Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

In this sixth (or 1385th, depending on your starting point) year of the defense against the global jihad, it is easy to succumb to a certain bleakness. After all, the fog of disinformation, misinformation, and willful ignorance is extraordinarily thick, and it is only by chance and accident pierced through here and there. The government and the national informational mainstream still dare not name the enemy (the global jihad) or stand up to the pressure groups in the United States that are effectively advancing the cause of that jihad through manipulation of our societal proclivities and weaknesses — as has been vividly illustrated again this week by the case of the six imams removed from the airplane. CAIR and its minions are skillfully playing the race card and manipulating national phobias over race to call for Congressional hearings in the hope that any scrutiny of Muslims in airports will hereafter be illegal or at least functionally out of bounds. And the media generally abets this, with one talking head even comparing the “humiliated” imams to Rosa Parks.

Nevertheless, there are reasons to be thankful today. Here are just a few:

1. The fact that I am writing this at all, and that you are reading it, indicates that the fog is not all-encompassing. The Internet has broken the stranglehold of the mainstream media, at least until they find some way to regulate it into submission, and the truth is getting out on this site and many others. Also, the fauxtography scandal is just the latest blow to an industry that is already reeling, and beginning to collapse.

2. The jihadists’ every victory is also a defeat. Every time they srike militarily, more people wake up from their Religion-of-Peace slumber to the reality and magnitude of what we are facing. Likewise, even as CAIR and Co. successfully mau-maus and intimidates the media (even the “conservative” media), it sows the seeds of the undoing of its own campaign: witness Tucker Carlson’s unwillingness to take any race-hate nonsense from Arsalan Iftikhar. Will they succeed in criminalizing scrutiny of Muslims before enough of the public wakes up in time to stop it? Maybe. But each of their victories will bring them closer to defeat.

3. The truth is on our side. Those who claim that Islam is a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, and that therefore any examination of the elements of Islam that may be inciting violence and preaching supremacism is unnecessary, are proven wrong by every day’s headlines. Those headlines show that such an examination is needed more than ever. Myopia about this is hindering our national and civilizational defense, and thus it must be challenged — and every day makes that challenge easier, for it simply involves telling the truth and reporting on events as they occur.

So: Happy Thanksgiving to all American Jihad Watchers, and I hope that all those elsewhere will join us in gratitude for these and other things, and continue to struggle with us against the jihad and for the dignity of all human beings.

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