The Traitors Ann Coulter is Too Polite to Name

. The Traitors Ann Coulter is Too Polite to NamePeople are still buzzing over Chris Matthews’ attack on Ann Coulter and her book, “Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism.”

The “Hardball” host challenged Coulter to name one traitor in the Democrat party. “I am refusing to turn this into a personality issue,” she answered. “It’s about ideas.”

The left, of course, is adept at making personal attacks instead of talking about ideas, but conservatives are usually afraid to fight back. However, because the public wants names to be named, we’ll point out some offenders that Coulter was too kind to mention.

The undisputable choice for No. 1 Democrat traitor is Bill Clinton.

It’s too bad that so many Americans are uninformed about how Clinton betrayed the U.S. to China, which isn’t the type of thing the pro-Democrat New York Times and its followers in the media establishment like to mention.

Monica Lewinsky was the best thing that ever happened to Slick Willie. The frenzy over his little scandal of adultery and perjury diverted attention from his far more serious crime of treason. (Al Gore claims his burstin’ bladder kept him out of the loop… yeah, right.)

Anyone needing details should go to and type “Clinton” and “China” or the unfortunate term “Chinagate” in the search engine at the top of the homepage. You’ll have enough reading for a week.

But wait, there’s more. How about:

  • Rep. “Baghdad” Jim McDermott [D-WA] who in September 2002 journeyed to Iraq with fellow travelers Mike Thompson [D-CA] and David Bonior [D-MI] to sabotage President Bush’s foreign policy. Imagine a congressman visiting Berlin in 1940 and sucking up to Adolf Hitler!
  • Sen. Patty “Osama Mama” Murray [D-WA] and her sickening praise of mass-murdering terrorist Osama bin Laden, who, in her freakish fantasy world built “day-care centers” for those liberated career gals of Afghanistan, which “we haven’t done.”
  • Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D-OH] who equated bin Laden’s followers to the patriots of the American Revolution.The list goes on and on. You just need to watch a dose of C-SPAN to see for yourselves the treason and latest outrages of the anti-American left.
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