All in the name of Stability

All in the name of Stability

Monday, November 27, 2006 1:19 PM

As anyone who has read my posts can tell I am anti-Islamic. I am a Christian who is supportive of the Jewish state of Israel. Not because of any millennial belief but because they are a free democracy in the sea of despotism that is constantly nipping away at their borders. I am also not one to compromise my principles. I am no longer a younster just trying to find my way. I am old enough to have learned that sacrificing principles and espousing relativity results in having no self identity. I refuse to make deals with people that I have learned to not trust. I refuse to invite in my house those who would wish me ill. When I make a decision I know is right, I refuse to compromise and will face any consequences that may occur. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a government that does the same.

For forty years I have heard people complain about how we make deals with evil despotic leaders at the expense of their people just so we can make a buck. President Bush does his best to put an end to that and these same people want us to go back to dealing with these evil despots at the expense of their people. Does anybody else see something wrong here? What valid reason is there for sitting down at a table with Iran or Syria? This paper argument of stability is pathetic. Would you consider stability more important than your families future? Would you consider living as a slave acceptable as long as there was stability? Would you agree to live in a nation that allows your house to be raided at midnight to take away your father or mother acceptable in order to have stability in a region? Would you sit by and watch your wife or daughter be raped and declare that at least there is stability?

This is the world we live in. Rapist, pedophiles, and murderers get a pass just so we can have stability. This is worse than putting our heads in the sand. How many Americans would agree to live by the standards that presently exist in the Islamic nations? Give up your $50,000 car, $200,000 house, IPOD, DVD player,and Air Conditioning and live on a dirt floor in a polluted bombed out area hoping that terror gangs don’t get too horny when your daughter is doing the laundry at the river. Stability is overrated. Peace is a non sequitur.

Because our country has split itself between those that are willing to fight for freedom and those who would rather concede defeat we are on the verge of losing stability. As far as I am concerned, if you’re not willing to fight, you don’t deserve freedom. Not the anarchical freedom that people are trying push on us. I am talking responsible freedom. Freedom without responsibility is death. Half of our nation is committing cultural suicide and smiling as they do it.

The Middle East was never stable. It has been a constant state of flux since Rome decide to expand its empire east. The Byzantines and the Ottomans gave an outward appearance of stability but there was internal rumblings the whole time. Iran and Syria are gameplayers that are willing to sacrifice the whole region to attain the power they want. At some point they will be forced to turn on each other. This will only happen after they have defeated the west. If things keep going as they are, this won’t be too far away.

Simple answers. Who is the enemy? Islamists and their enablers. How do you defeat the enemy? Kill them wherever they are. When do you have true peace? When God comes back or man is wiped from the planet. How do we survive until then? Kill the enemy and be on the constant lookout for burgeoning evils.

A simple schmucks take on life.

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