Introducing the Terrorism Awareness Project

Introducing the Terrorism Awareness Project
By FrontPage Magazine | January 31, 2007

Center has launched the Terrorism Awareness Project to combat the complacency and ignorance about the intentions of the radical Islamists who declared a holy war on the
United States and the West on September 11, 2001.


 If one thing was clear in the aftermath of the attack, it was this: the terrorists would be back.  But the alarms 9/11 set off were soon muted by complacency and self doubt.   After overthrowing the Taliban, the U.S. soon returned to the illusion of peace and security and confusion of purpose that had marked the Clinton era, when the Jihad first began to strike against our
America.  Because of the campaign by the “anti-war” movement, our populace as a whole is ignorant of the threat, doesn’t know the enemy, and is unaware of their true intent, capabilities and resolve.  This is especially true of college students who face a daily barrage of anti-war and anti-American propaganda.  The Terrorism Awareness Project is designed to make them aware of the threat of jihad and the struggle that lies ahead if this nation is to survive its assault. 



Center designed the Terrorism Awareness Project to put informative materials about the war on terror into the hands of millions of college students. The Project will identify campus coordinators at
U.S. universities and colleges who want to make terrorism a priority at their schools. It will drop flash videos like The Islamic Mein Kampf directly into students’ and faculty members’ email boxes.  It is placing a series of ads beginning with “What Americans Need to Know About Jihad” (Genesio link) in all the leading college newspapers.  It has prepared three pamphlets–The Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism;  The Islamic Mein Kampf, and What Every American Needs To Know About Jihad—which will be distributed throughout the university community.  All three can be downloaded from the TAP website (


          The focal point for this campus campaign will be Terrorism Awareness Month.  The Project’s campus coordinators including  will distribute  Terrorism Awareness Guide which will provide a brief history of the jihad and a bibliography of crucial books on the objectives of radical Islam.  There will be well publicized screenings of “Obsession” (a documentary on the Islamists’ jihad recently featured on Fox News) and similar programs followed by panel discussions of experts on radical Islam such as Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson and Daniel Pipes.  In addition to these public events, TAP chapter members will evaluate the Islamic or Mideast Studies departments of their campuses, analyze the bias of the reading materials and classroom discussions, and ask to present competing ideas in class. They will conduct an organized public relations campaign with their campus newspapers, including opeds and letters to the editor.            

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