Hamas talks secretly with Democratic Party Officials!

Hamas talks secretly with Democratic Party Officials!

Hamas smuggled $66 million in 8 months

sources close to the Hamas-led government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at a secret location.

The sources told the Bethlehem-based Maan News Agency that Hamas representatives have also been holding secret talks with European government officials, including Britain and France.

The report about contacts between Hamas and American and European officials comes in the wake of the breakdown of negotiations between Hamas and Abbas’s Fatah party over the formation of a Palestinian unity government.

According to the report, Hamas has succeeded in convincing European officials to accept the Islamist movement’s plan for a long-term hudna [truce] with Israel as a substitute for recognizing Israel’s right to exist.
The report quoted sources close to Hamas as saying that the Europeans have bought the idea of solving the Israeli-Arab conflict on the basis of a hudna rather than the principle of land for peace.

Great, so if this is to be believed, the democrats are willing to negotiate will radical terrorist organization, which will not recognizing Israel’s right to exist! Democrats are fools, allowing themselves to be duped into this false sense of security! I realize how nice it sounds to not have any fighting in the world but please look around at the reality we live in.

This hudna sounds like a great plan… give your enemy a break to regroup and rearm, let them use this smoke screen for military preparations??? This was proposed rejected in the past lets not go back down that road again!

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