Leaving London

Leaving London

A quote from The Sunday Times [Johannesburg, South Africa], 26 November 2006

A report by Britain’s chief immigration think-tank, Migrationwatch, said more than 100,000 British-born Londoners have left the UK capital this year as immigrants stream into the city. Meanwhile, another report by private analysts predicts that the white exodus is set to accelerate further, and that London’s immigrant population will jump from 40% to 60% in just 12 years.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said the departing whites were being replaced by other ethnic minorities in their neighbourhoods, leading to a “very unfortunate” apartheid-style segregation of the capital.

The report said it was a potential disaster for integration and race relations in Britain. “The effect is a rapid increase in the ethnic minority composition of some boroughs, resulting from an outflow of the white population and an inflow of African and Asian international migrants.”

While white South Africans fled Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban for either suburban security complexes or foreign shores in the mid-1990s, experts said whites in London and cities like Birmingham and Bradford were fleeing to rural “market towns” – and, increasingly, abroad.

In his seemingly xenophobic book, Time to Emigrate? George Walden, who was education minister under Margaret Thatcher, had no doubt about the cause. Immigration had created “unacceptable” terrorist and crime risks, and had doomed British culture .

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  1. vimto1 Says:

    Hi all. I go to London suburbs often. Some parts are virtually Islamic. All big citis in the UK have this problem. The white working class are disregarded and their heritage criminalised or at least marginalised. I am in no way rascist but there is a cold wind blowing through the native Brits (of all colours). Nor do we have a Conservative Party willing to deal with these issues.

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