The Jewish enemy within

February 19, 2007

The Jewish enemy within

Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 2007

The launch of ‘Independent Jewish Voices’ has sent a shudder through the mainstream Jewish community in Britain. Let’s leave to one side how independent or how Jewish they are. Let’s just look at how they want to use their voices.

They have told us what they speak against. They are against people who say rude things about them. They are against the way Israel behaves. They are against the defenders of Israel. They are against the Board of Deputies.

So what are they speaking for? Well, a platform for themselves (although they are never short of one). But for what purpose? When they get onto their latest platform at Hampstead town hall next week, what will they use it to say?

Doubtless, they will bash Israel. Doubtless, they will bash Jews who support Israel. But then what?

They say Jews blindly support Israel regardless. But these signatories blindly condemn Israel regardless. They say Israel’s supporters never breathe a word of criticism of its behaviour. But they never breathe a word in its defence, nor ever condemn either its Palestinian attackers or the distortions, double standards, faked video coverage and all the rest with which it is so unjustly demonised.

So what follows from their picture of an Israel unredeemed? They say they want human rights and social justice in the Middle East. Amen to that. So how do they propose to bring this about? Are they actually in favour of a two-state solution?

In a letter to the JC last week, the co-chairs of Peace Now said they were not convinced that these signatories believed in a two-state solution, or Israel’s continued existence as a Jewish state, or that Israel and the Palestinians shared responsibility for the fate of the Palestinians.

Of all groups, Peace Now most assuredly cannot be accused of defending Israel right or wrong. So if Peace Now says these signatories don’t believe Israel should exist as a Jewish state, we should all sit up and listen.

Indeed, some of these voices are on record as supporters of a ‘bi-national’ state —which means the destruction of Israel and the subordination to Islam of those Jews who survive. No human rights for them.

At the Cambridge Union last year, one of the most prominent signatories, Brian Klug, proposed the motion that ‘Zionism is a danger to the Jewish people’, arguing that ‘Zionism must be toppled from its pedestal’ and that the ‘Jewish thing’ to do was to ‘subvert’ it.

This is surely what these voices are really for. It’s about driving a wedge between Israel and the Jews. It’s about destroying the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in their historic homeland (which has separately been revealed to be the agenda also of Tony Lerman, who preposterously remains in post as head of Jewish Policy Research).

Before Israel was restored to the Jews, before the Holocaust, before the Arabs of Palestine allied themselves with the Nazis, it was possible for there to be a legitimate Jewish argument against a Jewish state. But now that Israel exists, such an argument is obscene. It is a voice raised for the destruction of the Jewish nation.

If these signatories are so sure that they represent the authentic voice of Jewish conscience, why then are they so coy about stating their real agenda? Might it be that they don’t have the honesty to admit to the potentially murderous consequences of such attitudes?

As Natan Sharansky wrote this week, Israel is currently trapped in a pincer between the genocidal intentions of Iran and a world which is either silent in response to this threat or is increasingly willing to discuss Israel’s very existence as a mistake, an anachronism, or a provocation.

At a time when the west is being softened up for genocide by the demonisation of Israel, Jews who reinforce the Big Lie about the Jewish state are helping pave the way for a second potential holocaust.

Yet when this is pointed out, they call it an insult. More than that, they take it as proof of the rightness of their position! On the IJV website, Brian Klug gloated that the fierceness of the attacks upon them showed they had struck a nerve.

So the more we try to protect Israel from this lethal onslaught, the more these perpetrators claim that they are martyrs to those who would suppress free speech. The price they would force us to pay for not being thus vilified is to embrace our own people’s destruction.

The deadly enemies of the Jewish people are beside themselves with joy over the IJV. For the terrible thing is that, far from being silenced, Jewish voices like these are in the very forefront of the hate-fest against Israel. Martyrs of dissent? Hardly. They are the British arm of the pincer of Jewish destruction.

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