A Letter to President Ahmadinejad from a Noble American

A Letter to President Ahmadinejad from a Noble


Written by Barbara J. Stock
Saturday, December 02, 2006

Author’s note:  Iranian President Ahmadinejad has written yet another letter to the American people.  Mercifully, this one was only four pages, instead of 18.  It can be read in full HERE.  Below is an anwer:


President Ahmadinejad, 

     How nice of you to drop me a line.  Overseeing the public stoning of mentally challenged 16-year-old girls and hanging homosexuals in the town square must keep you very busy.  I’m sure that the demands of being a leader in an oppressive, Islamic state are very time-consuming.  It must take up your entire day having so many ”sinners” to stone, hang, imprison, and torture until they realize how loving and peaceful Islam really is.  How honored we Americans should be that you have taken the time from your busy schedule of planning to start a nuclear world war to write this charming letter.  

     You doubtlessly have been busy since you held our embassy personnel hostage for so long in the 1970s.  Several hostages remembered you because your true Islamic personality was just so unforgettable.  Your unique style of cruelty seemed to forever emblazon your face into their memories.  I have no doubt that apology for their kidnapping will be coming along any day now.   

     As you know,
America is mostly a Christian country.  You have asked God to ”bestow upon humanity the perfect human being promised to all by You, and (to) make us among his followers.”  President Ahmadinejad, we already follow the teachings of the only perfect human ever born, Jesus Christ.  The vast majority of Americans have been Christian since the first colonies.  You do realize that there are more Christians in this world than Muslims, don’t you?  I know that Islam has killed millions of us, but we just keep coming back. 

     I’m just kidding because I know you are referring to your missing imam who you think will climb out of a well somewhere in Iran and destroy the world for Islam, but really, would a perfect human enter this world by torching it?  I think not.  Your dream of starting Armageddon to welcome this missing imam is not a very smart idea.  I doubt your country will be habitable for several centuries after such a stunt.  I assure you that all 13 of your imams together could not stop the sand you are standing on from being turned in to a lovely shade of glass in an instant. 

     In your letter, you make the statement that both our countries ”deplore injustice, the trampling of people’s rights and the intimidation and humiliation of human beings.”  Now, Mr. President, not all Americans reading your letter know that true Muslims such as yourself, believe that non-Muslims are not human at all!  Aren’t we all descendants of monkeys and pigs in your mind?  So I know that you could really care less about our well-being or health.  In fact, down deep, you want us all dead.  Come on now, just admit it.  After all, in the very next line of your letter, you speak of detesting darkness, deceit, lies, and distortions and admire sincerity and honesty.  

     Honesty from you, President Ahmadinejad, would be both unexpected and refreshing.  Be honest with Americans like you are with the Israelis.  Just tell us what you tell your people; that you want to nuke us and wipe us off the face of the earth.  That, we would believe.  That, fits your personality and your religion, not this sickly sweet we-are-so-much-alike bologna that you are trying to spoon feed us.  In truth, we are nothing alike.  For one thing, we don’t mass together and chant, ”Death to

     Perhaps you can explain to me why a Palestinian mother is so aggrieved when her son is killed by an Israeli bomb or bullet but rejoices when a son blows himself up trying to kill Israeli children?  Dead is dead, Mr. President, is it not? 

     Ah, yes, the United Nations…I have a splendid idea!  Since most at the United Nations seem to believe that you are kind and benevolent, perhaps the United Nations could be moved to
Tehran?  It would be good for that corrupt and terrorist-supporting group to see life under Islam up close.  No womanizing, drinking, or having their wives spend thousands of dollars buying sexy nightgowns and cocktail dresses.  I’m sure that you have a nice store where burqas could be purchased for the women.  I understand that Islam freely allows three or four different colors. 

     I must admit, Mr. President, that I read your letter with some amusement until I got the part where you claim to condemn terrorism.  Really, how stupid do you think we are?  I realize that many liberals here in
America will swoon and grow faint over your rhetoric, but let me assure you, the Nancy Pelosi-type of American is in the minority.  It doesn’t matter which party won more seats in the last election; unlike Muslims, who kill each other with joyous and wild abandon, we do not. 

     Even the most liberal among us knows that
Iran exports hate and terrorists all over the world.  We may differ on how to deal with you, but the bottom line is that we all know who and what
Iran is.  We know that you let your own people suffer while Iran sends millions of dollars to the murderous Hezbollah so that it can take over
Lebanon and become an Iranian puppet.  We know that you send money, weapons, and teachers of death to the shifty-eyed murderer Moqtada Sadr in Iraq so that
Iraq can become an Iranian puppet.  This man surely is a favorite of yours, Mr. President.  Sadr is very creative when it comes to executing fellow Muslims.  I understand stuffing men while still alive into bread ovens is a personal favorite of his.

     You belong with people like Sadr, President Ahmadinejad.  Sadr is your kind, and not freedom-loving people.  Islam is intolerant of freedom of any kind.  You are more intolerant than most.   

     Make no mistake, Mr. President, we are Americans all.  Left, right, Democrat, Republican, or Independent we will stand together when circumstances dictate.  Yes, we squabble and fight amongst ourselves but when the chips are down, we stand together and united.  We are not weak and we are not stupid.   

     Your ramblings to the people of
America are laughable.  You fret about the people of
New Orleans while stuffing your own prisons to the rafters with anyone who dare to speak against you or Islam.  The poorest American is richer than any Iranian because he is free.  How many of your own people would trade places with the poorest here just to have our freedom for a day? 

    Save the ”We love the world” speeches for those gullible enough to listen.  No one believes it.  Actions speak louder than words and your actions scream of hatred and intolerance.  How can you preach peace when you gleefully export death?  What makes it even worse, is that you do it in the name of God.   I doubt that God gave you permission to do that and someday, you will have to answer for it. 


A ”Noble American”

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