Iraqi Christians Lose All Hope With Violence, Anarchy

Iraqi Christians Lose All Hope With Violence, Anarchy

More on the persecuted Christian population of Iraq from AINA, with thanks to John Zmirak:

Difficulties and persecution is nothing new to the minority Christians living in Iraq. However, local Christians are now saying that the anarchistic situation in their country has destroyed all optimism for a better future.”Almost no one sees a bright future for Iraq,” said Stefan De Groot, co-worker of the international organization Open Doors, according to a report on Tuesday.

De Groot, who visits Iraq several times a year, says that every time he visits, a local believer tells him that the situation is worse than the last time he visited.

“Another Christian told me he had to buy new clothes for his wife because during a shooting on the streets, her wardrobe was riddled with bullets,” recalled De Groot. “A third man explained in detail what happened when he brought his son to school and a car bomb went off. The little boy ran inside the school and saw a human heart hanging against the window.”