Who is that behind the green card – Aliens?

Who is that behind the green card – Aliens?

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From the Counterterrorism Blog we get many questions on the Army translator who faked his identity but received a green card and subsequently American citizenship.  This Arabic translator was working with our Troops to aid and assist in their protection but instead was stealing secret data and maps. 

As stated by Michael Cutler this raises numerous troubling questions not only about private contracting firms hired to provide translators for the Military but also the US system of investigating aliens immigrating legally and illegally to our country.  I know with the Visa Express program too many from Saudi Arabia and elsewhere were given visas with literally no information.  I’m guessing that much of this kind of visa processing still exists today.  Visa background checks are a joke.  It sounds like the background check is no different than what would be done if you were applying for a Notary license.  Probably even less information is received since that info is coming from a foreign country.

From Cutler:

It is interesting that the unnamed Justice Department officials who were quoted in the article stated: “The translator obtained U.S. citizenship under a false identity before securing a job in August 2003 with Titan Corp., which supplied translators to the U.S. military to aid in fighting the war in Iraq. The man then used his false identity to get secret and top-secret clearances — access to extremely sensitive material that is supposed to be given only after thorough background checks –…” This is the same sort of statement made when we hear about the way that applications for a wide variety of immigration benefits are vetted, through “background checks.” What is interesting about that term is that a background check is not the same thing as a background investigation.

What I didn’t know was an immigrant can change their name at the time of naturalization for NO EXTRA CHARGE! Then the passport is in their new name.

What will happen when the US has 20 million illegal aliens applying for green cards and “supposedly” citizenship? The level of background investigation is ludicrous and then you add in another 20 million to the mix? Pftttt. There will be no checks on these people.

Our nation remains vulnerable to aliens who would game the immigration system to acquire a “Green Card” and possibly United States citizenship to embed themselves in our country and hide in plain sight as they prepare to carry out criminal and/or terrorist acts against our nation and our citizens!

Read Cutler’s commentary.

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