John Murtha and knife the U.S. Armed Forces — Treason in the senate

John Murtha and knife the U.S. Armed Forces

Moral (albeit not legal) Treason against the United States

by Bill Levinson

The U.S. Constitution defines treason as (1) levying war against the United States and (2) giving aid and comfort to its (presumably declared by Congress) enemies. This means that candidate John Murtha is not legally a traitor to our country. His recent actions are every bit as reprehensible as those Vidkun Quisling, Pierre Laval, and Benedict Arnold: another former war hero who turned his coat.

U.S. Rep. Murtha touts way to choke off Iraq war reports,

U.S. Rep. John Murtha, a leading congressional opponent of the war in Iraq, on Thursday said his plans for placing conditions on how President George W. Bush can spend $93.4 billion in new combat funds would effectively stop an American troop buildup.

They won’t be able to continue. They won’t be able to do the deployment. They won’t have the equipment, they don’t have the training and they won’t be able to do the work. There’s no question in my mind,” the Pennsylvania Democrat said.

Now we see what George Soros is getting for the millions of dollars he spent on, with which Murtha has consorted openly.

“Screw them,” Rep. John Murtha said of Republicans in an email sent to the liberal political group on Wednesday. The Pennsylvania Democrat, who is urging a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, added that he needs its members’ help to throw GOP congressmen “out of power — as many of them as possible.”

This is what George Soros,,, and John Murtha are about: undermining the Armed Forces of the United States, working for the defeat of the United States during time of war, and getting American soldiers killed for personal political gain. Murtha’s pious self-serving noises about protecting our men and women in uniform are pure unmitigated nonsense. If we were a terrorist leader in Iraq, we would be telling our followers and prospective recruits the following.

Fellow believers! Victory is within visible sight, probably within the year, if we only hold out and avoid defeat. Our hit-and-run campaign of terrorism has broken the will of the infidel government in America. Their Congress is voting to cut off funding for their soldiers, and John Murtha has introduced legislation to sabotage their war effort.

Pay very close attention, fellow servants of Allah! We do not need to defeat the Americans, or even confront them in a head-to-head battle. All we need to do is keep our organization in existence and avoid defeat. This is very important to understand, as is shown by the infidels’ own history. During their Civil War, a Confederate commander deliberately sought to avoid a battle with General Sherman’s Union army. The Confederate officer knew that George McClellan was running against Abraham Lincoln on an anti-war platform. If McClellan won the election of 1864, his government was likely to make peace with the Confederacy. However, a Union victory would result in more confidence in Lincoln, and could give him the election.

Jefferson Davis did not understand this, and he replaced the seemingly-hesitant officer with an aggressive general who promptly attacked Sherman. Sherman won the battle, the election went to Abraham Lincoln, and the Confederacy lost the war and its independence.

We must therefore learn from this example, and also from the North Vietnamese Army’s success against the infidels. We win by preserving our army and, to do that, we must not meet the Americans in open battle. Instead, my brothers, we must plant Iranian improvised explosive devices only when we are sure we will not be seen, and run from American fighting vehicles and aircraft. We must avoid handing them a victory at all costs. If we persevere, we will emerge victorious after their own Congress knifes their soldiers in the back.

Take heart, my brothers! We have plenty of allies in the enemy camp. Michael Moore praises us as “Minutemen,” while includes the following organizations: Win Without War – – Working Assets – Women’s Action for New Directions – Faithful America – 2020 Vision – American Friends Service Committee – Unitarian Universalist Service Committee – NETWORK – Institute for Policy Studies. Allahu akbar!

Murtha’s backers call him a war hero, and perhaps he was. So was Benedict Arnold, until he became the most infamous turncoat in our country’s history. Meanwhile, here is yet more insight into Murtha’s personal character:

Editor’s Note: This is a transcript of the full Abscam investigation video of Congressman John Murtha’s January 7, 1980 meeting with undercover FBI agents. The agents are posing as representatives of wealthy Arab sheiks willing to pay to obtain asylum in the United States. The times listed below follow the timestamp on the screen. …

WEINBERG: You know how the Arabs do business, they like to make sure they’ve got insurance. Money don’t mean **** to them.

MURTHA: Mel, I understand, and I know it doesn’t mean **** to them. But on the other hand, as I look into this thing, it may be that that’s the only way I can do business, by being completely dependent on… you know, I need the goddamn money like anybody else does. But, you know, this thing may be so sticky that I know that I know that it’s gonna take a lot of goddamn work, and if it’s going to take work, the only thing that can justify it is…is that goddamn investment in my district.

WEINBERG: I was a little upset that you knew about the other two congressmen. He just told me, I didn’t get any news — Murphy and Thompson…

MURTHA: You see that again I don’t like, though. Because you see when you — you just — that’s why I want to do business this way, after we’ve done business for a while…maybe I’ll…

This is not, of course, to say that John Murtha is the only legislator who is working for the defeat of our Armed Forces. Here is what and George Soros candidate Barack Obama is doing:

Mr Obama would cap troop numbers in Iraq at around 130,000, the level that existed in early January when the president announced another 21,500 more troops for Iraq.

His bill would require troops to start returning to the US in May and all combat forces to be back by March 31 2008. But, unlike Democratic presidential rivals, such as Senator John Edwards and the former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, Mr Obama would stop short of cutting congressional funding for the extra troops.

Now let’s take a closer look at and Win Without War.

In addition, elements of the fringe Left like Veterans for Peace, which held a solidarity convention in Havana with Cuban veterans of Angola in 1992, are also members of the Win Without War team. And, to top it off, funds are channeled through billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the ultra-leftist Tides Foundation into many of the coalition members’ bank accounts. Indeed, Win Without War isn’t even close to the mainstream- it’s the Left Bank.

This is not to say that the war or the manner in which it is being waged should be immune to constructive criticism. There is plenty to criticize, just as there was in disastrous battles of the Civil War and the World Wars. There is a difference, however, between criticizing the war and saying openly that Congress is going to cut the legs from under our Armed Forces in the presence of the enemy. Can anyone imagine Congress even debating limitations on American force levels between December 7 1941 and the cessation of hostilities in late 1945? Perhaps it is time to ask exactly what America-hater George Soros and his fellow travelers are getting for their “investments” in politicians like John Murtha and Barack Obama.

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