Terrorists’ Plans For Mass Murder At American Schools

Terrorists’ Plans For Mass Murder At American Schools


The Editors

For all you parents and grandparents who still don’t think controlling our borders and knowing who is in our country is important, you might want to check out Mass Slaughter in Our Public Schools: – The Terrorists’ Chilling Plan. Reporting on an anti-terrorism conference he’d recently attended, Chuck Remsberg, Senior PoliceOne Contributor, had this to say:

“….according to two trainers at an anti-terrorism conference on the East Coast, preparations for attacks on American schools that will bring rivers of bloodand staggering body counts are well under way in Islamic terrorist camps.

·   The intended attackers have bluntly warned us they’re going to do it.

·   They’re already begun testing school-related targets here.

·   They’ve given us a catastrophic model to train against, which we’ve largely ignored and from which they have learned more deadly tactics.

We don’t know for sure what they will do. No one knows the future. But by definition, a successful attack is one we are not ready for,” declared one of the instructors, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Our schools fit that description to a “T”-as in Terrorism and Threat.

Grossman, the popular law enforcement motivational speaker, and Todd Rassa, a trainer with the SigArms Academy and an advisory board member for The Police Marksman magazine, shared a full day’s agenda on the danger to U.S. schools.”

Should we be surprised? Not when Al-Qaeda has publicly asserted the “right” to kill 2,000,000 American children, Rassa explained, and has warned that “operations are in stages of preparation” now. Rassa played videotapes confiscated in Afghanistan, showing al-Qaeda terrorists practicing the takeover of a school. The trainees issue commands in English, rehearse separating youngsters into manageable groups and meeting any resistance with violence. Some “hostages” are taken to the rooftop, dangled over the edge, then “shot.”

“Any place that has given [Islamic terrorists] trouble, they’ve come after the kids,” Grossman said. Muslim religious literature, according to Rassa, states clearly that the killing of children not only is “permitted” in Islam but is “approved” by Mohammed, so long as the perpetrators “are striving for the general good” as interpreted by that religion.

He cited actual recent instances in Indonesia where girls on their way to school have been beheaded and in other countries where children have been shot, mutilated, raped or burned alive.

In this country this year [’06], Rassa said, there have been several school bus-related incidents involving Middle Eastern males that raise suspicion of terrorist activity. These include the surprise boarding of a school bus in Florida by two men in trench coats, who may have been on a canvassing mission, and the attempt in New York State by an Arab male to obtain a job as a school bus driver using fraudulent Social Security documents. The latter gave an address in Detroit, home to a large colony of fundamentalist Muslims.

Rassa stated that floor plans for half a dozen schools in Virginia, Texas and New Jersey have been recovered from terrorist hands in Iraq.

Our nation was gripped by the “massacre” at Columbine High School a few years ago, committed by two deeply troubled students. As tragic as that was, imagine what several more truly fanatic and lethally-trained illegal alien terrorists could do in one of our schools. It has already happened in other schools to other people’s children, and you must read it to believe it:

“…the brutal takedown in 2004 of a school that served children from 6 to 17 years old in Beslan, Russia.

Some 100 terrorists were involved, nearly half of whom were discreetly embedded in the large crowd of parents, staff and kids who showed up for the first day of school; the rest arrived for the surprise attack in SUVs, troop carriers and big sedans. Across a three-day siege, 700 people were wounded and 338 killed, including 172 youngsters.

More than 1,000 men, women and children, including babies, were penned in an unventilated gym and a cafeteria. As the days passed without food or water and inside temperatures rose to 115 degrees, survivors were eating flowers they’d brought for teachers and fighting for urine to drink out of their shoes in desperation. Women and some of the children were repeatedly and continuously raped.

Adult males and larger male students were used as ‘forced labor’ to help fortify the building, then shot to death. Bodies were thrown out of an upper-story window, down onto a courtyard. Attempts at negotiation by responders were used by the terrorists strictly as an opportunity to buy time to solidify their fortifications.

Surviving hostages were surrounded by armed guards standing on deadman switches, wired to explosives. All entrances to the building as well as stairwells and some interior doorways were booby-trapped. Youngsters were forced to sit on window sills to serve as shields for snipers. ‘Black widows’ (potential suicide bombers) were rigged so their bomb belts could be detonated by remote control when leaders considered the timing was right. The terrorists stayed cranked up on some type of amphetamine to keep awake.

…When troops finally stormed the school in a counter-assault on the third day, ‘pure pandemonium’ reigned. Soldiers and the kids they were trying to rescue were gunned down mercilessly. Explosions touched off inside started multiple fires.

Responders who made it inside had to jump over trip wires as they ran up stairs under fire from above. By then terrorists were holding hostages in virtually every room. Rescue teams were subjected to continual ambushes. Gunfights occurred predominately within a 6-ft. range, with some responders having to fight for their lives in places so cramped they couldn’t get off their hands and knees.

Some children successfully rescued from the building were so crazed by thirst that they ran to an outdoor spigot and were killed by a grenade as they filled their hands with water.”

The police and swat team could not save the students and teachers at Columbine from two moderately armed but amateur killers. Illegal alien terrorists targeting schools will be heavily armed and thoroughly trained to kill and will not be holding captured kids for ransom. Nor will they be persuaded by the can’t-we-all-just-get-along influence of demonstrators singing Kumbaya. They want to die serving their cause and will try to kill as many American children as they can before they themselves are finally killed. 

If you do not think this is possible, check the response time of heavy police reinforcements and the swat team to your children’s school and then estimate how many children could be killed in that time by just a few terrorists with automatic weapons and grenades. In just five minutes, most of everybody in the school would be dead, especially with the “lockdown” procedures adopted by most schools.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that illegal alien terrorists are stupid. They are diabolical, cunning, determined, willing to die for their god fighting the “infidels,” and they want to kill as many Americans as they can. That includes your children in one of their most vulnerable locations – your local school. According to many experts (see the links at end of this article) the terrorist sleeper cells are already in the US waiting word to launch their attacks. It would not surprise us if the attacks started right before the 2008 elections in an attempt to push the nation further left, as they did in Spain.

Proper border security and strict laws regarding identification are key elements to keep these terrorists out, or to arrest them so what happened in Beslan does not happen in your school with your children the targets this time.

To see how easy it would be for a few illegal alien terrorists to kill a few tens to hundreds of thousands of Americans using materials already here and, unfortunately, too easily accessible (see Carl Prine’s 1/14/07 investigative article in the Pittsburg Tribune Review: Terror on the Tracks). Is there a railroad line anywhere near your children’s school?

When you see advocacy groups railing against a part of the Patriot Act or other government program designed to catch domestic and infiltrated terrorists in the USA, consider the work of terrorism expert Dr. Harvey Kushner in his excellent best seller, Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States or the words of terrorism expert Dave Gaubatz in a February 2007 article, Sleeper Cells in the United States and Canada:

“There is every reason to suspect that we will endure suicide missions by Islamist sleeper cells. They are already in place. They are waiting for the right time. Children are the ones who suffer in wartime and I want to prevent any child from ever having to experience a terrorist attack.”

According to Global Security.org in their report on sleeper cells:

“As late as February 2004, one report claimed that Al Qaeda sleeper cells were believed to be operating in 40 states, according to the FBI and other federal authorities, awaiting orders and funding for new attacks in the United States.

On July 8, 2004 a Senior Intelligence Official stated: “There is intelligence that al-Qaeda has individuals dispersed worldwide, and worldwide would include the United States, that are — they are using in order to facilitate the operational planning necessary to carry out attacks successfully.”

The Al Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime and the Coming Apocalypse, by Dr. Paul Williams and published in late 2005, repeated the claim of 5,000 Al Qaeda sleeper cell agents in the United States. This claim is made in the context of Osama’s “patient” long term plan to execute an “American Hiroshima” in a simultaneous nuclear attack on seven major US cities. This is beyond even Hollywood’s wildest imagination.

The terrorists will not go after hard targets. They will attack soft targets that provide a high degree of success, the most casualties, and the greatest impact on the American psyche in an attempt to weaken our national will in the fight against Jihadism.

Are they waiting to attack your children’s school?

All experts agree that it is only a matter of time before the USA is hit again. If it is, it would be the direct result of poor border security, lack of any real immigrant identification, substandard immigration enforcement, poor school security, and the mainstream media and other advocacy groups succeeding in weakening our ability to spy on domestic terrorists. Amazingly, all of this unspeakable collateral damage could happen, and is likely to happen, because of our politicians tolerating illegal immigration to save ten cents on a head of lettuce.

C’mon America…this is YOUR problem and only YOU can clean it up. Your elected officials will not do this unless you tell them toGo here to register your complaint. Your thoughts matter.


Go to http://www.securedbordersusa.com/ and sign the petition which must be notarized.  And then to send it to all your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are fed up with illegal immigration and ask them to sign it, too.

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PC is the Incubator of Islamism

PC is the Incubator of Islamism

By Amil Imani

Time and again we are told by the politically correct “experts” not to worry about Islam posing a threat to our way of life. We are repeatedly lectured that only a very small minority of Muslims are troublemakers who are giving the peaceful masses of Muslims a bad name. We are also informed that the terrorists, who happened to be Muslims, are the disaffected and the young. And not to worry, since as the fire of youth turns to ashes of old age the rebellious will mellow, as they always have.

With heavy assurances like this, coming from so many know-it-all authoritative figures, we can sleep soundly without the aid of sleeping pills. After all, people reason that these pundits are “experts” whose job is to know and tell it like it is. Those who voice contrary views must be a bunch of racist, alarmist hate mongers. Who is right?

Wouldn’t be more prudent to let the facts settle the matter, rather than blindly accepting either position? Of course it would, except for one huge problem. In the face of threats, people tend to go to the mind’s medicine cabinet and take a few denial and rationalization pills, in the same way that it is the aspirin bottle they turn to when a headache strikes. Why not? We are the Easy Species. We love effortless, quick and simple solutions. And that’s not invariably bad. It has given us all kinds of labor and time saving devices.

Yet, the Islam problem is very real and deadly. Neither the pronouncements of the experts, nor the tranquilizing pills of the mind can make it go away. It is here and it shows every sign of imposing itself on us. Let us look at some of the facts.

  • Not every Muslim wears an explosive vest ready to detonate in the midst of a crowd of innocent civilians, yet there are more volunteers for the mission than there are explosive vests. The Islamic Republic of Iran, for instance, hasn’t even officially joined this form of jihad. Yet, by its own admission, it has over 10,000 volunteers trained ready to be deployed, and thousands more queuing to join in. This time around, the jihadists heading for Allah’s heaven might come fitted with nice little suitcases of dirty bombs instead of the bulky explosive vests. Recall that it took only 19 of these killers to launch the aerial mass murder of 9/11 that killed 3,000 people, shattered our open trusting way of life, and cost us billions of dollars.
  • The jihadists are not confined to a minority of disaffected Muslim youth. How young are Bin Laden, his deputy doctor of death Al Zawahiri, mullah Omar of the Taliban, Khamenei and Refsanjani of Iran, just to name a few? How disaffected are they? Muhammad Ata, leader of the 19 airborne thugs and the decapitator of Wall Street Journal reporter Pearl were somewhat younger, yet well-healed and Western educated.
  • Just coin some terms such as the “Melting Pot,” or “Multiculturalism” and you have the problem solved? Roll out the red carpet for the immigrant Muslims, treat them as you would your own citizens, give them stipends, medical care, and free education and they will integrate seamlessly into the society? No such thing at all. The idea of Melting Pot may work with people who come from different lands to make the new country their home. The Islamists, on the other hand, come with the belief that they already own the place and want to make it part of the Ummeh. Some forty percent of second and third generation Muslim Britons reject British democracy, express their allegiance to Islam and want to live under Sharia. So much for the Melting Pot comfort pill.
  • The new Islamist arrivals take advantage of the provisions of the most benign system known to humanity, democracy, to implode it from within. Muslims, by sheer numbers, will soon be in a position to vote out democracy in many countries. They are already doing that in bits and pieces. They are imposing many of their values, in a number of societies, even while they are in the minority. Politicians, hungry for votes and devoted to the practice of political correctness bend backward to accede to Islamists’ demands.
  • As for Multiculturalism, it is even more of a delusion than the Melting Pot myth. It is a second generation Comfort Pill. Since the Melting Pot proved to be worse than a placebo, the politically correct gave us the new pill. A glance at Europe shows how Multiculturalism in fact has served as the incubator of Islamism in no time at all. Europe’s Multiculturalism is rapidly birthing a Uniculturalism, if the Islamists’ medieval way of life can be dignified as a culture.
  • Respect for diversity, separation of religion and state, freedom of belief and expression, are pillars of democracy, yet anathema to Islam. In no Islamic land do you find an ecumenical organization. It is only in non-Islamic countries that the shameless duplicitous Muslim, be he an imam, a mullah, or a regular run-of-the- mill faithful of Allah, meekly participates in ecumenical feel-good gatherings.
  • To Muslims, no other religion is deemed worthy of recognition, much less accommodation. There is not a single church or synagogue or a Buddhist temple in all of Saudi Arabia. They are barred. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s raft of genocidal pogroms includes the heinous practice of bulldozing even the cemeteries of its Baha’i religious minority. The Islamic tyranny of the mullahs imprisons Christian Iranians for celebrating Christmas. Egypt denies its own citizens identity cards for refusing to lie and fake their religious belief or disbelief. The ID cards are required for education, securing work, receiving medical care and just about every right of citizenship. Without it, a citizen is literally subjected to slow death.
  • In Islam only Muslim men, and, to a lesser extent, Muslim women, are entitled to certain rights. All non-Muslims, including the so-called people of the book, namely Christians and Jews, are at best second-class subject, subjects who must pay the back-breaking Jezyyeh, poll tax, for their “sin” of not converting to Islam. So, as Islam makes its inroads in new lands, as its membership swells through explosive birth and conversion, secular democracies will be inevitably replaced by Islamism with its stone-age Sharia laws. The best offer that Islam will make is to spare the non-Muslim’s life if he puts on the heavy yoke of Jezyyeh for the rest of his living days.
  • Not to worry about the horrific things that are happening on the other side of the world? If Muslims act heinously toward non-Muslims, it is just the way things are in those countries and it is hardly any of our business? This is the same attitude that set Islamization of Europe on a seemingly irreversible track. One European country after another is rapidly buckling under the weight of Islamism.
  • Most importantly, not to worry about Islamization of our country? After all, Muslims are about 6-7 million minority in a population of nearly 300 million, you reason? That even a smaller number of these Muslims are hothead radicals, while the majority is just like everyone else? But small minorities can overwhelm the majority by use of coercion and deadly force. Islamists are notorious for their dedication to the use of force for achieving their aims. The Taliban were a very small minority in Afghanistan, the Islamists were a tiny faction in the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran. Both overwhelmed the masses and imposed their reign of terror. The terrorist Hamas is also a “minority” in number, yet it rules the Palestinian Territory. Hizbollah of Lebanon is a minority, yet it has taken the country to the verge of destruction.
  • Islamists are Islam’s locomotive that takes the wrecking-ball Islamic train on its demolition course. Islam and democracy are incompatible. As democracies practice their magnificent accommodating belief, they knowingly or unknowingly lay the track for the advancing wrecking train of Islam. We, in the United States of America must resist Islamism while it is still gathering momentum, unless we wish to end up in the same fix as the Europeans.
  • We, in the United States, further need to embark on a comprehensive legal, educational, and social campaign to eradicate the deadly plague of Islam. By effective action, we even save those peaceful Muslims from their own affliction. I am not hatemongering. I would love to see all Muslims become ex-Muslims and full-fledged members of a diverse tolerant democratic society. It is a statement of fact about what Islam is. Islam is a highly communicable pandemic violent disease that demands urgent and serious containment.

Europe is already badly infected with Islamism. It is the coal-miners’ canary. It is telling us that the next stop is America. We must act and act now. We must not sacrifice our cherished way of life and the lives of our children at the altar of political correctness: the incubator of Islamofascism.

Amil Imani is an Iranian-born American citizen and pro-democracy activist residing in the United States of America. He maintains a website, http://www.amilimani.com/

Gingrich: ’08 Sleeper Candidate

Gingrich: ’08 Sleeper Candidate
By Byron York
The Hill | February 14, 2007

I know you’re just dying to read more about the Lewis Libby trial, but after writing about it for two — or was it three? — columns in a row, I think it’s time to cover something that isn’t happening at the federal courthouse.But what? The astronaut love triangle? Nancy Pelosi’s plane? Obama quitting smoking?

Or maybe this presidential campaign thing. Leaving Democrats aside, the story now is the growing non-love affair between the Republican Party electorate and its presidential candidates.

Name one, and any GOP activist will tell you what’s wrong with him.

With John McCain, it’s baggage, baggage, baggage. The senator from Arizona has worked mightily to overcome the damage he did to himself during the closing days of his desperate battle with George W. Bush during the 2000 GOP primaries.
He campaigned hard for Bush in 2004, hoping that would help Republican voters put the old days behind. But it’s not at all clear that they have.

And there’s still his age. That picture of McCain appearing to be nodding off at the State of the Union was totally unfair — he was just reading the speech — but it brings up the concern that on Inauguration Day 2009, McCain will be older than Ronald Reagan was when he took office.

Okay, what about Rudy Giuliani?

You know that story, what might be called Giuliani’s “eight words” problem: Pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-gun control.

For a while, it looked like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was benefiting from unhappiness with McCain and Giuliani.

But now Romney is having problems of his own.

Recently he addressed the Conservative Summit sponsored by National Review here in Washington.

It was a good opportunity. Not only were there a lot of conservative opinion leaders, there was the national press, and, more importantly, hundreds of committed conservatives from around the country.

And Romney — well, he blew the chance.

Most of the talk was about Romney’s business management experience. That’s all well and good, but Romney kept talking. And talking.  And talking. By the end, he had gone on for nearly an hour.

More importantly, though, he failed to grapple with the issue that is on most people’s minds: the war in Iraq.

People noticed. “To speak for 50 minutes or so and not to talk about the Iraq war before a conservative audience at a crucial moment in that war is bizarre and just wrong and almost offensive, in my view,” wrote National Review Editor Rich Lowry after the speech. “This doesn’t seem like an oversight. He went out of his way to check off every conservative box — except the one that is politically risky at the moment.”

So count many conservatives underwhelmed. And that’s before they consider Romney’s recent changes of heart on some social issues.

So who else is there?

Well, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) didn’t address the crowd. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee did, and gave a workmanlike and well-received speech.  But it’s safe to say that nobody’s socks were knocked off.

That left two other speakers, neither of whom is in the race but both of whom were viewed as potential candidates.

Jeb Bush talked a lot about his successes in Florida. He was relaxed and solid as he touted his credentials as a tax-cutter and a get-things-done governor.

His only problem came when he surveyed the domestic-issues landscape and covered everything except immigration. When a National Review reader brought it up, Bush seemed almost pained to talk about it, making an impassioned but not entirely popular defense of the president’s comprehensive immigration plan.

And though he made a good impression, Bush still has to deal with the people who have nothing against him but who will live by these words in 2008 and perhaps beyond: No More Bushes.

Finally, there was Newt Gingrich. The former House Speaker delivered an across-the-board indictment of the entrenched and lazy Republicans who lost the majority that Gingrich won in 1994. 

In Gingrich’s hands, the we’ve-lost-our-way theme was absolutely compelling, and it’s safe to say the audience loved it.

Now, no insider believes Gingrich has a chance to win. But if he chooses to run, he will shake up the Republican race. He’ll blow away some of his fellow candidates in debates and be a constant source of new ideas.

Global Warming Skeptics Dig In

Global Warming Skeptics Dig In
By David Keene
FrontPageMagazine.com | February 14, 2007

As the November election returns rolled in, giving Democrats control of both the House and Senate for the first time in more than a decade, liberals in both bodies moved their iconic fight to halt “global warming” to the top of their legislative agenda.Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) announced even before the new Congress convened that the Environment and Public Works Committee would schedule hearings on global warming and climate change, which she hoped would lead to legislation.

In the wake of this announcement she and her fellow global-warming aficionados openly hoped that Virginia’s Sen. John Warner, who talked of taking over for Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe as the committee’s ranking Republican, would in fact do so. Inhofe, a global-warming skeptic, has almost single-handedly stymied past attempts to stampede the Senate into adopting less-than-well-thought-out solutions to a problem that may or may not exist, and removing him as ranking member would have been a tremendous victory.

The effort failed, however. Warner backed away and Inhofe remains in place and ready to do battle.

Meanwhile, on the House side, Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.) decided on a different course. She realized that Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) would not, after reclaiming his old post as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, roll over for her or anyone else on the issue and that there would be no replacing him.

So she decided to go around him by creating a new select committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming from which congressional global warmers under the leadership of Massachusetts’s Edward Markey (D) could preach their gospel and demand action. This route won’t completely defang Dingell, but it will certainly weaken him and force him onto the defensive.

Now it’s the House GOP leadership’s turn to get its forces into position for the battles that virtually everyone can see looming just over the horizon. If there is an Inhofe on the House side, it has to be Wisconsin’s James Sensenbrenner Jr., who, term-limited on the House Judiciary Committee, tried unsuccessfully to return to the Science Committee as ranking member and is now seeking the ranking slot on the new select committee.

As chairman of the Science Committee back in 1998, Sensenbrenner led a delegation of skeptics to the Kyoto conference and fought then-President Clinton’s attempt to go along with the Kyoto protocols without seeking ratification of the treaty itself. In the process he became quite an expert on the science relied upon by the global-warming lobby.

In the ’70s, scientists believed we were on the verge of a new ice age; some still believe this to be true. Now we are told constantly not only that they were wrong then and that the earth is warming up, but that it is doing so because of us, our cars, our economic system and the unregulated way we insist on living our lives.

The threat to the planet is taken as a given by the politically correct here and internationally and there is a massive international effort to silence skeptics. In this country Sens. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) have gone so far as to threaten corporations that provide funding to groups that dispute the legitimacy of the science worshipped by the global warmers with punitive action if they don’t stop doing so. Skeptics are no longer just skeptics but “deniers,” and are considered war criminals by many liberals in the battle to save the earth. Like the folks who would suspend civil liberties to fight terrorism, they are prepared to do “whatever it takes” to pursue their war against those who, in their opinion, are enemies of nature.

Many scientists believe that if the earth is warming, it is far more likely to be doing so as part of a 1500-year cycle that predates our arrival and the arrival of the first Toyota. These scientists don’t deny the possibility that human activity has and is continuing to contribute to whatever long-term changes might be taking place, but argue that junking our cars, appliances and freedom won’t do much to change things.

Sensenbrenner, like Inhofe in the Senate, understands the science — and like both Inhofe and Dingell, he won’t be rolled. His colleagues often find him a bit prickly, but they admire his intelligence, his skills, his ability to master data and his willingness to fight.

Those are just the qualities they are going to need as this fight heats up.

“Divine Obedience” to the Leftist Fringe

“Divine Obedience” to the Leftist Fringe
By Mark D. Tooley
FrontPageMagazine.com | February 14, 2007

The National Cathedral in
Washington, D.C. – operated by the liberal Episcopal Church – will host an ecumenical antiwar rally on March 16. Several dozen leftist church groups will convene in the cathedral “to end the occupation” in
Iraq. Afterwards, the activists will march to the White House and will stage a “Christian witness” (that is, demonstration) in

Park, across the street from the executive mansion.
Acts of civil disobedience are being planned. “We expect that some of those who participate will feel called by God to acts of “divine obedience” by taking nonviolent actions that risk arrest in order to make clear our seriousness about ending the war,” according to the “Christian Peace Witness for Iraq” website.According to event organizer Rick Ufford-Chase, who is the former moderator of the left-wing Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the protest will be specifically Christian, as opposed to interfaith, because President Bush is a Christian.“The war in
Iraq, as well as the war on terrorism, is being promulgated by a president who insists that he is acting out of his Christian faith,” Ufford-Chase cried. “Rightly or wrongly, the perception in much of the rest of the world – especially the Muslim world – is that this is a Christian aggression.”  Ufford-Chase wants the world to know that these wars are not waged “in our names.”
The former Presbyterian official promised that the demonstrators would declare a “prophetic word” in the “place where the president went to announce his intention to invade
Iraq four years ago.” Ufford-Chase seems to be referring to President Bush’s address at a 9/11 commemorative worship service at the National Cathedral in September 14, 2001
, held weeks before the U.S. operation in Afghanistan.

Thus, the March 16, 2007, antiwar rally at the National Cathedral is the Religious Left’s revenge for September 14, 2001. The fact that Bush did not refer to
Iraq at the service
is apparently not important.

Far more important, “We must build a movement of Christians who will stand against the war on terror,” Ufford-Chase affirmed. Christians must “not stand idly by while the heart of their scriptural tradition is torn apart.” Manifestly, it is an “inescapable truth that this war is antithetical to everything that Jesus taught and did.”The ecumenical “partners” organizing the demonstration include the Quakers, the United Church of Christ, Jim Wallis’ Sojourners groups, radical Catholic groups like the Maryknollers, and unofficial caucus groups the Episcopal Church,
Church, the
Church in
America, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), along with the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America.

It is odd that more leftist-led official agencies of the mainline denominations did not endorse. But perhaps the demonstration will be too radical even for them. The Christian Peace Witness for Iraq will demand that all U.S. troops be removed from Iraq and that the U.S. “stop threatening
Iran and other nations.” However, the U.S. must rebuild
Iraq, to “practice the discipline of active nonviolence,” “say NO to torture,” and create a new federal budget that focuses away from war and instead on “hunger, homelessness, environmental destruction, injustice, and oppression.” (Ending environmental destruction, just like Jesus….)

“Just as Jesus wept over Jerusalem because it did not know the things that make for peace, we weep over Washington, D.C., because of the tremendous human suffering and loss of life that have resulted from our government’s policies toward Iraq,” according to the demonstration organizers. “Let us choose life that we and our children and the people of
Iraq may live.” 
Ufford Chase further explained, “We believe that we have a responsibility to affirm the fundamental truth of the Gospel – that genuine security comes only in the building of right relationships – and to make it clear that this administration does not speak for us.” In the Religious Left’s mythology, President Bush hijacked American religion at his September 14, 2001, speech at the National Cathedral. There,  surrounded by numerous senior clerics, and having shared the pulpit with evangelist Billy Graham, the president promised, “Just three days removed from these events, Americans do not yet have the distance of history. But our responsibility to history is already clear: to answer these attacks and rid the world of evil. War has been waged against us by stealth and deceit and murder. This nation is peaceful, but fierce when stirred to anger. This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others. It will end in a way, and at an hour, of our choosing.”

For the president to speak of victory in the war against terrorism, from behind the altar of a supposedly enlightened Episcopal place of worship, enraged the Religious Left, which, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, dared not publicly articulate its anger. Now, it is more politically safe for the Religious Left to articulate its opposition not just to the Iraq War, but to any and all forceful
U.S. military actions, against any potential targets, as many of those “targets” plot targets of their own.

Jihad U

Jihad U
By Patrick Poole
FrontPageMagazine.com | February 14, 2007

From the East Coast through the American Heartland to the West Coast, a rapidly growing and extremely popular Islamic studies program is bringing Wahhabi extremism and Muslim Brotherhood activism into mosques and Muslim student groups throughout
North America. The Al-Maghrib Institute features motivational-style speakers, aggressive marketing, savvy use of the Internet and slick multi-media presentations as part of their for-college-credit courses leading to an Islamic Studies degree offered at mosques in at least thirteen cities

College Park, Maryland

Fairfax, Virginia

Houston, Texas

New Brunswick, New Jersey

San Francisco
Bay area,


Seattle, Washington

Memphis, Tennessee

Sacramento, California

Detroit, Michigan/

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Chicago, Illinois

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Toronto, Quebec, Canada

Al-Maghrib also ran onsite seminars in
Columbus, Ohio during 2006. In addition to the courses they offer, the Institute sponsors a site selling Al-Maghrib audio and video course lectures, EmanRush Audio, and Khutbah.com, which provides texts of sermons and articles delivered by Al-Maghrib instructors and staff.


The staple of Al-Maghrib’s course offerings are the double weekend seminars held at their permanent sites. Locations of upcoming seminars, including one held this past weekend in
Atlanta, are provided on the Al-Maghrib website. In addition, the Al-Maghrib instructors are in high demand as motivational speakers at Muslim organization events all over the world. The Institute is also active amongst the 150 chapters of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) located at universities all over the
US and
Canada. The MSA is one of the front groups operated by the international Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Maghrib staff are also regular fixtures on several Islamic satellite television networks.


The organization’s Wahhabi-influenced extremism, rabid anti-Semitism and Holocaust denials, and militaristic preaching of jihad even have other Muslims expressing concern about the radicalizing effect of Al-Maghrib’s preaching and programs.


Al-Maghrib’s educational courses are accredited by the American Open University, which in turn is accredited by

University in
Cairo – the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest and largest radical Islamic organization in the world. The courses offered by Al-Mahgrib count only as course credit for the AOU’s Bachelors in Islamic Studies degree, the only English language program offered by AOU.


A review of the course summary for the Islamic Studies degree program shows that the reading is dominated by Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi theologians and theorists. In particular, the AOU program requires reading of Sayyid Qutb’s, In the Shade of the Quran, the text for AOU’s 113 Analytic Tafseer I course. Qutb, the leading Muslim Brotherhood thinker executed by Nasser in the 1960s after an assassination attempt, has been described as “Bin Laden’s Brain” due to the extensive influence Qutb has had in justifying terrorism and jihad and laying down the theoretical principles that al-Qaeda was built upon.


Another Muslim Brotherhood theorist prominent in the curriculum is Sayyid Sabiq, who wrote his book, Fiqh-us-Sunnah, at the request of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna. The two volumes of Sabiq’s work are the sole text for AOU’s 141 Fiqh of Worship I course. In the majority of AOU’s required reading for their Islamic Studies program, which Al-Maghrib offers course credit for, members of the Muslim Brotherhood and those influenced and approved by the Brotherhood figure prominently. 

Bilal Phillips is another name that appears repeatedly on AOU’s and Al-Maghrib’s reading lists. Phillips has recently gained notoriety as one of the radical preachers secretly videotaped as part of the Undercover Mosque investigative program aired last month on England’s Channel 4 (Robert Spencer reviewed this program for FrontPage in his article, Islamic Prejudice, Islamic Denial).


In the Undercover Mosque program, Bilal Phillips was videotaped explaining during a lecture the acceptability of forced Islamic marriages for prepubescent girls:


The Prophet Mohammed practically outlined the rules regarding marriage prior to puberty, with his practice he clarified what is permissible and that is why we shouldn’t have any issues about an older man marrying a younger woman, which is looked down upon by this society today, but we know that Prophet Mohammed practiced it, it wasn’t abuse or exploitation, it was marriage. 

After the Undercover Mosque program aired, it was severly attacked by Al-Maghrib instructor Yasir Qadhi, who launched into a 15 minute tirade defending the extremist speakers secretly videotaped by Channel 4 at the beginning of his regular Islami Q&A program on the Islam Channel satellite network. After Qadhi’s video defense aired, Bilal Phillips himself followed his friend’s lead and also aired a defense on YouTube. 

But the Muslim Brotherhood influence is not the only troubling aspect to Al-Maghrib’s programs and message. In fact, all six of Al-Maghrib’s instructors have degrees from Saudi institutions controlled by the extremist Wahhabi sect:


  • Muhammad Alshreef, the founder of Al-Maghrib Institute and a Canadian citizen, graduated from the Islamic University of Medina in 1999 with a degree in shari’a. The

    University of
    Medina was founded in 1961 by the ruling Saud family specifically for the propagation of Wahhabism worldwide.

  • Yasir Birjas, a Palestinian, graduated from the Islamic University of Media as the 1996 class valedictorian. He subsequently worked for a “relief charity” in
  • AbdulBary Yahya and Yasir Qadhi both obtained degrees from the Islamic University of Medina.
  • Mohammed Faqih obtained his initial degree from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences (IIAS) in
    Fairfax, VA, and then graduated from the

    University in
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden’s alma mater and haven for Muslim Brotherhood teachers who fled persecution from the
    Nasser regime in
    Egypt during the 1950s and 1960s. Sayyid Qutb’s brother, Mohammed, was a long-time instructor in Jeddah and was one of bin Laden’s primary mentors, as was Abdullah Azzam, the founder of Al-Qaeda. The IIAS was operated by Saudi diplomats as a branch of the Saudi Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University until it came under pressure from the US government when the diplomatic visas of 16 school’s instructors were withdrawn by the US, according to a report in the Washington Post; after the Saudis withdrew their support in 2004, the Institute was closed and searched by the US government for its links to terrorism.

  • Waleed Basyouni attended the Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in the Saudi capital of
    Riyadh, the academic heart of Wahhabi Islam, where he obtained a Bachelors and a Masters Degree. According to Basyouni’s DiscovertheNetwork.org profile, he studied under Sheikh Abdelaziz bin Baz, who author Gilles Kepel identifies as “the principal Wahhabite ideologist” in his book, Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam (p. 210).


Al-Maghrib instructors have come under severe public criticism by other Muslims for attacking and declaring heretic other mainstream Sunni scholars who do not hold to the Wahhabi version of Islam preached by the organization’s speakers. In fact, in 2006 a boycott of Al-Maghrib’s was called for when Yasir Qadhi declared a recently-deceased and universally revered Islamic scholar, Sheikh Alawi al-Maliki, a polytheist on one of Al-Maghrib’s online forums:


While it is the general policy of Al Maghrib not to quote individuals, I make exceptions in certain cases – this being one of them. Alawi al-Maliki is one of the most revered of modern Sufi personas – to speak evil of him is tantamount to apostasy in the eyes of many of his followers. For them, he is the leader of the awliya of Allah. Yet, it is no exaggeration to state that he was one of the most active proponents in our times of blatant acts of shirk (polytheism-ed.). . . 

All Islamic traditions identify “shirk” as the gravest offense possible, and therefore, making Qadhi’s pronouncement a de facto condemnation to Hell for al-Maliki. But as soon as the boycott was called for, however, Qadhi’s post was removed from the Al-Maghrib’s forum without any explanation or apology.


The curriculum areas taught by Qadhi, particularly the Light of Guidance and Light upon Light courses, are dedicated to pronouncing as heretical the non-Wahhabi Sunni schools of theology, particularly the Sufi movement. These are some of the most popular seminars taught by the Institute; in fact, the Light of Guidance seminar was taught by Qadhi this past weekend in the
Atlanta area.

But the concern over Al-Maghrib’s teachings extend much further than their Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi influences. Anti-Semitic diatribes and Holocaust denials are regular themes preached by Al-Maghrib’s instructors. Institute founder Muhammad Alshareef expressed his thoughts on Muslim-Jewish relations in an article he published entitled, “Why the Jews are Cursed” (curiously, this article is not available on Al-Maghrib’s Khutbah.com website). As noted by the Militant Islam Monitor, in Alshareef’s article he expounds on the anti-Semitic canard that the international media is owned and controlled by Jews, and thus, biased against Muslims:


When I was in high school, studying in journalism class, our teacher had placed on the wall a statement that I spent many days contemplating. It simply said, “Freedom of the press (speech) belongs to those that own the press!” Who owns the press? Well, you can believe me when I say that it is not the god fearing beloved of Allah.


The remainder of Alshareef’s article recites a litany of accusations against the Jewish faith, blaming them for a wide range of iniquities, including changing the words of Allah, making blasphemous statements, and murdering the Prophets. He concludes his essay by decreeing that Muslims should not ally with Jews, should not imitate them and proscribing Muslims from ever marrying Jews or Christians.


But Muhammad Alshareef holds no monopoly on anti-Semitism amongst the Al-Maghrib faculty. In a speech entitled “What Have You Done for the Deen of Allah”, Waleed Basyouni identifies the behavior of Jews during Muhammad’s era as the reason that Jews do not and cannot know Allah:


Seven years the prophet and his companions suffered from the Jew in
Medina. Seven years, the Jew try to destroy this, a new Muslims’ country. . . . They try everything. They try to kill him. . . . They try to make deals with the Kufar, so they could attack Muslims. They support the hypocrites. They start everything. Seven years, suffering from them. He went outside
Medina to one of the Jews’ city, full of money, full of farms, gold, foods. They went out from
Medina, they are poor.


In a September 2002 report published by FrontPage, the Saudi Institute and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies cited Mohammed Fiqih’s alma mater, the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies, as “the largest source of Saudi hate literature in the
Washington area.” The report also quotes Saudi Institute Director Ali al-Ahmed on the IISA’s enforcement of Wahhabi segregation of the sexes, including separate back door entrances for female students:

IIASA is beyond reform. It practices religious and gender apartheid. Female students are not allowed in the library except for four hours each week, when men are not around. Classes are segregated and women are taught through closed-circuit television. 

According to a May 2006 report by David Ouellette, in a detailed exposition of the Quran’s Surah Yusuf [complete audio mp3 file] by Alshareef’s colleague Yasir Qadhi, he draws from the anti-Semitic tract, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to explain that Jews are not racially Semitic, and therefore, do not have any right to make a claim on their Holy Land. Citing a book denying the Holocaust, he informs hearers that:


All of these Polish Jews which Hitler was supposedly trying to exterminate, that’s another point, by the way, Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews. 

Holocaust denial seems to be a regular fascination for Qadhi. In December, Yasir Qadhi sent an email message to the AlifBaaTaa email list (Qadhi’s email subsequently has either been removed or is no longer available for public viewing; link is to Google cache) with a link to an article authored by Alexander Baron, one of the invited speakers to the recent Tehran Conference on the Holocaust hosted by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. At this international Holocaust denial-fest, Baron presented a paper entitled, “The Nazi Gas Chambers: Rumours, Lies and Reality – One Researcher’s Views”. In his post, Qadhi offered no other comments about the article other than to provide the link, apparently in agreement with the content of Baron’s analysis.


The teaching of aggressive militaristic jihad is also a common theme in Al-Maghrib’s courses, which rely on commentaries by 13th Century theologian Ibn Taymiyyah and Wahhabi sect founder, Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab. One seminar taught by Muhammad Alshareef is his review of the jihadist exploits and military campaigns of the first four “rightly guided” caliphs, Conquest: History of the Khulafaa’. The militaristic themes for this course are evident in the one minute video trailer for the seminar.


The triumphalist vision of Islam as the inevitable sole world power and the justification of militaristic conquests under the banner of jihad are also repeated in the Al-Maghrib course, Islam Invulnerable: The Making of the Modern Muslim World. Tracing the rise of Islam as a global power from the initial Islamic invasions and occupations of the Near East, North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, it glories in the triumphs of the Ottoman, Safavid, Qajar and Mughal Empires and provides its unique spin of the present Israeli (“Zionist”)-Arab conflict. The Crusades and European “imperialist” and “colonialist” efforts in recent centuries are denounced, while Islamic conquests undergo “narrative reinterpretation” to explain the difference between the two.


Al-Maghrib instructors also regular speak with other extremist preachers advocating for terrorism and violent jihad. In a FrontPage article last March, “The Visiting Jihadist”, Joe Kaufman revealed that Institute instructor Abdulbary Yahya was scheduled to speak at an event with Ibrahim Dremali, an advocate of suicide bombings and had led crowds in burning Israeli flags and chanting, “With jihad we’ll claim our land, Zionist blood will wet the sand.” The event was sponsored by the

University of
Central Florida’s Muslim Student Association and paid for with Student Government Association funds. Dremali and Yahya had previously shared the podium at the 2005 Texas Dawah Convention, which also featured Siraj Wahhaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993

Center bombings.


The connections between Al-Maghrib staff and terrorist supporters sometimes don’t lead far from home. In 2004, Muhammad Alshareef’s father, Helmy Elsherief, was detained in
Egypt and interrogated regarding his associations with known terrorists. As Alshareef explained in a personal appeal published on the Al-Maghrib online forum, Elsherief was held because of his pre-9/11 work with “charities” in Pakistan that are known to have been al-Qaeda front organizations. Elsherief was eventually released by Egyptian authorities.


In particular, Elsherief was an associate of Ahmed Said Khadr, a top al-Qaeda financier, the top al-Qaeda agent in
Canada, and a close personal associate of Osama bin Laden – a fact conveniently never mentioned by Alshareef in his personal appeals. After leaving
Canada, Khadr’s entire family, identified by Daniel Pipes as “Canada’s First Family of Terrorism”, lived with bin Laden in his
Kabul compound. Ahmed Khadr was killed in a firefight with Pakistani security forces in October 2003, which also injured and disabled his youngest son, Abdul. His second youngest son, Omar, is presently imprisoned as an enemy combatant at

Bay after killing a
US medic with a hand grenade in 2002 during a battle in


The extremist messages preached by Al-Maghrib and their associates have also landed instructors themselves in trouble with US authorities. This past August, the Houston Chronicle reported that Yasir Qadhi complained during a public meeting at

University with government officials that he was on the Department of Homeland Security terrorist watch list and consequently is regularly detained when entering the country. In addition, according to an announcement issued by the Al-Maghrib Institute’s staff, instructor Yaser Birjas was arrested and detained by US authorities in 2005 due to problems with his immigration visa.


In the span of just a few short years, the Al-Maghrib Institute has quickly established itself as one of the premiere Islamic instructional programs in North America, as attested to by its 13 mosque-based affiliates and their regular appearances at Muslim Student Association events. Audio and video lecture series, an impressive Internet presence and regular satellite television programs by Al-Maghrib faculty extend their influence even further. Furthermore, the Institute’s instructors are in high demand as event speakers for Islamic organizations all over the world.


Al-Maghrib’s rapid rise should cause concern, however, as its Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood-inspired messages of religious extremism, racial bigotry and advocacy of jihad and militancy are being spread like cancer in Muslim communities throughout the US and Canada. And this ideological cancer spread by the Al-Maghrib Institute potentially threatens Muslims and non-Muslims alike as its popularity and radicalism continues to increase.