National Council of Churches Apologizing for Islamists

National Council of Churches Apologizing for Islamists
By Mark D. Tooley | February 2, 2007

Like most of the religious Left, the National Council of Churches (NCC) never has much to say about religious freedom issues affecting Christians. But any implied criticism of Islam sends the NCC ladder team flying out the door in a frenzy! The latest peril to religious liberty that the NCC confronted was the “inflammatory” remarks of Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode. In a letter to his constituents late last year, Goode wrote: “When I raise my hand to take the oath on Swearing In Day, I will have the Bible in my other hand. I do not subscribe to using the Quran in any way.” He was responding to the swearing in of Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, who had used a Korean in an unofficial ceremony. Speaking on the subject of immigration, Goode added, “if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Quran.”The NCC typically does not say a word about the tribulations of persecuted Christians around the world. North Korean Christians can starve.  Churches in
Indonesia can burn. Clergy in
Iran can be assassinated. Burmese Christians can languish. Vietnamese and Chinese priests may sit in prison for years. The Saudi religious police can round up whomever. Nary a word from the NCC’s headquarters on the upper west side of
Even in the U.S., secularists can mock Christianity, stereotype Christians, desecrate religious symbols, silence praying school children, censor school books and remove historic plaques and statues that may inadvertently reference
America’s religious heritage. The NCC’s silence in such situations is almost golden.     
But Congressman Goode’s “inflammatory” remarks, received by the Baptist and Methodist farmers and small town people who inhabit his largely rural district in
Central Virginia, aroused the NCC’s sensitive conscience for religious liberty. Like Patrick Henry, standing in Richmond’s

St. John’s
Church, sounding the tocsin against the depredations of King George, the NCC quick response team rushed to action.  
First the NCC circulated a petition entitled an “Interfaith Call for Reconciliation in Congress,” demanding Congressman Goode’s apology for inflaming rural Virginians against Muslims, “who feel targeted by repression and abuse…and a growing climate of fear.” It urged Americans to stand up for religious freedom and deplore “hurtful words” by any public figure about any religion. It also invited Congressman Goode to join an interfaith delegation in a mosque visit, so the “healing” can begin.Armed with that petition, the NCC led an interfaith delegation to visit Congressman Goode this week. The get together was seemingly affable. The congressman’s office included a frame poster declaring “In God We Trust,” the NCC reporter noted. Even more ominously to him, Fox News was on the television. But the NCC delegation, comprised of two NCC officials, a Baptist minister, and three Muslims, bravely moved forward into the lion’s lair.  The delegation shared the feelings of pain with the congressman, the anguish no doubt enhanced by the background noise from Fox News. Congressman Goode thanked his visitors but, according to the NCC, stood by his remarks, saying, “I didn’t say anything that was untrue.” The NCC delegation agreed that Goode’s statement was technically “factually supportable,” but that its implications were distressing.

Congressman Goode expressed appreciation for
America’s religious freedom but warned the delegation that “if this nation had a majority of Muslims…I’m not sure it would be the case.” But Goode avuncularly
pointed to Sayyid Syeed, of the Islamic Society of North America, and added, “Of course, if they were all more like you, I don’t think there’d be a problem.” 
The lead NCC official found this remark to be condescending but acknowledged that it was intended as a “kind gesture” that even became a “holy moment” of personal connection. Congressman Goode suffers from “preconceptions, misconceptions, [and] misunderstandings,” the NCC official lamented in his report, but this was one of the first times the congressman had “met a peace-loving, broad-minded Muslim who is far more like him than unlike him.”

According to the NCC, Goode agreed to visit a Muslim service in his district, where he will meet “peace loving, broad-minded Muslims, like those in our little group, who love their country and wish the best for all Americans.” That is, provided he actually meets such people there at the mosque.But Sayyid Syeed’s Islamic Society of North America’s own attitudes towards religious freedom could bear some scrutiny. An exponent of Saudi-style Islam, the group is less than quick to denounce Islamic repression and terror. Certainly, it would never denounce its Saudi sponsors, who have outlawed all non-Islamic religion in their own land. But for that matter, the NCC would never criticize
Saudi Arabia’s religion repression, no matter how many Christians and “apostates” are imprisoned or murdered there.
Instead, the NCC is focusing its deep concern on the ominous threat to freedom posed by the attitudes of Congressman Goode and his rural Virginian constituents, whose letters to their Congressman over the Koran issue have largely been supportive. No doubt, the Muslims of Bedford and Danville and Appomattox, and in countless other villages throughout
Virginia’s 5th district, are living with great trepidation under the reign of Congressman Goode. Maybe they can now empathize with the suffering Christians of Iran and Pakistan and Syria and
Indonesia and in at least a dozen other Islamic countries.

Goodness knows, the NCC’s empathy will never extend to those Christians, who live in daily fear of considerably more than just a letter from a
Virginia politician.

Imam prays to stop ‘oppression and occupation’ at Democratic National Committee meeting

Imam prays to stop ‘oppression and occupation’ at Democratic National Committee meeting


Hot Air has video of an invocation at the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee by Husham Al-Husainy, Imam of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center, a Shi’ite mosque in Dearborn, Michigan.

Here’s a transcript:

In the name of God the most merciful, the most compasionate. We thank you, God, to bless us among your creations. We thank you, God, to make us as a great nation. We thank you God, to send us your messages through our father Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. Through you, God, we unite. So guide us to the right path. The path of the people you bless, not the path of the people you doom. Help us God to liberate and fill this earth with justice and peace and love and equality. And help us to stop the war and violence, and oppression and occupation. Ameen.

Imagine if a Christian priest or minister had prayed at a DNC meeting that those attending be guided away from the path of those doomed by God. In this, in any case, the Imam is echoing the Fatiha, the first sura of the Qur’an and most common prayer of Islam. It asks Allah: “Show us the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast favoured; not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam — cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians. The classic Qur’anic commentator Ibn Kathir explains:

Allah asserted that the two paths He described here are both misguided when He repeated the negation `not’. These two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the believer should beware of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth and abiding by it. In comparison, the Jews abandoned practicing the religion, while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why `anger’ descended upon the Jews, while being described as `led astray’ is more appropriate of the Christians. Those who know, but avoid implementing the truth, deserve the anger, unlike those who are ignorant. The Christians want to seek the true knowledge, but are unable to find it because they did not seek it from its proper resources.This is why they were led astray. We should also mention that both the Christians and the Jews have earned the anger and are led astray, but the anger is one of the attributes more particular of the Jews. Allah said about the Jews,

[مَن لَّعَنَهُ اللَّهُ وَغَضِبَ عَلَيْهِ]

(Those (Jews) who incurred the curse of Allah and His wrath) (5:60).

The attribute that the Christians deserve most is that of being led astray, just as Allah said about them,

[قَدْ ضَلُّواْ مِن قَبْلُ وَأَضَلُّواْ كَثِيراً وَضَلُّواْ عَن سَوَآءِ السَّبِيلِ]

(Who went astray before and who misled many, and strayed (themselves) from the right path) (5:77).

It is interesting to see the Democrats standing with heads bowed piously while the Imam Husham Al-Husainy prays, in veiled terms to be sure, for their conversion to Islam, and oh yes, for the destruction of Israel (“And help us to stop the war and violence, and oppression and occupation”).

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UK: Muslims respond to jihad terror arrests with paranoia, talk of plots against them

Instead of cheering for the arrests of jihad terror plotters. “Plots and paranoia are mainstream views for Muslims of Sparkbrook,” by Andrew Norfolk in the TimesOnline, with thanks to Jeffrey Imm:

To wander the streets of Sparkbrook yesterday, from shabby corner shop to proud, white-domed mosque, was to enter a world where conspiracy theories are the breath of life.Many ordinary Muslims did not believe that Wednesday’s arrests were an act to foil a terrorist plot aiming to visit unspeakable barbarity on a young British soldier.

Rather the entire operation was a giant con trick. This fits a growing perception of a post-9/11 world in which innocent Muslims are demonised, and the terror threat manufactured to suit the dark designs of the West’s Judaeo-Christian elite.

The decision to distribute 5,000 multilingual leaflets, carefully setting out details of the anti-terrorist operation and the events leading up to it, may have sought to offer a well intentioned reassurance “that the police are not targeting communities or faiths, but suspected criminals”.

To many Muslims that message has fallen on deaf ears. That many seem not to believe police reassurances is at least in part because they are listening to a very different message from mosques across the city. Take the Birmingham Central Mosque, where up to 4,000 people will be attending Friday prayers today.

Its chairman for the past 32 years has been Mohammed Naseem, a past champion of interfaith dialogue who was for many years regarded as a voice of Islamic moderation. A year ago, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Birmingham.

Dr Nasseem, 83, yesterday told The Times of his certainty that the nine arrested men were innocent of any crime and would eventually be released without charge.

He spoke of his conviction that the Government was “pursuing a policy of maintaining a perception of a [terrorist] threat to justify the draconian anti-terror laws they have been passing”.

He went on to compare Tony Blair’s Britain to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin. People were beginning to realise, he said, that the Government had embarked on “a campaign to strike terror in the hearts of the Muslim people”.

And Dr Naseem is said to be a voice of the mainstream. Indeed, he explicitly condemns terrorism and “the killing of innocent people”. He was keen to appeal for calm yesterday and to urge Muslims “not to lose their dignity by taking the law into their own hands”.

Climate Skeptics Now ‘Relegated to the Fringe’

Climate Skeptics Now ‘Relegated to the Fringe’
By Susan Jones Senior Editor
February 02, 2007

( – The National Audubon Society has no doubt that global warming is caused by human activity, and therefore, it argues, humans must do something about it.

A report summary issued Friday by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “should erase any doubts, even among the most dedicated skeptics, that the time for action to combat global warming is now,” said National Audubon President John Flicker.

“This is a wake up call not just to those who love birds, wildlife and the natural environment, but to anyone who cares about the future that our children and grandchildren will inherit,” he added.

The National Audubon Society described the IPCC summary (the full report will follow in a few months) as “the most reliable and comprehensive statement of what scientists know about global warming…This report leaves no room for doubt, and it has never been clearer that Congress has no time to waste.”

As for those who question the latest scientific consensus on global warming — ignore them, Flicker suggested: “The clarity and completeness of the IPCC’s global warming findings permanently relegates skeptics to the fringe,” he said.

Flicker urged lawmakers to quickly adopt mandatory measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He also stressed the need for energy efficiency and renewable-energy legislation.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued three reports on the science of global warming since 1990. The National Audubon Society noted that each report is more certain than the last about the human impact on climate change.

The report summary released on Friday called it “very likely” (more than a 90 percent certainty) that human activity is raising global temperatures. The previous IPCC report, issued in 2001, called it “likely.”

Established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Program, the IPCC assesses the “risk of human-induced climate change.”

Corporations diving in

A number of businesses are jumping on the climate-change bandwagon.

DuPont on Friday issued a statement calling climate change “a serious global issue that must be addressed through concerted global action.”

DuPont’s Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Linda Fisher said the company believes the science on global warming is strong enough — and the potential risks are serious enough — to prompt quick action.

“We believe that voluntary [greenhouse gas reduction] measures, while constructive, are not sufficient to address an issue of this magnitude by themselves. The challenge is global and requires broad and coordinated action across all sectors of the economy,” Fisher said.

She said it’s time for the federal government to act on climate change legislation, and she said that’s why DuPont — and a number of other corporations — have joined the United States Climate Action Partnership, which hopes to force changes in federal global warming policy.

DuPont says it has reduced greenhouse gas emissions more than 70 percent since 1991, saving more than $3 billion in the process.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a leading critic of those who insist that humans are causing global warming, contends the science isn’t settled, and he says major policy changes should stem from fact, not consensus.

Critics like Inhofe say media hype and leftist political agendas — not science — are steering the national discussion on global warming.

“This is a political document, not a scientific report, and it is a shining example of the corruption of science for political gain,” Inhofe said on Friday.

“The media has failed to report that the IPCC Summary for Policymakers [the document released on Friday] was not approved by scientists but by U.N. political delegates and bureaucrats,” he added, noting that the IPCC will release the actual scientific report until May 2007.



Peter Goodspeed

National Post, November 25, 2006 On the morning of Nov. 2, 2004, as Mr. van Gogh cycled to work in Amsterdam, the bearded young man in a long Middle-Eastern-style shirt fired at him with a handgun. The mortally wounded filmmaker tried to run for cover. But the killer chased him, shot him once more and slit his throat from ear to ear.  Then, he plunged two knives, one with a five-page letter attached, into the body. The note began: “This is my last word, riddled with bullets, baptized in blood…” It was filled with jihadist slogans and threats and contained a blood-curdling diatribe against Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born Dutch politician who had written the script of Mr. van Gogh’s last film, Submission. The 10-minute short about the abuse of Muslim women had upset some Muslims because it showed sacred Koranic texts superimposed on a semi-naked woman…   The savagery of the killing triggered revulsion across Europe. Today, the continent is attempting to cope with increasingly bitter racial and religious squabbles and is riven with doubts about its future.  Decades of open-door immigration policies have transformed Europe through the arrival of several million immigrants, mostly Muslims, from North Africa, Turkey and Southwest Asia.  But as the region became one of the most multicultural regions on Earth, its people have gradually turned against the policies that made it this way… [Last November], elections in the Netherlands seemed to reinforce the growing distrust between the native and immigrant populations when the Freedom Party, a previously insignificant far-right fringe group, won nine seats in parliament.  Led by Geert Wilders, a strident radical who goes out of his way to insult Muslims and warn that the Netherlands is about to be engulfed by an “Islamic tsunami,” the Freedom Party is now the fifth- largest in the Dutch parliament.  Mr. Wilders is the political heir of Pim Fortuyn, a populist politician who campaigned on immigration issues and was assassinated in 2002 just before elections… Similar far-right movements are flourishing, along with large Muslim immigrant populations, in Austria, Belgium, Germany and Italy.  In France, one citizen in five voted for right-wing extremist Jean-Marie Le Pen in the 2002 presidential election.  Now, Nicolas Sarkozy, the hardline Interior Minister who hopes to represent the centre-right in next April’s presidential contest, has begun to court the anti-immigrant vote…   But it’s not just the far right that is declaring the death of multiculturalism. Britain’s ruling Labour party has abandoned the laissez-faire pluralism of the past and introduced a U.S.-style citizenship ceremony, complete with declarations of loyalty. Naturalizing immigrants must also pass language and citizenship tests.  More recently, Jack Straw, a former foreign secretary, created a huge controversy when he declared he wanted Muslim women to abandon the veil… [Straw’s] comments caused many Muslims to insist they are being persecuted simply for being different.  “The implication is clear: niqab- or hijab-wearing women, and, through them, European Muslims are being asked to submit not to the law of the land, but to each country’s dominant way of life,” Naima Bouteldja, a French journalist, wrote in The Guardian newspaper… Still, in the wake of last summer’s suicide bombings on London’s transit system by home-grown terrorists, there are growing fears multiculturalism protects and preserves every culture—except the host culture.  The native-born terrorist has become a symbol of multiculturalism’s failure. Usually, these new extremists do not feel at home in the West but have only the most tenuous ties to their families’ original homelands. As a result, they are susceptible to arguments of religious certainty and promises of eternal glory. The cultural isolation encouraged by multiculturalism also lets Islamist activists find refuge and anonymity in Europe’s immigrant communities.  “The fruits of 30 years of state-endorsed multiculturalism have only increased inter-racial tension and inter-racial sectarianism,” analyst Patrick West wrote in a recent report for the British think-tank Civitas.  “The fact that the London suicide bombers of July 7 [2005] were born and bred in Britain—and encouraged by the state to be different—illustrates that hard multiculturalism has the capacity to be not only divisive but decidedly lethal…” …In such a globalized clash of cultures, multiculturalism seems doomed to be eclipsed by anger and fear.

Hillary’s Gender War

Hillary’s Gender War

by Carey Roberts


The greatest controversy during the upcoming political campaign will not be Republican vs. Democrat or conservative against liberal. Rather, the most riveting debate is likely to revolve around the question of whether a female president can better lead the nation than a man. It will be the ultimate Battle of the Sexes, played out in endless bedroom discussions, backyard debates, and newspaper headlines.


Three years ago Marie Wilson wrote a book called Closing the Leadership Gap in which she wrote (somewhat ungrammatically) that the United States “has been steered by male leadership who tend to lead from a self-centered, self-preservation perspective,” whereas, “Women…are inclined to lead, their families and nations, from an other-centered perspective.”


Hillary Rodham Clinton soon picked up on that theme and began to brag that female officials are more truthful than their male counterparts. At the 2005 Women’s Global Leadership Summit, HRC claimed that “Research shows the presence of women raises the standards of ethical behavior and lowers corruption.”


And others argue that a more caring and peaceful disposition of the fairer sex will lead to a less bellicose world.


Of course these claims are so over-the-top that they are almost self-refuting. Should we start with the notion that women are more ethical?


O Hillary, let me count the ways: insider cattle-future deals, denials of the Madison Guaranty retainer, White House travel office firings, and many, many more.


Then the bone-tickler that you were named after Edmund Hillary’s mountaineering feats. You were born in 1947 and Sir Hillary’s conquest of Mount Everest wasn’t until, let’s see, 1953. Oh well, it made for a good conversation-starter.


In fact entire books have been penned about your calculating manner and ethical lapses. But hey, I don’t want to be accused of piling on!


But the notion that women are more ethical than men? Well, just ask Speaker Nancy Pelosi about that fishy minimum wage deal she finagled with Star-Kist Tuna a couple weeks ago.


Now what about Marie Wilson’s claim that female leaders are “other-centered”?


Say what you want about men and women at home. But my first-hand observation of elected officials leans to the opposite of Wilson’s stereotype.


Elect a man to office and the first thing he does is pass a law that benefits women. Blame it on the patriarchy, chivalry, or political savvy — I don’t know, but that’s what happens. Yes, men are so predictable.


Take Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and welfare programs – all were passed by largely male legislators, all are paid for mostly by male taxpayers, and all have a majority of female beneficiaries.


Now let’s look at the record of female elected officials — sorry, folks, this won’t be pretty.


Can you think of a single Congresswoman who has pushed for funding to help boys who are falling behind in school? Can you name a law for prostate cancer research that was spearheaded by a woman? (For the record, it was Sen. Ted Kennedy who first seized on the idea of championing breast cancer research.) Can you wise me up to a single female-sponsored resolution that sympathized with the injustice of loving dads who are barred from seeing their kids?


Hillary and Nancy both claim to be pro-children, and then advocate for “a women’s right to chose.” Help me out ladies, you’ll need to explain that connection to me.


OK, maybe women aren’t more ethical or “other-centered” after all. But surely they are harbingers of a kinder, gentler world. Right?


Within hours of Hillary’s announcement of her candidacy, the pundits were predicting this was going to be one of the nastiest campaigns on record. And traveling to Iowa just a week later, Mrs. Clinton proved them right.


Speaking before a group of 50 Democrats, HRC took off the kid gloves: “When attacked, you have to deck your opponents,” the gentle soul from Chappaqua boasted.


But she saved her best salvo for an appearance at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. In response to a question about greedy, rotten leaders like Osama bin Laden, Clinton responded with a mischievous grin, “And what in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?”


I am certain of this: No male politician has made a similarly demeaning reference to women. But Hillary’s comment triggered hooting and laughter among the ladies present.


And when Clinton later tried to explain her anti-male broadside to a group of journalists, all they could do was groan in response to her self-serving claim that she was just being a “little funny.”


Some may say the Battle of the Sexes is the spice of life. Fine. But Mrs. Clinton, I don’t think we need to start a Gender War.



Carey Roberts is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

Piglet exterminated in Qatar

Piglet exterminated in Qatar


Crude Stalinist book censorship in Qatar, as reported by the Qatar Living blog (thanks to Kathy Shaidle):

In Qatar there is only one decent bookshop (that happens to be a Saudi chain) that has a few shelves of English books. Shopping there is hit or miss – you don’t go there to look for a title. You go there in the hope of stumbling upon something interesting.The kids selection is not bad though. The other night we saw Disney’s “My Very First Encyclopedia with Winnie the Pooh and friends”. We grabbed it and thought it was exactly what we needed for our daughter – not only does she love Winnie the Pooh but she’s also started taking a keen interest in nature.

We flipped it open and noticed that some of the pages had been vandalised with a black marker. We figured it must have been bought and returned after some kids had got there hands on it. Further inspection made us realise that this was actually systematic. Someone had deliberately “censored” out each and every picture of Piglet from hundreds of pages in the book with a black marker (my guess is that the book got caught by Saudi Censors enroute to Doha).

From the first page to the last page. Big and small. The black marker was hogging the limelight, so to speak.

Yes, the cuddly cute pink Piglet had disappeared. First, I have no idea who would buy a book that cost about $30 that was marked up like this. Secondly, what the hell were the censors thinking!?

Now as a Muslim, I can venture why they did this. But as a Muslim, I think it is totally ridiculous.


UK Muslim leader: Britain ‘moving towards a police state’

UK Muslim leader: Britain ‘moving towards a police state’

He could have said: “I applaud police efforts to find and arrest those who are plotting jihad terrorist acts, and pledge my full support and cooperation on future efforts like this one.” Instead, he said Britain was becoming a police state.

“Britain ‘moving towards a police state,'” by Ben Fenton and Jonathan Petre in the Telegraph, with thanks to Fjordman:

One of Birmingham’s most senior Muslims has said that Britain is “moving towards a police state”, but he appealed for his co-religionists to stay calm in the wake of the arrest of nine men in an alleged kidnap plot.Dr Mohammad Naseem, the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, said it was vital that Muslims in the city did not panic or become angry despite growing scepticism about the intelligence which led to the arrests on Wednesday.

Dr Naseem’s call came after Islamic religious leaders nationwide urged Muslims to co-operate with police investigating the alleged plot to kidnap, torture and behead a British Muslim soldier.

Dr Naseem said that although it was “not a time to panic or get angry”, he disagreed with the manner of the arrests and the use of laws on the detention and questioning of suspects.

“This unfortunate country is moving towards a police state – the laws being passed are wrong and against the traditions of this country,” Dr Naseem said….

The Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim umbrella group, said “very serious allegations” had been made, and the police must be helped to complete their investigations.

Much better. But then there is this, instead of protestations of loyalty:

A senior member of the council warned that the public glare of the media would damage the wider Muslim community even if the police raids later proved to be baseless.“There is so much adverse publicity ,” he said. “There have been a number of cases where the police have moved in and nothing has been found. But by then the damage has been done.”

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, said there was huge concern that the public formed impressions of Muslims from such “snap shots” as the Birmingham arrests.

West Midlands police held a public relations exercise in the area, distributing thousands of leaflets reassuring Muslims that they were not targeting communities or faiths, but suspected criminals.

Muslim groups point out that more than half of the 1,100 people arrested as terrorism suspects over the past five years have been released without charge.

They should be willing to put up with inconvenience for the greater good of clearing their community of any involvement with jihadists.

Iranian agents nabbed in Gaza, 1 commits suicide

Iranian agents nabbed in Gaza, 1 commits suicide

Hundreds of weapons and a equipment for producing Qassam rockets found at a “Hamas-linked” university. By Ali Waked for Associated Press:

Palestinian security officers arrested at least five Iranian citizens during a raid at the Islamic University, a Hamas stronghold in Gaza City, a security official said. One of the Iranians committed suicide during the raid. Six to nine Palestinians were killed in the raid, sources said.


The raid on the Hamas-linked university in Gaza was carried out by national security forces affiliated with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Hundreds of weapons and a lathe for the production of Qassam rockets were seized in the raid.

A Hamas official denied the claim and said there were no Iranian citizens at the university.

Islamic websites denounce British Muslim soldiers: joining the Army is “un-Islamic”

Islamic websites denounce British Muslim soldiers: joining the Army is “un-Islamic”

“Muslims cannot fight under the banner of kuffar or with them; Muslims must avoid attaching themselves to nation states; Muslims must avoid harming and fighting other Muslims.”

“Websites denounce British Muslim soldiers,” by Duncan Gardham in the Telegraph, with thanks to Ruth King:

The question of British Muslims joining the Army, said to have been a key issue behind the suspected Birmingham beheading plot, has been buzzing around the internet….On another site, Mahmud Abdul Baari, a follower of the exiled preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, called Hashmi a terrorist, adding: “Although born Muslim [he] grew up to become an apostate traitor to Islam and professional terrorist who unlike members of al-Qa’eda took a salary.”…

A fatwa [religious ruling] by a man calling himself Afdal al-Jihad and posted on a mainstream web community is titled “Muslims serving in an Army of Kuffar” [non-believers]. Al-Jihad says: “Muslims cannot fight under the banner of kuffar or with them; Muslims must avoid attaching themselves to nation states; Muslims must avoid harming and fighting other Muslims.”

On a web forum called the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, not all the visitors agreed that it was un-Islamic to join the Army. But many said swearing allegiance to the Queen was against Islam.

Sleeper Cells in the United States and Canada

Sleeper Cells in the United States and Canada

There is every reason to suspect that we will endure suicide missions by Islamist sleeper cells. They are already in place. They are waiting for the right time. I know this from experience.

I have worked over 15 years as a U.S. Federal Agent, a U.S. State Department Arabic linguist, and the first civilian Federal Agent deployed into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.  Since returning from Iraq I have been involved in terrorism analysis, specifically the mindset of terrorists. During my extensive research on sleeper cells I have talked with hundreds of people from the Middle East from all walks of life, and have talked with Iraqi Government officials, Iraqi military, and Iraqi police officers.  In addition I have interviewed numerous counter-terrorism specialists in the U.S. and abroad.  In the last year alone I have trained over 4000 U.S. Law Enforcement officers in Basic Investigative Arabic and counter-terrorism. The conclusion of my research is the title of this article.
Before I departed for the Middle East in 2003 I had been assigned to Kirtland AFB, NM.  Kirtland has some of the best scientists in the world working on U.S. Government projects.  I had been working closely with these scientists who specialized in nuclear energy, directed energy, laser technology, bio-weapons and more.  I fully understand the impact if suicide bombers begin progressing from conventional explosives to unconventional methods.
The Middle East
In Jan 2003, I was assigned to Arar Air Base Saudi Arabia.  Arar is located near the border of Iraq. My mission was to interact with Saudi military officials in order to determine the support we could expect from the Saudi government, to determine if Iraqis were monitoring the activities of the U.S. forces at Arar, and to infiltrate the encampments of the Bedouin community (Saudis and Iraqis living in the desert of Arar). This involved leaving the relatively safe confines of Arar Air Base and driving to the Bedouin camps. 
It was most important the Saudis did not know we were leaving the compound because they had forbidden us to do so.  Four U.S. special Agents would use our ATV’s and/or four wheel drive vehicles to conduct these missions. The Saudi Government had active spies collecting information pertaining to our troop strength, our weapons, and any other intelligence they could obtain. The Saudis were providing the intelligence to the Saudi Government, and we were very confident it was also being passed to Iraqi intelligence. 
During January 2003 and Feb 2003, Saudi Intelligence officers would boast that the American military was overreacting about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.  Their bravery changed as we approached the invasion of Iraq in Mar 2003.  The high-ranking Saudi officers were scrambling to obtain gas masks and other protective equipment.  They knew their equipment was substandard and they wanted U.S.-made protective equipment.  We gave them some of ours.  The Saudi Intelligence officers were visibly frightened about a potential chemical, biological, or nuclear attack and expressed their fears.  This was my first confirmation Saddam Hussein still had WMD material and the capability to use them. 
The Saudis knew Saddam had WMD and would use them if he had the opportunity.
When I arrived in Nasiriyah, Iraq (after the start of war) my team and I immediately began interviewing (in the field) Iraqis from all walks of life to determine where the WMD sites were located.  At the beginning of the war Iraqis were very helpful and provided us exact locations and proof WMD was at certain locations (primarily southern Iraq because Saddam knew the UN Weapons Inspectors had seldom inspected any locations in this area).  They had always focused in northern Iraq.
Four primary suspected WMD sites were located.  We tried from April until July 2003 to have the Iraq Survey Group come and excavate these sites.  They advised us they did not have the manpower nor the heavy equipment needed to excavate the sites, which were underground bunkers (beneath waterways).  We were frustrated.  I have received information from various sources that the WMD I had attempted to have excavated was subsequently looted (after the war) and transferred to Syria.
While in Iraq we determined the following:

1. Russian activity in Iraq had been rampant several months prior to the war and up until the day before the invasion.
2. Iranians were infiltrating southern Iraq by the thousands and were preparing to assist insurgents in removing U.S. forces from Iraq.
3. We found numerous pieces of evidence indicating WMD were in Iraq before the war began and some were still in Iraq.
4. I and other agents were informed by Iraqis that a civil war would erupt and violence against U.S. forces would increase due to the Iranian and Russian influence.

All of this information was provided through intelligence channels, but was ignored. Today we are seeing the results of our intelligence being ignored in 2003.
Vulnerability at home

Upon returning from Iraq I left Federal Service to pursue a career educating U.S. law enforcement in the U.S.  I wrote a book titled “Arabic for law enforcement and military”. During my lectures to local, county, and state law enforcement officers it was revealed the true first line defenders in the U.S. are not trained nor prepared to combat terrorism in the U.S. (through no fault of their own).  The local law enforcement agencies were not receiving adequate funds or assistance from the Federal Government to fight terrorism.  The majority advised they were supposed to be the first line defenders, but in actuality they did not even know what Al-Qaeda meant, and/or could not point out Iraq or Iran on a map. They had no Arabic language training.
I began conducting research and talking with experts from various fields and determined three significant facts that I corroborated by further research:

1. The terrorists groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al-Qaeda each had different leaders and to some degree operated in different ways, but they each had the same two goals (destroy Israel and destroy America and any country that supported either).
2.  Our nuclear research centers were very vulnerable to an attack and the potential for a suicide bomber using a dirty radiological bomb from these facilities was and is a high probability. Note: Vic Walter and Brian Ross of ABC News did an excellent report on the lack of security at these facilities. I received an enormous amount of information from individuals associated with Russian nuclear programs that there is nuclear material being sold on the black market and nuclear material is in the hands of Islamic Extremists. 
3. Terrorist sleeper cells are located primarily in North Carolina, Michigan, and Canada. The “sleepers” are prepared to conduct terrorist attacks within the U.S., and nuclear material is available to them. “Prepared” in this instance indicates they have the necessary tools to carry our their attacks and are prepared to die.

About nine months ago a lady from Morehead City, NC contacted me and asked for assistance because she had been ignored by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), the FBI, and local law enforcement.  Her allegation: A group of people who were citizens of Lebanon was operating from NC and was involved in financially supporting Hezbollah.  The members were also befriending United States Marine Corps personnel (to include the Marine Corps Base Commander at Cherry Point USMC Base). The Lebanese citizens had free access to the Marine Corps base and had frequent parties with USMC members. She had ledgers; photographs of U.S. Marines with the Lebanese members, numerous passports (some falsified), duplicate drivers licenses, social security cards, and financial transactions log books both in Arabic and English. I obtained the information from her and conducted research.  I turned my information over to the NCSBI office.
Less than a week ago I met several citizens from the Middle East who are familiar with terrorist groups, their methodology, and more importantly the mindset of terrorists (specifically Al-Qaeda). They believe violence in Iraq will increase and the number of U.S. troops in Iraq is not a factor. The largest percentage of U.S. troops in Iraq are support troops and not combat troops. From the beginning of 2003 until now the number of troops who actually engage insurgents is actually less than 5% of all assigned troops in the region. Al-Qaeda now has a strong hold in Iraq and they will not let go. Terrorist operations are active in the U.S. and are being operated/financed in Michigan. U.S. citizens need to understand there are people trained and prepared to carry our suicide missions in the U.S. and nothing is off limits.  Churches, malls, and even the schools our children attend are not off limits to suicide bombers. It is only a relatively short time before the U.S. will begin seeing suicide terrorist missions.
I will continue to research terrorism related issues in the U.S. and Canada and will bring forward the results. My next project is to follow Dr. Paul William’s investigation into McMaster University located in Canada. My initial research indicates terrorists are being educated here with the approval of some university administrators. I have contacted the university and informed them of this project and will give them an opportunity to respond to each piece developed during my research on terrorism at McMaster.  McMaster is not alone when it comes to nuclear reactors located on major university sites.  Nuclear reactors are located on a large number of major university campuses in the U.S. There locations are not classified and are described on the internet.
Children are the ones who suffer in wartime and I want to prevent any child from ever having to experience a terrorist attack. 
To assist me in my endeavors to uncover the truths behind terrorist cells in Canada and the U.S. contact me at or visit my website.