UN gone wild

UN gone wild

Ed Lasky
The UN ignores its own rules and tradition by allowing a state (Iran) that has promised to destroy another state (Israel) continue as a member. Now via the New York Sun, we learn that the same UN has financed a document by another group that also calls for the destruction of that very same state (Israel). Your taxpayer dollars at work.

The Committee of Arab Mayors in Israel recently issued a document proffering a new political “vision.” The message is sharp and clear: The Arab-Palestinian minority in Israel no longer advocates a two-state solution. Beside the future Palestinian – Arab- Muslim – state there should be a binational state, Jewish and Palestinian, which will give the Palestinian minority special political rights. Israel would thus lose its specific nature as a Jewish homeland, as its flag, national anthem, and rhythm of national life would represent both peoples, Jews and Palestinians.
There is not a word for either entity about civil society, freedom of expression, rule of law, or other values associated with freedom.
“The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel,” whose preparation was financed by the United Nations Development Program, is replete with hostility toward Israel and Zionism. “Israel is the result of a colonialist action instigated by the Jewish-Zionist elites of Europe,” the document states, and Palestinians “were forced to acquire Israeli citizenship.” The mayors ignore that the so-called colonialists promised equal rights to all non-Jews in the Jewish state.

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