Get out the garlic and wooden stake

Get out the garlic and wooden stake

Clarice Feldman
A few days ago the Washington Times reported sighting Ambassador Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame  lunching together in a downtown D.C. restaurant.
Thursday night, Fox news reported they were moving to New Mexico to help Governor Richardson in his presidential campaign, a campaign that he now insists is non-existent.
And yesterday, this bit of news:

Dangerous Intersection of Conyers and Wilson [Jack Fowler]

Heady times at last night’s House Judiciary Committee Christmas party – a pal says Joe Wilson was there, at the invitation of panel Democrats, and was the sole individual recognized by incoming Dem chairman Rep. John Conyers. “Whoever said impeachment is off the table obviously hasn’t told Conyers and wasn’t at the party,” sneered my friend, who said this is the first year Wilson has been at panel’s holiday fete (it’s primarily attended by Committee Members, staffs, and families). “[Outgoing GOP chairman Rep. Jim] Sensenbrenner said a few words as did Conyers, who thanked Wilson for attending and led a round of sporadic applause for him. . . . Wilson arrived early, stayed late, and spent a lot of time chatting with the top Democratic staff.” Strap yourself in – it’s going to be a bumpy 2007″

The last time Conyers and Wilson were together was at the former’s playhouse hearings which broke up when Wilson’s VIP pal Ray McGovern launched into his anti-semitic tirade and the more sentient members of the Congressional delegation headed for the exits.

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