Propaganda at its best

‘Judgment!’ Exposes Fraudulent Death Camp Pictures that Fooled the World!

[to order the film ‘Judgment!’ from Emporer’s Clothes]

In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp.

You may recall those pictures. Taken by the British news station, ITN, they focused on Fikret Alic, the emaciated-looking man on the left. The mass media broadcast these pictures as supposed proof that Alic and the other Muslim men in the pictures were imprisoned behind barbed wire in a Serbian death camp.

The pictures were broadcast worldwide. Twenty minutes after they were shown on US Television, President George Bush Sr. held a press conference to announce harsh new US measures against the Serbs.

But the death camp story was a lie. The ITN crew had filmed from inside a fenced-in storage area. By shooting through the fence (composed of chicken wire with strands of barbed wire on top) ITN created footage that gave the impression that the Bosnian men were imprisoned. With a little editing, this footage was turned into pictures that gave the impression of a death camp.

By fortunate coincidence, a Serbian TV crew accompanied ITN that day, filming the same things that ITN filmed and sometimes filming the ITN crew. Using footage shot by the Serbs, ‘Judgment!’ proves that the people in the famous ITN pictures were refugees. Curious to see a film crew (not to mention one that had set up shop inside a tumble-down storage area) the refugees wandered over, leaned on the scraggly fence, chatted and joked with the ITN reporters. ‘Judgment!’ shows, step by step, how ITN took this innocent footage and edited it to create the phony death camp pictures.

The “death camp” pictures were used to demonize the Serbian people as “new Nazis” and justify devastating economic sanctions and NATO military intervention, including bombing the civilian population, in Yugoslavia.

Get a copy of ‘Judgment!’ If after viewing the film you don’t think we proved our case, return the film and we will refund your money.

If we are wrong, you lose nothing. But if we are telling the truth – and we are – then the media has created fictional news to justify the destruction of multiethnic Yugoslavia.

‘Judgment!’ is based on footage edited by Mihajlo and Petar Ilic of Ilke Productions, who have graciously permitted Emperor’s Clothes to use their work to produce this film for an English-speaking audience.

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