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Making Pacifism Count

Making Pacifism Count

One of the irksome things in the rhetoric of the anti-war movement is the constant references to the total of our armed forces killed in Iraq. Each thousand is paraded out as a milestone, as if the total number, now slightly more than 3,100 since March 2003, is the best evidence of whether or not the war is a bad mistake. I suppose we are to assume that America’s most successful wars were those in which no soldiers were killed? Whenever I hear the “death toll” offered as an argument that the war is tragically misguided, I always want to ask: compared with what?

The natural answer for liberals is that the death toll is tragically too high compared to what it would be in heaven–or, as many of them don’t believe in heaven–compared with the Utopia for which they are struggling: the one where no unwanted children result from sex, no race jokes are told even in private, and no one owns a gun. When you’re using heaven/Utopia as a guide, you can always justify the “one death is too many” measure.

Of course, one soldier’s death is too many, if it’s a wasted death. Which is why we hate to see the Democratic Party working so hard to waste the deaths of our fallen heroes in Iraq. But be that side of the issue ever so determined, as wars fought in our national interest go, the death toll in Iraq has not been particularly high.

By way of comparison, the current number of US military deaths after 47 months is slightly less than the 3,155 Union dead killed at Gettysburg in three days of fighting. On D-Day in 1944, 2,500 US soldiers died in a single day. 6,800 US servicemen died, twice the Iraq toll, on Iwo Jima in the space of five weeks in 1945. The death toll of servicemen after nineteen months of America fighting in World War I was 116,000, or 6,105 per month. The American toll after four years of World War II was 600,000 dead.

That last number is significant. You will notice that the Iraq war is being condemned by the Left because it has “lasted longer than the Second World War,” as if there is a built-in term to war decisions, like a mortgage or a basketball game. Why not compare it to Vietnam, as the Left otherwise never wearies of doing, where we had a nine-year term? Is that because it would take us another 14 years to reach that death toll?

But if we are required to abide by the arbitrary time limit to reach victory established in World War II, (and don’t forget the “United Nations” were actually helping us with that one!), then why not be required to expend military lives at the same rate–which would be 200 times higher than it has been in the Iraq war? Or, if we can’t expend lives that fast, then why not keep fighting in Iraq for another 800 years, or nearly long enough to outlast Senator Byrd’s final term in the Senate?

What is missing in the liberal line is what is always missing: perspective. We are talking about a mass of otherwise intelligent folks who lie awake nights worrying about an ice floe cracking up in 2100, while dismissing Iran’s looming nuclear capability as a trick of the Bush administration; or who despise a years-long economic expansion as the worst calamity since the Hoover administration.

Alicia Colon at the New York Sun has provided some welcome perspective on the combat toll of the Iraq war, (“Heroes And Cowards“).

“The total military dead in the Iraq war between 2003 and this month stands at about 3,133. This is tragic, as are all deaths due to war, and we are facing a cowardly enemy unlike any other in our past that hides behind innocent citizens. Each death is blazoned in the headlines of newspapers and Internet sites. What is never compared is the number of military deaths during the Clinton administration: 1,245 in 1993; 1,109 in 1994; 1,055 in 1995; 1,008 in 1996. That’s 4,417 deaths in peacetime but, of course, who’s counting?”

Read the rest of this article here.

If you doubt it, you can compare her numbers to the DoD’s own tables.

Of course every life is sacred, but in a world where the US is hated by so many as it is today, (and before we ever went into Iraq), and for so many different reasons, there is no way we are going to have a 0-casualty military. Nor will we ever know how many killings by IEDs and car bombs were directly motivated by a desire to push the American political will to the breaking point.

As he watched Europe’s pactifists in the 1930s appeasing their nations into another world war, G.K. Chesterton wrote:

“We do not hold, no sane man has ever held, that war is a good thing. It is better that men should agree than that they should disagree; it is better that they disagree peacefully than that they should fight. Thus far we go with the most ardent, unconditional pacifist. The horrors and abominations of war are not likely to be invoked. But we hold that occasion may arise when it is better for a man to fight than to surrender. War is, in the main, a dirty, mean, inglorious business, but it is not the direst calamity that can befall a people. There is one worse state, at least: the state of slavery.

“While the possibility of slavery remains, while it merges daily into imminent probability, it is more important to teach men the value of manhood than to preach the softer virtues of peace.”


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Infiltration in the Iraq Translator program: an Intelligence Disaster

Infiltration in the Iraq Translator program: an Intelligence Disaster

By Jerry Gordon

In the U.S. Eastern District Court in Brooklyn on Valentine’s Day a Muslim and naturalized American citizen with five different aliases – stretching from Mauritania to Morocco to Lebanon – pled guilty to a charge of illegally possessing classified documents and was sentenced to 13 years, according to a report in the New York Sun. A light sentence for committing espionage and passing classified documents to Iraqi Sunni insurgents during one of his two stints in Iraq. Federal prosecutors allege that he did this when deployed at Al Taqqadam Air Base west of Baghdad in March 2004.

The irony is that his military superiors reportedly gave him high marks for his work with an Intelligence unit in Iraq. Little did they know what he really was doing. He was found out when he applied for a security clearance. He even entered the U.S. back in 1989 under false pretenses seeking ‘political asylum.’

The information he passed on may have caused the deaths and injuries of hundreds of U.S. troops and thousands of Iraqi civilians in the horrific Najaf battle in 2004. In his Brooklyn apartment on his home computer was evidence that he was an al Qaeda sympathizer. One example cited in a New York Daily News report was a photo of the second airliner that hit the Twin Towers on 9/11 with the caption ” we fly straight to you.”

He is a spy who used false documents to become a U.S. citizen, engaged in deep espionage against our government and put our troops in the field at great peril.

This person was recruited originally as a translator for the 82 Airborne in Iraq by a multi-billion dollar U.S. company headquartered in Manhattan, L-3 Communications-Titan Group. Titan has received over several billion in procurements for in country translation services in Iraq for INSCOM-the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command since it began contract translation services in 1999.

In 2005, Titan merged with giant L-3 Communications , a defense contracting firm specializing in global communications, surveillance and intelligence technology. This followed SEC investigations about bribery charges and Army procurement penalties concerning Titan because of the revelations involving translators in the detainees ‘controversy’ at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. The combined entity continues to be awarded translation services contracts by the Army.

This Brooklyn federal court trial of an al Qaeda translator is just the tip of the iceberg confronting the Pentagon and its contractor Titan concerning Iraqi insurgent infiltration of our military in the field. Thus, wreaking death and destruction on our soldiers and loyal Iraqis.

If you go to L-3 Communications-Titan Group website , you’ll see postings of translator positions in Iraq clearly labeled as putting yourself in harm’s way. The announcement for qualified linguists interested in assignments in Afghanistan and Iraq states that applicants ‘must be willing to live and work in harsh conditions co-located with US Army. ‘ That’s an understatement. According to a report in USA today, one hapless Titan linguist, an Iraqi Kurd was captured and beheaded in October 2004 in a grisly video posted on the internet. Of the more than 665 contractor deaths in the War in Iraq, L-3 Communications – Titan Group Iraqi translators accounted for nearly one third or 216-fatalities. This is ‘deadly duty ‘ blared the headline of a San Diego Union-Tribune report.

How did we let this counter intelligence debacle occur with such disastrous results?

The short answer was Titan’s screening program for local personnel in Iraq enabled infiltration through ineffective and unprofessional interrogations. When information gathered by professional counter Intelligence linguist/analysts was presented to U.S. military commanders pointing this out it was sloughed off.

According to informed sources, the late Saddam Hussein and his Intelligence cadres prepared the way. Beginning in 2002 he enlisted Iraqis loyal to him to infiltrate as English speaking operatives into American bastions in the event of a conquest. These operatives were trained to gather intelligence and foment insurgency.

When President Bush gave his stirring graduation speech at West Point in June 2002 in the run up to the Iraq War, Saddam Hussein allegedly ordered an accelerated English language training program for ‘qualified’ members of his intelligence and Ba’athist cadres to become ‘lay behind assets’ in the event of an American invasion and conquest. The purpose was to infiltrate the unwary American military forces and bore from within by providing intelligence and targeting for insurgents. As one of my sources said; ‘pretty wily, but effective strategy.’

To find out how this incredulous lapse in counter-intelligence occurred, I spoke with qualified sources who conducted screenings of Iraqi personnel at Camp Falcon in South Baghdad. The sources were former military intelligence specialists and linguists working under separate contractual arrangements.

In the aftermath of the conquest of Baghdad in April 2003, local U.S. military intelligence personnel were approached by English speaking Iraqis offering to be of ‘assistance.’ In May of 2003, the first of a series of contracts with Titan were issued to procure U.S. law enforcement trained personnel to assist military commanders at Camp Falcon in screening local employees.

According to these sources, the Titan Local Employment Personnel screenings resulted in a rejection rate of less than 8 per 5,000 persons. That contrasted with a rejection rate of former Military Intelligence specialists and linguists of one-third (33%). Camp Falcon was heavily infiltrated by Hussein’s lay behind assets and the information they provided to insurgents resulted in the deaths of several hundred Iraqis and U.S. personnel.

The sources indicated that they passed the counter intelligence information up the line from the Camp Falcon to CENTCOMM intelligence, only to receive little or no response. One of the other U.S. contractors, Kellogg Brown Root, found the procedures and information helpful and implemented more effective screening filtering out suspected insurgents and sympathizers.

These Sources indicated that after they left Iraq, ‘the situation worsened.’

The media was pre-occupied by the alleged abuses in the Abu Ghraib Prison and litigation by Iraqi detainees against defense contractors like Titan and CACI. No attention has been paid to how insurgents infiltrated Camp Falcon and the defective screening procedures put in place by Titan.

For this our taxpayers paid the convicted al Qaeda sympathizer who pled guilty in the Brooklyn Eastern Federal District Court over $100,000 as a translator. Meanwhile billions went to Titan for ineffective translator services resulting in the deaths of potentially hundreds of Americans and thousands of innocent Iraqis.

This is a dimension of the “translator scandal” that needs Congressional scrutiny and a quick fix on the Pentagon’s procurement pipeline for required translators in Iraq and elsewhere. Otherwise, as my sources said, “it will get worse.’

Jerry Gordon is a Member of the Board of American Congress for and its Middle East Affairs analyst


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Popular Russian-Israeli billionaire to launch new political party

Popular Russian-Israeli billionaire to launch new political party

By Ynetnews and Israel Insider

[This is a very important development. What is interesting to me is that the party will focus on socio-economic policies and Likud will focus on security issues and then the two will merge. On the surface the parties appear opposed and thus will attract different constituencies. But the ultimate goal is merger. Lieberman will follow not far behind. We have also heard that Bibi is having talks with NRP.]

Russian-Israeli tycoon Arcadi Gaydamak intends to launch a new political party in Israel, aides say, as opinion polls show that the billionaire businessman is popular among the Israeli electorate.

Privately-commissioned opinion polls have shown that should Gaydamak found a new party, he would win 25 seats in the Knesset. Aides said the party would be launched at a news conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

The billionaire businessman’s venture into politics has been closely coordinated with Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.

The party’s ideological mantra would focus on socio-economic issues, the paper said, and Gaydamak would bank on his popularity among immigrants from the former Soviet Union to secure success at the polls.

Merger with Likud
Gaydamak had recently voiced political backing for Netanyahu, praising the former prime minister as the fittest candidate to run the country.

Netanyahu returned the favor by attending a hyped Hanukkah party organized by Gaydamak in December.

The newspaper reported that Gaydamak’s political party would eventually merge with the Likud.

Gaydamak aides said the party would steer clear of the traditional security-political platform to focus instead on advancing increased taxations for high earners and strengthening the welfare system.

Gaydamak himself would not run for a legislative seat but would rather run the party’s affairs as its chairman.

Turning the heat up on Iran

Turning the heat up on Iran

DEBKAfile Reports: US troops may attack nuclear and military targets in neighboring Iran when a high-casualty attack is traced directly to Tehran

February 20, 2007,

This new presidential directive extends the license President George W. Bush issued last month to US troops to capture or kill Iranian agents supporting Iraqi insurgency and al Qaeda attacks on American forces.

It is causing great concern in Tehran’s ruling circles – especially as the new license may well be applied when the downing of a large US helicopter ends in a heavy US death toll.

DEBKAfile’s military sources report that American commanders in Iraq are studying the innovative methods for shooting down US aircraft which Iranian Revolutionary Guards instructors are imparting to Iraqi insurgents.

Maj. Gen James E. Simmons, deputy commander of US forces in Iraq, describes multiple weapons systems fired at the same time as having brought down 7 American helicopters in the last month. This, says Simmons, is the sign of “a thinking enemy” – although sometimes the insurgents appear to have got lucky and hit helicopters with automatic weapons fire as they chanced by.

The New York Times reports these multiple systems may include shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles, heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades – RPGs and unguided rockets that can’t be diverted by American helicopters’ anti-heat-seeking flares.

Our military sources say this mix of weaponry is designed to ambush the aircraft at any altitude chosen to escape the ground fire.

Under the new presidential directive, the downing of a helicopter carrying a large number of US troops could trigger a bombing campaign against Iran such as, for example, the dispatch of long-range B2 stealth bombers with bunker-busting bombs for dropping on the 25m deep Natanz site, where centrifuges are positioned for enriching uranium.

Attacks mount also be mounted against Iran’s military infrastructure.

Iran accuses American, British and Israeli secret services of plotting explosions in Zahedan, Baluchistan

Iran’s interior minister Mostafa Pur-Mohammadi, speaking over a domestic TV channel, also charged the three services with subversive activities in Iranian Khuzestan, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan.

DEBKAfile reports a sizeable US and Israeli intelligence and commercial presence in the neighboring Caspian republic of Azerbaijan. This was the first time an Iranian official accused Israeli intelligence of “terrorist activity” inside the country. Israeli security sources take this as a ploy to lay the groundwork for justifying an Iranian payback – either through its proxy, the Lebanese Hizballah, or Palestinian terrorist networks in the pay of their intelligence services.

The charges are also part of Tehran’s preparations for the UN Security Council session Wednesday, Feb. 21, to discuss further sanctions for its refusal to halt uranium enrichment.

Pur-Mohammadi said the terrorist attacks were aimed at sparking inter-religious hatred between the Sunni minority and Shiite majority of the Islamic Republic.

DEBKAfile’s Iran experts report that the minister accused the three services of subversion also to silence public questions about the sudden vulnerability of the invincible Revolutionary Guards to attack in different parts of the country.

Zahedan close to the Pakistani and Afghan borders saw three strikes. In one, gunmen ambushed an RG bus and set off a bomb car which killed 11 soldiers and injured 31.

The interior minister’s interview coincided with three other events in Iran.

1. Our Tehran sources report that one of the suspects detained after the Zahedan bus attack, Nasrollah Shanbe-Zehi, was executed Monday, Feb. 19, in a public hanging on the spot of the explosion. The gallows was raised on the Zahedan-Tehran highway and the body was left there for several hours. A crowd stood below chanting anti-American and anti-Israel slogans.

2. Also on Monday, 20 Revolutionary Guards brigades of 60,000 men launched a three-day war game dubbed Eqtedar (Grandeur) in 16 out of Iran’s 30 provinces. Its commander is Brig.-Gen Mohammad-Reza Zahedi.

3. Sources close to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna disclosed Monday that Iran has transferred to its Natanz uranium enrichment plant gaseous materials for activating centrifuges.