There’s a Fungus Among Us


“Fifth columns” consisting of subversive agents who infiltrate sympathizers into the fabric of a nation, especially during times of war, try to undermine that country from within. FSM President Carol Taber takes a look at the more obvious fifth columns right here in America.


There’s a Fungus Among Us

Carol A. Taber


Otherwise known as “fifth columns”, there are quite a few fungi living right here in America, and they have been operating quietly in the United States, under the radar, for about 40 years. Many of them were upset with their comrade Osama who drew American attention to their world on September 11, 2001. You have to admit, it was a bit heavy handed and it woke up about half of America. The rest still sleep.

According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, a fifth column is a “clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal. The term is credited to Emilio Mola Vidal, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his ‘fifth column’, intent on undermining the loyalist government from within.”

What is most interesting is the rest of the definition, which describes with precision what is beginning to happen here in America: “A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense. From such key posts, fifth-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumors and misinformation, as well as by employing the more standard techniques of espionage and sabotage.”

While I cannot comment on whether there are terrorist agents who have infiltrated major U.S. institutions, one would have to assume that this is indeed the case. We know this enemy to be brilliantly clever, and in my estimation, smarter at handling and understanding us than we have handled or understood them. To this day. The very idea that our wise men in the Iraq Study Group, our “best” thinkers Jim Baker, Lee Hamilton and others, would – after gargantuan amounts of cash and time were consumed – come up with the imaginative and sophisticated idea of asking our implacable, on-the-brink-of-nuclear weapons genocidal enemy to help us get out of Iraq, has the kooks with nukes rolling in the aisles. Actually, I am too…that’s at least one thing I have in common with the mullahs. We are looking for commonality with our Islamist fanatic friends, yes?

But what I can comment on is what I see and hear, and so I must comment on the recent Bill O’Reilly interview with Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, or the Council of American-Islamic Relations, an organization that states it is a human rights operation for Muslims, even though terrorism experts have stated for years that CAIR is a front for terrorist-related causes and activities, including fund raising. Listen to this exchange:

O’R: 75% of all the violence in the world is coming out of the Muslims. Why?

NA: Check the statistics. Robert Pape, author of “Lying to Win”, will disagree with you. He will tell you that most suicide bombings are not religious-based and not done by Muslims.

O’R: Almost all the terrorism in the world is being caused by Muslims, that’s the truth and you don’t know why. 

NA: No, no…that’s according to you and I think you are biased when it comes to this point.

O’R: If you’re not buying that most terrorism in the world is coming out of the Muslim community, I don’t know what to tell you.

NA: I think you’re wrong. You’re wrong.

O’R: OK…so it’s the Japanese, the Australians…

NA: Fair minded people would disagree with you – that’s my point.

Notice how Mr. Awad uses “misinformation” to get his point across (the Muslims didn’t do it!), and an attempt at a clever appeal to what we Americans like to think of ourselves as being: fair-minded. Does he really think we are that stupid to fall for this worn out snake oil salesman approach to our sensibilities? (Maybe he thinks we’re stupid because he landed an advance copy of the Baker report.)   But here, dear reader, are the facts: according to, Islamists terrorists have carried out a staggering 6,795 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11, documented on their site from worldwide news sources, where one can also read from the New Zealand Herald about a teacher “partly disemboweled and then torn apart with his arms and legs tied to motorbikes. The remains were put on display as a warning to others against defying Taliban orders to stop educating girls.”   Or of Islamists who gunned down a Buddhist man and his wife, or of a woman who was murdered in a tea house by Islamist terrorists…on and on…the site is a laugh a minute (that is, for Muslim extremists).

So what are we to make of Mr. Awad’s claim that terrorism is not caused by Muslims? I make of it this: he lost his cool with O’Reilly when asked this question and showed the world his real stripes. He flunked out of charm school, but big. And he hurt his nefarious cause by stating at the beginning of the interview, “The more you bring people like me on (your show), and hear our point of view, you’ll get the mainstream point of view from the Muslim community.”   Good try Nihad, but you failed again. If your fantastically grotesque thoughts are “mainstream” Muslim, you did your people zero favors that night. What an amateur.


And now we come to U.S. Representative-elect, Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to national office in America. According to “In his official biography, Ellison claims that he hasn’t eaten pork or drunk alcohol since converting to Islam at the age of 19, and has always found time to pray toward Mecca five times a day.  That’s nice.   Since his religious epiphany he’s also picked up at least 40 unpaid parking tickets, 17 moving violations, one failure of a breathalyzer test at a traffic stop, and two suspensions of his driver’s license.  He’s also somehow found the time to climb up off the prayer mat and into bed with at least one mistress, and there are credible allegations of more. He has openly supported a string of convicted cop killers, known racial separatists and at least one domestic terrorist.  This is in addition to the virulently anti-Semitic comments that he made while working for the Nation of Islam (an organization that believes white people were created in a laboratory by an evil scientist). Sounds like the perfect candidate for Congress.”


I don’t mean to disparage members of Congress here, nor do I claim to know if these charges are true (good heavens knows they are entertaining). Rather, I’d like to point out that Mr. Ellison insists on being sworn in on the Koran, not the Bible. In contemplating this, I’d ask that we remember the description of the fifth column. “A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision….” and “group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal.” America – having been founded on the solidarity of Judeo-Christian values which are what made our nation so great and indeed the superpower in the world – can do nothing but suffer if it allows such fractures and fifth columns, even the obvious ones that harbor these bozos, to exist. 


Americans, who have been taught to be kind and accommodating to others, and who have flourished wildly embodying such values, must now be taught something else. We must learn to spot charlatans, to do our homework about them, and with each attempt they make to chip away at the fabric of America that binds us together as the most remarkable nation in the world, we must learn to say no, and no again, and no once more, unequivocally.


Carol A. Taber is president of, dedicated to providing American citizens with fact-based information on all issues related to national security.

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