continues to provide the same kind of support to Moqtada al-Sadr, the Shi’ite rabble rouser. Brigadier General Abtahi is the Qods Force theatre commander in Iraq and operates from a tactical command center called the Fajr Base, located in southwestern Iran in the city of Ahwaz. Within Iraq itself, the Qods Force base of operations is centered in Najaf. A chain of factories strung out along the Iranian side of the border with Iraq, and under the sole control of the IRGC Qods Force, is the verified source of those deadly IEDs, about which President Bush spoke so carefully; markings on fragments of Explosively Formed Penetrators used against American troops in Iraq identify them irrefutably as of Iranian manufacture.
When U.S. forces raided Iran’s “consulate” in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil in January 2007, one of those detained there was the Qods Force operations chief, Hassan Abasi, who is a ranking strategic advisor to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (himself a former IRGC commander). In early February 2007, it became known that hundreds of Austrian Steyr H550 sniper rifles exported legally to Iran in 2006 have been discovered in the hands of Iraqi terrorists.
It is time to state clearly to the American people what our military commanders in Iraq have known for years now: the Iranian regime directly deploys its IRGC Qods Force operatives inside Iraq to support terrorist attacks that kill American soldiers. There is no question that they are there-our forces have been capturing, killing, and deporting them back to Iran by the dozens. There is also no question that these forces operate under the direct command and control of the Iranian regime. There is zero possibility that IRGC Qods Force “rogue” elements either exist or operate outside of the strict control of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the clerical clique that forms the top echelon of the Iranian regime. In this hierarchy, the “democratic” administration of President Ahmadinejad wields only incidental authority and is used primarily as the mouthpiece and public “face” of the regime where real power resides with the unelected clergy.
We must face facts squarely: the Iranian regime is at war with the United States. Stating the obvious doesn’t make it any more or less so, but recognizing and dealing with reality is the only way to defend American national security and the only way to achieve a victory for democratic civilization in Iraq.
Clare Lopez is the former Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee who served 20 years as a CIA operations officer. Currently she is a private consultant who speaks and publishes widely on Middle East and WMD issues

The West must adopt a WAR mindset to defend against political Islam

The West must adopt a WAR mindset to defend against political Islam

FrontPageMag interviewed Bill Warner on Political Islam. I posted Political Islam leads to submission and linked to the interview. In that interview he described how determined and successful it was.

Now it has a follow up interview under the title The Infidel Revolution. after discussing that we in the west are finally beginning to understand Political Islam, he went on to advise what we should do about it.

FP: So what should our strategy be?

Warner: Our strategy must be the salvation of our precious civilization. We must save our very selves.

All of this cannot be accomplished without the Mind of War. There is a psychology of war that puts everything in a different perspective. We are rich, fat, dumb and happy living in the land that everyone wants to emigrate to. It is easy to turn on the Super Bowl, plan the bar mitzvah, work for a promotion and just let Political Islam have its way. The Mind of War sees that all of what we have is an illusion, that the cancer has started to metastasize. Until we develop the Mind of War, we are doomed. We must have that emergency reserve that war brings out.

Without this state of mind, we will lose all we have. The great civilization of Coptic Egypt of the Pharaohs that lasted 5000 years is gone, a corpse buried beneath Political Islam. Liberal democracy is only 200 years old. Political Islam is 1400 years old and exploding in power. Without the Mind of War, our civilization will become extinct under the impact of the civilization of duality.

FP: This strategy would seem difficult for us to attain because we appear to be very afraid to make comments about Political Islam in our own society, no?

Warner: It is our dhimmitude. It’s bizarre. We are afraid of Political Islam and its followers. They are not remotely afraid of us. Why is this? We are in a psychotic state of fear and shame caused by a past of 1400 years of dhimmitude and slavery. This psychosis is the state of the molested mind. The horror of Islamic politics produces a denial that the deaths, conquests, slavery, rape, humiliation, degradation, suffering and civilizational destruction ever happened. The molested mind denies the history and doctrine of Political Islam. That is the mind of dhimmitude.

Our civilization must acknowledge our status. We are still dhimmis. It has been 1400 years of servitude, slavery, dhimmitude, ignorance and a repressed and denied history. When we understand our history we will see exactly how repressed and in denial we are. The first mark of the dhimmi is ignorance of Political Islam.

We must acknowledge our suffering. We must decide that 270,000,000 of our ancestors did not die in vain. We must gain insight into why we know so little. There is a very deep reason in our collective psyche why we choose to remain ignorant. We are afraid to admit our dhimmitude and slavery to Political Islam. A million Europeans were captured and sold into Islamic slavery. If the history of slavery were completely told, whites and blacks could see each other in a new light.

In the past, this shame, ignorance and fear could be ignored. But now Political Islam is here and has us by the throat. Our future as a civilization depends upon realizing how close to annihilation we are. Only a revolution can save us. We must have a revolt of the dhimmis, a Dhimmi Revolution. After 1400, years it is time we faced our shame and fear with the Mind of War.

This common suffering must be acknowledged and told. The history and stories must be told within our groups and shared with the other groups. Once we know about the Tears of Jihad, we will be strong and courageous. Once we remember the suffering of dhimmitude, we can stop being afraid, have the Mind of War and be heroes in the war to save our civilization.

Luckily the cure for dhimmitude is very simple. Once you know the history and doctrine of Political Islam, you cease being a dhimmi. Knowledge is the key and the only key to freedom from shame and fear. We shall know the truth and the truth will make us free. Our future depends upon our facing the past.

FP: You refer to 270 million deaths at the hands of Political Islam. Can you shed light on that figure?

Warner: The figure of 270 million is a rough estimate of the death of non-Muslims by the political act of jihad. It is calculated as such:

The John Edwards Problem

The John Edwards Problem

by Bill Levinson

John Edwards is growing proof that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by left-wing ideologues, many of whom are in the pay of the shadowy international financier George Soros. While Soros and his people have yet to make major inroads into state-level Democratic parties (those in the Pennsylvania Legislature seem to stand for traditional Democratic values), the national party is as out of control as the four hijacked airplanes were on that Tuesday morning in September 2001. Contrary to the claim by Soros’ minions at MoveOn.org that they “bought” the Democratic Party, the party belongs to middle-class working Americans, and it is past time to take it back.

In addition to proposing to knife our Armed Forces in the back, John Edwards has joined George Soros in denouncing Israel as a menace to peace. Edwards has also joined MoveOn.org in promoting the vilest imaginable forms of anti-Catholic hate speech, and the Democratic Party includes millions of Catholics who will doubtlessly vote Republican or stay home when they find out what Edwards’ people and MoveOn.org is saying about them. The same goes for Jewish voters who learn the truth about these people.

John Edwards Declares Jihad Against Israel reports,

In Variety, John Edwards placed his foot in his mouth while courting the Hollyweird crowd that has so far endeared themselves to Senator Barack Hussein Obama (bin Laden).

“There are other emerging fissures, as well. The aggressively photogenic John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the “I” word — Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. As a chill descended on the gathering, the Edwards event was brought to a polite close.

Courting to the Anti-Zionist (PC for Anti-Semitic) Liberal Left, Edwards fails to place proper blame on the REAL TERRORISTS of the region, all of whom are followers of the Cartoon like Prophet Muhammad…ISLAM!

That’s right, Mr. Edwards, if all those Jooooooooooooz in Israel would just die, march into the sea, or dry up and blow away, there wouldn’t be any problems, right? It is Iran that, while hanging young women for “adultery” (which includes being a rape victim) and building nuclear bombs for the express purpose of dropping them not only on Israel but also the United States. It is Iran that is rated as a “Not Free” dictatorship by the independent group Freedom House. Nonetheless, is is Israel (a free democracy) that is, according to John Edwards and George Soros, the menace to regional and world peace.

The latest issue (February 26, 2007) of U.S. News & World Report shows how Edwards proposes to knife our Armed Forces in the back, bring disgrace and humiliation to the arms of the United States, and very likely get hundreds of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed in a replay of the evacuation of Saigon in the mid-1970s.

It’s time for Congress to use its power [over spending] to stop the escalation of this war and to keep this president from making another huge …ego driven mistake.” Edwards favors withdrawing 40,000 to 50,000 u.S. troops immediately to pressure the Iraqis to take charge of their own security…

Lest we forget other participants in President Bush’s so-called “ego driven mistake,”
# Hillary Rodham Clinton, Floor Speech of 10 October 2002 (from her own Senate Web site): “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001.” http://clinton.senate.gov/speeches/iraq_101002.html
# John Kerry, 23 February 1998: “Saddam Hussein has already used these weapons and has made it clear that he has the intent to continue to try, by virtue of his duplicity and secrecy, to continue to do so. That is a threat to the stability of the Middle East. It is a threat with respect to the potential of terrorist activities on a global basis. It is a threat even to regions near but not exactly in the Middle East.”

Well, Mr. Edwards, what hole did you hide your suddenly new-found integrity in when you agreed to be John Kerry’s running mate? We can answer; you have no honor, character, ethics, or integrity, and you are unfit to hold any position of public trust in this country. That includes your current position as U.S. Senator.

John Edwards’ running mate in 2004: confessed war criminal and MoveOn.org-er who knifed his fellow Vietnam veterans for personal political gain

Now that we have covered Edwards’ attack on a fellow democracy, and his agenda of aiding the enemies of the United States in Iraq, we come to the vicious anti-Catholic hate speech sponsored by his bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan. It seems that Edwards and his friends at MoveOn.org have revived the spirit of the vicious anti-Catholic cartoonist Thomas Nast, as shown by this official MoveOn.org cartoon of Pope Benedict waving a gavel in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Not to be left behind in promoting vicious hatred of American Catholics and contempt for Catholic religious beliefs, here is what Edwards’ classy and articulate bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan had to say at Pandagon and Shakespeare’s Sister. (They recently left the Edwards campaign under pressure from enraged Catholics and other decent Americans, but this shows the kind of people with whom Edwards associates. There is no doubt that Edwards is willing to pander to Jew-haters, Catholic-haters, and bigots of every imaginable stripe for the purpose of garnering votes from the MoveOn.org wing of his party.)

Some reproductive rights links to consider while digesting Christmas leftovers by Edwards’ blogger Amanda Marcotte suggests that the Virgin Mary should have used contraceptives or had an abortion, which seems to be the meaning of “Plan B.”

Q: What if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his [explicit description of semen]?
A: You’d have to justify your misogyny with another ancient mythology.

…And, needless to say, the Catholic church is not about to let something like compassion for girls get in the way of using the state as an instrument to force women to bear more tithing Catholics.

The Catholic League adds that Edwards blogger Melissa McEwan smeared not only Catholics but all Christians as follows.

“On November 21, 2006, Melissa McEwan said on AlterNet that ‘some of Christianity’s most prominent leaders—including the Pope—regularly speak out against gay tolerance.’ On November 1, 2006, on her blogspot Shakespeare’s Sister, she referred to President Bush’s ‘wingnut Christofascist base’ when lashing out against religious conservatives.

This hate speech is neither accidental nor the work of rogue bloggers. It is entirely consistent with MoveOn.org’s anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, and anti-Evangelical ideology, and it is doubtlessly consistent with John Edwards’ ideology as well.

The bottom line is that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by people who have nothing to do with core Democratic values. These include not only John Edwards, but also Barack Obama who has been bought and paid for by George Soros. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, has taken support not only from Soros but also Michael Moore and Jane Fonda. It is past time for mainstream Democrats to take their party back from these ideological hijackers.

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Good Guys and Bad Guys

Good Guys and Bad Guys

by Bill Levinson

Most Americans don’t need a program to tell the good guys from the bad guys in the Middle East, but there are some–like John Edwards and George Soros–who obviously do. The alternate explanation is that they know who the good guys are, but their loyalties have been bought by hostile foreign powers or domestic enemies (e.g. Soros) so they pretend that the good guys are the villains, and vice versa. Either way, Freedom House provides an excellent program for those who feel the need for one.

This column will also underscore the fact that, contrary to the assertions of anti-Semites, individuals whose loyalties have been bought with Islamofascist oil money, and the Soros-Occupied Government (SOG), Americans support Israel primarily because Israel is the good guy (democracy) and its enemies are the bad guys (dictatorships, theocracies, and terrorists) that have been the United States’ enemies since its foundation. This would be true if Israelis were Christians, Buddhists, or Hindus.

Let’s begin with the assertion by George Soros (whose generous campaign contributions have bought Barack Obama, whom Soros seeks to appoint as our country’s next President) that the United States is a menace to world peace that requires “de-Nazification.” Freedom House’s independent report simply reinforces what most of us already know: George Soros is a two-bit liar with no character, ethics, or integrity whatsoever, who allegedly collaborated with genuine Nazis during the Second World War. Ratings are on a 1 to 7 scale, with 1 being best and 7 worst.

United States of America (2006)
Political Rights: 1
Civil Liberties: 1
Status: Free

GNI/Capita: $37,870

Now let’s consider John Edwards, whose campaign was until recently promoting anti-Catholic hate of the worst kind. Edwards said that Israel is currently the greatest threat to world peace, while George Soros said that Israel’s policies are actually responsible for anti-Semitism. Again, let us go to the program that shows who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Israel (2006)
Political Rights: 1
Civil Liberties: 2*
Status: Free
GNI/Capita: $16,240

Life Expectancy: 80

Palestinian Authority-Administered Territories [Israel] (2006)
Political Rights: 5
Civil Liberties: 5*
Status: Not Free

GNI/Capita: na
Life Expectancy: na

Note that Gross National Income/ Capita is either not available or “not applicable,” as “Palestine” is essentially on international welfare and relief. The Palestinian-administered territories produce nothing whatsoever (other than mindless violence and religious intolerance), which is pretty typical of Israel’s enemies. Life expectency is, to paraphrase Thomas Hobbes, “brutish, nasty, and short” given the likelihood of being lynched by terrorists or blown up by sectarian violence.

Next we have John Edwards’ Iranian friends, whom he is afraid might be bombed by Israel to prevent them from blowing up Tel Aviv (or New York City) with a nuclear weapon, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has repeatedly threatened to do.

Iran (2006)
Political Rights: 6
Civil Liberties: 6
Status: Not Free

Population: 69,500,000
GNI/Capita: $2,010 [vs. $16, 240 for Israel]

Note that one Israeli is worth eight Iranians in terms of productivity, even though Iran has huge deposits of oil while Israel has almost none. This is doubtlessly because people who use cranes to erect buildings are far more productive than those who use cranes to hang women for “adultery,” which includes (under Iranian law) being raped.

According to John Edwards and George Soros, Israel is a menace to world peace. The individuals who are operating these cranes while building nuclear bombs are not a menace to world peace.

Now let us continue to Libya, which sentenced several Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor to death as scapegoats for an AIDS epidemic. Our position is that Bulgaria has the right to invade Libya and liberate the medical personnel, no matter how many Libyans it has to kill in the process. In fact, any civilized nation has the right to invade Libya for this purpose, noting that Libya does not have a government or judicial system that any civilized nation is obliged to respect. This can be determined quite easily by looking at the “program:”

Bulgaria (2006)
Political Rights: 1
Civil Liberties: 2
Status: Free

Libya (2006)
Political Rights: 7
Civil Liberties: 7
Status: Not Free

There is only one side to this controversy, and that is Bulgaria’s side. Its citizens are being held hostage (along with a decent Palestinian) by barbarian savages worthy of nothing more than extermination like plague-carrying rats. The plague-carrying rats are, in fact, on a higher moral level than Moammar Khadafy and his supporters, since the rats never chose to carry the plague. In our book, Khadafy has no rights whatsoever, and the government of any civilized nation should feel free to take him out (as Ronald Reagan almost did) whenever it pleases. The same goes for Robert Mugabe:

Zimbabwe (2006)
Political Rights: 7
Civil Liberties: 6
Status: Not Free
GNI/Capita: $490 [was far higher under civilized Euro-American rule]
Life Expectancy: 41 [was far higher under civilized Euro-American rule]

A good American need not be an ethnic Bulgarian to support Bulgaria against Libya, any more than he or she needs to be Jewish to support Israel. To good Americans, free countries are the good guys while dictatorships and theocracies are the bad guys. The latter have been our country’s enemies ever since we fought our War of Independence to get away from a king. On the other hand, to AINOs (Americans In Name Only) who have sold their loyalties to domestic enemies or hostile foreign interests, democracies like Israel and the United States itself are bad guys, while “Not Free” dictatorships are revolutionary heroes worthy of emulation.

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John Murtha: Caving in to Arabs Since 1980

John Murtha: Caving in to Arabs Since 1980
By Ann Coulter
FrontPageMagazine.com | February 22, 2007

Rumored ex-Marine John Murtha, Democrat congressman from Pennsylvania, has become the darling of the cut-and-run crowd for trying to place absurd restrictions on our troops, amounting to withdrawal from Iraq. Were Arab sheiks whispering into his ear?

In case you missed the video on “I Love the ’80s,” Rep. Murtha was caught on tape negotiating bribes with Arab sheiks during the FBI’s Abscam investigation in 1980. The Abscam investigation was conducted by Jimmy Carter’s Justice Department, not right-wing Republicans.

On tape, Murtha told the undercover FBI agent: “When I make a f***in’ deal I want to make sure that I know exactly what I’m doing and … what I’m sayin’ is, a few investments in my district …”

It is a profound and shocking fact that Murtha even showed up at this meeting, knowing he was going to be negotiating bribe money with Arabs.

Murtha added that he wanted the investment in his district to look like it was done “legitimately … when I say legitimately, I’m talking about so these bastards up here can’t say to me … ‘Jesus Christ, ah, this happened,’ then he (someone else), in order to get immunity so he doesn’t go to jail, he starts talking and fingering people and then the son of a bitch all falls apart.”

For those of you just joining us, no, this isn’t a scene from “The Sopranos.” It’s an actual conversation between a U.S. congressman and an FBI agent posing as an Arab sheik offering a bribe.

Murtha further said that although he was not prepared to accept cash at that time, “after we’ve done some business, then I might change my mind.” You know, just what you or I or any American might say when offered a cash bribe by an Arab.

The ever-helpful media exposed the Abscam investigation before it could be completed, and consequently we were deprived of the possibility of seeing Murtha on tape stuffing cash in his trousers like the other Democratic congressmen (and one “moderate” Republican) convicted in the Abscam investigation. Or, as Al Gore used to call such a fund-raising procedure, “community outreach.”

But Murtha was willing to trade favors in return for investment in his district – and suggested he might take cash down the line. In other words, Murtha wasn’t calling for an immediate surrender of his scruples and principles, but rather a phased withdrawal of them.

In fact, according to a co-conspirator’s affidavit, it didn’t take long for Murtha to warm to the idea of a cash bribe.

About a month after the taped meeting with Murtha, the co-conspirator, lawyer Howard L. Criden, wrote in his affidavit: “Yesterday, Feb. 1, (Democrat Congressman Frank ‘Topper’) Thompson called and told me that Murtha was ready to go,” adding that Murtha had indicated “during January that he was not ready to do business but would be willing to do so in the future.”

Criden said: “Congressman Murtha of Pennsylvania would be willing to enter into an agreement similar to that of the other congressmen” – i.e., taking $50,000 cash from the sheiks for legislative favors.

Criden’s affidavit went unsigned, according to his lawyer, Richard Ben-Veniste, solely because of the resulting publicity when the press blew the investigation, leading Criden to believe the prosecutors had broken the deal.

Criden was later convicted and sentenced to six years in prison, along with seven members of Congress (six of them Democrats). Murtha was an unindicted co-conspirator. (Would that Patrick Fitzgerald were prosecuting the case!)

As an attorney, let me give you the technical legal description of what occurred: John Murtha was as guilty as O.J. Simpson.

Now Murtha issues high moral pronouncements on the war and denounces our troops, calling the U.S. military “broken, worn out” and “living hand to mouth.” Gee, too bad there aren’t any Arab sheiks offering them cash bribes. Sounds like they could really use the money.

Murtha accuses Marines of killing “innocent civilians in cold blood” during an ongoing investigation. Semper Fi, Mr. Dirty Congressman.

Instead of toppling brutal dictators and spreading democracy in the Middle East, Murtha apparently prefers the old way of doing business with Arabs, where he gets juice from the sheiks.

The Democrats’ cheat-sheet on Murtha demands that it be shouted out: “He didn’t take a bribe on tape!” That’s their defense. There is not even a pretense that he didn’t talk to Arabs about a bribe.

He negotiated with a prostitute at the bar, but never consummated the deal. He’s a saint! Let him be my congressman!

It’s the Clintonian “incompetency” defense: Murtha was willing to be bribed; he just never got his act together enough to pick up the cash. I may not be honest, but I’m way too disorganized to actually take bribes!

Fine, Murtha was never convicted. Neither was Nixon. Venal hack John Murtha was willing to sell his country’s interests to Arab sheiks. This is the man Democrats have put up to lead the anti-war charge today, demanding that the commander in chief stop deploying troops against his Arab friends.

If only this whole war thing would blow over, maybe that Arab is still waiting out there with a deal for him.