Pie-in-the-Sky Recommendations

Pie-in-the-Sky Recommendations
By Thomas E. Brewton

Two of the basic recommendations in the Iraqi Study Group Report are 
utterly unrealistic.  In each case the Study Group, in typical 
liberal-socialist fashion, bases its proposals upon the theoretical 
assumption that everyone sees the world as they do.

First, stating that the war in Iraq cannot be won without unified 
support here in the United States, the Study Group recommends that 
appropriate steps be taken to gain support from those opposed to the 

One might as well have called for Hitler’s support of the Allies’ D-
Day invasion in World War II.  We are engaged in a cultural civil war 
in the United States in which fundamental compromise is impossible.  
Liberal Republicans and Democrats are engaged in a jihad against our 
founding Judeo-Christian principles, a jihad in which there is no 
middle ground.

Democratic Party leadership and the liberal media have no interest in 
seeing the Iraqi war won, on any basis.  In fact, they passionately 
want to see it turn into a colossal disaster that will cement their 
characterization of George W. Bush as our worst President of all time 
(an impossibility, as that rank is immovably occupied by Franklin D. 
Roosevelt, the author of our collectivized, socialistic welfare-state).

Democratic Party leaders and the media have regularly done anything 
and said anything that will hinder the war effort and discredit our 
efforts.  Nothing short of a declaration of failure and President 
Bush’s resignation from office will satisfy them.

Second, bringing Iran and Syria into negotiations with the hope that 
they will cooperate in stabilizing the internecine violence in Iraq 
is as realistic as expecting Senators Schumer, Leahy, and Kennedy to 
support President Bush’s nominees for the Supreme Court.  Both Iran 
and its client state Syria are actively supporting the terrorists in 
Iraq precisely because they want American efforts to fail in creating 
a stable, independent government in Iraq.

Iran’s strategy is to become the dominant Islamic power in the Middle 
East and thereby to control the world’s oil supply, with the immense 
leverage that confers in dealing with the rest of the world.  Iran 
and its Syrian clients are also intent upon destroying Israel, whose 
only real military ally is the United States.  To the extent that the 
United States is enmeshed in continuous troubles in Iraq, our ability 
to command public support for aiding Israel against Hezbollah and 
Hamas is diminished.

Thomas E. Brewton is a staff writer for the New Media Alliance, Inc. 
The New Media Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) national coalition of 
writers, journalists and grass-roots media outlets.

His weblog is THE VIEW FROM 1776

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