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New Muslim Outrage Materializes

New Muslim Outrage Materializes

by Sher Zieve


As we in the Western world have come to expect, many Muslims and Islamic organizations claim “outrage” at almost anything and everything they can find. They rioted, burned buildings and vehicles over cartoons that parodied their prophet Muhammad. Then Muslims rioted, burned buildings and vehicles and even murdered a nun when Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th century Emperor who was critical of Islam. Like the Left, apparently, they have little to do—except riot or protest and attempt to silence all of those who have the unmitigated gall to disagree with their tenets of belief. Political correctness has completely taken over the secularists of the West, which has become feckless, jaded and pathetic. Now, all that terrorists and their supporters have to do is complain that they are “being discriminated against” (and threaten to call someone—somewhere—a “racist”) and the West caves easily and willingly to all of their demands. Nowhere is this surrender more evident than in the case of Muslims’ latest indignation.


Five CW Post College students created a parody video, along the lines of the satirical film “Team America”. The video was directed at the Long Island University’s residence hall mascot—a rubber duck. In the film, which clearly stated in its intro that the film was a joke, five ski-mask wearing men of presumed Middle Eastern origin kidnap the duck and threaten to cut its throat. Muslims and, therefore, CW Post College officials were horrified! Gazi Khanhan of the American Muslim Alliance is quoted as saying: “The harm that generates out of such jokes stereotypes Muslim Americans!” Note to Khanhan: It only “stereotyped” terrorists. From his comments, one has to wonder if Khanhan and his group support them.


To add insult to injury, CW Post College fired all of the film-making and honor-roll students from their jobs as Residence Hall Assistants and threatened to expel them. The reason given by college officials was that the film was “insensitive”. Question: Have these university officials seen the recent films coming out of Hollywood? Apparently, actual terrorist beheadings of real people is not a problem for the university. The students, unless they wished to lose their status as students, were forced to offer their mea culpas. They have apologized for making fun of the new “politically correct” terrorists. As I wrote in a previous column, the Left will soon consider terrorism to be just another ideology—to be accepted and protected by their suicidal minions. Now, CW Post College has proved my point. Apparently terrorists are to be accepted, if not revered, by all who are allowed to set foot upon this university’s “hallowed” grounds. I’m guessing this college also bans US Military recruitment.


We-the-people are now being forced to accept terrorists and their killing-field philosophies into our midst and are not allowed to oppose them. Even our troops who are courageously and honorably working to keep the terrorists from our shores are being forced to fight an increasingly PC war. While our valiant soldiers fight an enemy that has vowed to destroy us and dominate the world, the leftist press, elected officials and our own universities work against them—and then fight for terrorists’ rights. The insanity is becoming more and more prevalent, folks. Unless we can soon gain a majority of true conservatives into elected office, our fate will be sealed. It’s just that clear.



Sher Zieve is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

Alarmists on a hot tin roof: Global warming psychology


Alarmists on a hot tin roof: Global warming psychology

by Robert E. Meyer


An issue that has garnered much attention lately, in between the media bites about Iraq and the salacious lives of celebrities, is the controversy over global warming. Both the pro and the con side consider their opponents the heretical misfits and purveyors of junk science.

But the debate is not so much about whether the earth is actually warming, but whether the phenomenon is man-made, and must culminate in catastrophe.

While most of us lack any academic credentials to have an informed opinion on the matter, we do possess the logical faculties to philosophically cross-examine the cogency of any theory presented to us.

I remain skeptical of the alarmist approach, and wish to offer some concerns I have.

Geologists tell us that we had a glacial ice age only several thousand years ago. How did the earth warm by over several degrees without any man-made carbon dioxide to account for it?

Whenever people say: “Most credible scientists believe…” The statement following becomes subjective and almost meaningless, because unless someone first believes in particular interpretations of a given phenomenon, they won’t be considered “credible” to begin with.

In general, people confuse two concepts: expertise and objectivity. Having great intelligence or specialized knowledge isn’t assurance against a person remaining unbiased in their public opinions. Persons of all stripes are generally loyal to their source of income. We shouldn’t assume that every expert begins their search tabula rasa, that is to say, without an agenda or wholly independent of prevailing consensus.

Why do we assume that a variance in the 5% of carbon dioxide caused by human activity is sufficient to put the climate out of kilter, but changes in the 95% of naturally produced carbon dioxide is irrelevant? Notice also, that whether it is warm or cold, global warming is given as the reason, thus inoculating the concept from falsification.

How come developing countries such as China or India are held to lesser pollution standards under the provisions of the Kyoto Treaty? Does the environment care which countries contaminate the atmosphere?

The whole psychology of catastrophe is hardly new. When my parents were young, they were told we would soon run out of the earth’s supply of coal. At various times, the same was predicted of crude oil. When I was younger, I sat in science classes where documentary films were shown that predicted the earth was cooling, and that we would all need gas masks by the mid 1980’s because of pollution. Such was predicted in a Newsweek editorial in the April 28th, 1975 edition.

In the 1960’s we were terrorized by the specter of Paul Ehrlich, and his “population bomb” statistics. When we moved into the 1980’s, we were warned of the ominous “Jupiter Effect,” an event where all the planets were in orbital alignment, causing a catastrophic gravitational force for the inhabitants of earth.

In the fall of 1983, we had a Sunday night television premier of the “The Day After.” The movie depicted a nuclear holocaust, and how it impacted residents of small town Kansas. The movie terrified a nation that had endured over three decades of cold-war threat. After the movie, a network anchor interviewed then Secretary of State George Shultz, asking the prophetical question borrowed from Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol: “Are these shadows of the way things must be, or only shadows of the way things might be”? Schultz emphatically answered “neither.”

And who among us was not impacted by the hype surrounding Y2K? When advertisements for ordering gold coins and dehydrated food supplies via credit card started popping up, I knew it was overblown and unlikely to be problematic. Why would anyone exchange vital survival supplies for worthless credit card receivables if they were convinced of certain crisis? If experts have been dead wrong about all these calamities, I don’t think my own skepticism is entirely irrational.

As for great variance in temperature readings, I suggest people should do some reading on the weather patterns of the 1930’s. That decade witnessed great thermal extremes here in the U.S.A. If you recall, the Midwestern “dustbowl” was a factor contributing to the severity of the nation’s Great Depression. In many areas, we experienced extremely hot summers. At that time, nobody was advancing theories about carbon dioxide causing warming of the earth. We had fewer man made contributors. So if global warming in really occurring, can burning less fossil fuels really keep it from happening? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

There are probably a myriad of other hysterical incidents that can be recalled, which were supposed to spell doom for mankind. One issue that has been the fodder for disaster films in recent years is the idea that a large asteroid will collide with earth. Now how do we solve that problem?

There will always be some crisis looming on the horizon threatening human existence, with no foreseeable solution. There will always be a cadre of alarmists who want to remind you about these insurmountable challenges.

Environmental stewardship is beneficial, agenda driven hysteria is not.


Robert E. Meyer is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

The right question: Where are the Israelis

The right question: Where are the Israelis

By Dr. Steve Carol ©

Dear Friends in Israel:

In reply to your just released letter: “Joint Statement by Mattot Arim, Professors for a Strong Israel and Women in Green: Jews Abroad, Do Not Remain Silent At This Time!” let me add my voice to those who have already written to you. There are those of us in the Diaspora, myself included, who have not “remained silent” and are very active in promoting Israel’s case for a Jewish state in all of the Land of Israel, Judea, Samaria, Golan and even Gaza included! We have written articles (see many of my 60 articles – copies of which have been forwarded to all of you – and many of which are posted on our Middle East Radio Forum website and broadcast a radio show (one of only two in the entire U.S.A.) dealing with these very points for over the past three years. We have helped educate many as to the real facts of the situation and swelled the ranks of those Jews and non-Jews REALLY concerned about Israel’s current plight and indeed its very survival.

That said, we are dismayed and distressed that the people of Israel have acquiesced to the path being taken – the “disasterous experiments” as you call them – by the current government, indeed by all governments since 1993. This is a path that, we believe, if followed will lead to the termination of the third Jewish commonwealth. It took 1,875 years to re-establish a Jewish state. If it vanishes now, only God knows if and when another will ever reappear. To mention that should such an event take place, the status of Diaspora Jews would quickly take a turn for the worse.

The key issue is, however, where are the Israelis? Where are Israeli citizens out demonstrating en masse – tens of thousands in every city – banging pots and pans, shouting “The government must go”? Where is a nationwide strike to force the government to step down? Where are the massive calls for reforms to be made, for a sound policy voiced and for Israel to return to the image, status, and power it had at the conclusion of the Six Day War?

Today, Israel projects, not strength but weakness to the entire world and especially to its enemies, who like sharks smelling the blood in the water, are circling ever closer for the kill.

Excuses of U.S. “pressure” on Israel have been made and will be made again. But Israel itself is doing the work of the Arabists in the U.S. State Department. The U.S. need not pressure Israel anymore, when the Israeli government voluntarily takes the steps that will ensure the states demise.

The reality is that Israeli people themselves must exhibit the will to take harsh, perhaps unpleasant actions to correct its course. Israel should not commit politicide for the sake of “world opinion.” It should not continually weaken itself with unilateral territorial retreats, such as from southern Lebanon in 2000, and Gaza in 2005. Israel’s mortal foes have become more emboldened and demand even more. Now “Israeli” Arabs openly consort with the enemy, make demands for changes in the Israeli flag, anthem and structure calling for a bi-national state. Even Egypt, which has had a “cold war” – not a “cold peace” with Israel for some 28 years, now demands Eilat and portions of the Western Negev, while Syria demands not only the Golan but the eastern shorefront of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret).

It is the people of Israel who must take the lead in reversing the present course. It is the Israelis themselves who must save their own nation. When the Israelis take such action, they will gain more backing from their supporters, more respect from those “disinterested” parties, and be feared by its enemies. That is the reality of the world. Unless and until this occurs, the relatively few voices supporting Israel will shrink to fewer still, as Israel vanishes. It is up to the Israelis to save their own nation. Taking the necessary steps to reverse course, show firmness, and determination will find many supporting the Jewish state.

Dr. Steve Carol
Prof. of History (retired)
Official Historian “Middle East Radio Forum”
Scottsdale, Arizona

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