UK officials suspect jihadist mole in Ministry of Defense

UK officials suspect jihadist mole in Ministry of Defense

“Gee, how could this possibly happen?” asks Doc Washburn, who kindly sent this in. Surely you don’t mean to suggest that a Muslim working in the British Ministry of Defense might have jihadist sympathies! Why, consider all the screening British officials do to make sure that Muslims they hire don’t harbor such sentiments!

Of course, actually they don’t screen for that at all.

Meanwhile, a new drain on the British economy will be the expense of guarding Muslim soldiers so that they aren’t murdered by other Muslims. When your soldiers have to be protected by armed guard, something is seriously wrong.

“Fears of terror mole in UK defence,” by Daniel McGrory and Russell Jenkins in The Australian:

DEFENCE chiefs have launched an urgent investigation into how a gang of suspected Islamic terrorists obtained a list of names and addresses for 25 serving British Muslim soldiers as part of an alleged plot to kidnap and behead a serviceman.Senior officers are alarmed that the hitlist includes home addresses as far apart as Glasgow and the West Country.

A priority will be to ensure that no Ministry of Defence “mole” provided the suspected terror cell with such top-secret personal information.

All those on the hitlist are understood to be serving members of the regular army….

Police in the West Midlands were given seven more days yesterday to hold nine men arrested in Birmingham on Wednesday. The men are being held in connection with a suspected plan to abduct and murder a serving soldier, whose execution was to be broadcast on the internet.

Defence officials would not say if all those named on the hitlist had been warned. Senior MoD officials met yesterday to consider whether new security provisions were needed to protect the 330 Muslims serving in the armed forces and their families.

New guidelines are expected to be issued to Muslim personnel in the next few days about their personal safety. A defence official said last night: “Such sensitive information about our personnel is kept under conditions of strict confidentiality, so we obviously want to discover how a list of names and home addresses was reportedly compiled.”

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