Airliner Horror Averted In Germany

Airliner Horror Averted In Germany
By Stephen Brown | November 22, 2006

It just never ends.

Islamic terrorists’ endless fascination with explosives and Western passenger jets exhibited itself most recently last Friday in
Germany where six Arabs were arrested for plotting to blow an airliner out of the sky with a suitcase bomb. The terrorist attack was probably to occur last summer during soccer’s World Cup tournament that
Germany was hosting, most likely to ensure as big an audience as possible for the heinous crime. The targeted aircraft is believed to have been Israeli.


What makes this particular case perhaps more frightening than others involving airplanes, Islamists and bombs, however, is that none of the plotters planned to give up his own life to commit yet another aerial mass murder of infidels, but rather they enlisted the help of a worker at Frankfurt Airport who, for a price, was willing to smuggle the deadly suitcase onto the El Al plane. The French recently suspended 72 workers from Charles de Gaulle Airport near
Paris with connections to terrorist groups, about 60 of whom had ties to radical Islam.


One German newspaper report said some of the arrested cell members were Palestinians from
Jordan, while the others were from different Middle Eastern countries. Five of the six suspects were released from custody on Saturday after a hearing. Preliminary proceedings have been launched against them for membership in a terrorist organization, although German papers reported it was not yet clear whether the plotters belonged to al Qaeda or a similar terrorist outfit, or to an autonomous group. The police are also investigating other suspects in the case, who are involved the plot’s background.


Investigators stumbled onto the homicidal conspiracy during an eavesdropping operation regarding drug offenses. The scheme was still in the early planning stages; the price to load the suitcase onto the plane had still not been agreed upon between the Islamists and the airport worker, showing that murderous Muslim extremists at least respect the free market when it comes to killing their fellow human beings. Nine apartments in Mainz and Wiesbaden were also searched when the suspects were arrested and taken into custody.


This latest Islamist plot to kill hundreds of innocent people is the fifth such terrorist attack to be thwarted in
Germany in the last six years. Islamist terrorists based in
Frankfurt planned to bomb the Christmas market in
Strasbourg in 2000. In 2002 the al-Tawhid terrorist group planned to bomb a Jewish establishment in
Berlin and throw hand grenades into Jewish-owned pubs and pubs frequented by Jews in
Dusseldorf. And members of Ansar el Islam based in
Germany plotted to assassinate the then visiting Iraqi president, Iyad Allawi, in
Berlin in 2004.


But perhaps the deadliest Islamist terrorist plot in
Germany that never came to fruition occurred only last summer when suitcase bombs were placed in two commuter passenger trains that could have caused hundreds of casualties and the trains’ derailment. Only the bombs’ faulty construction prevented another Madrid or London commuter tragedy from occurring in Germany. One of the arrested suspects, a student in
Germany at the time, had the wonderful first name of Jihad, which somehow did not disturb German visa officials. Jihad, now under arrest in Lebanon, claims the publication of Denmark’s Mohammed caricatures in Germany was the reason for his willingness to commit mass murder.


And while one may question German immigration authorities’ wakefulness in Jihad’s case, others in Germany are complaining about the security situation at Frankfurt Airport, the third largest in Europe that handles about 52 million passengers a year.
Germany’s police union says security controls at the airport have worsened since privatization of the airport’s security services as this has caused a decline in the quality of security personnel. The union is calling on politicians to follow the American model and put all airport security in the country under government control.  


Ironically, this latest attempt to destroy a passenger airplane in flight comes at a time when one of the 9/11 terrorists, Mounir El Motassadeq, a member of the infamous Hamburg cell that produced suicide pilots Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah is set to appear before a court for the third time to receive a new sentence. The previous two sentences were found invalid due to trial-related problems. Motassadeq signed Atta’s will and is believed to have been involved in the logistics end of the conspiracy.  The Moroccan Islamist paid the 9/11 plotters’ rent and other bills, so they could, it is believed, live outwardly normal lives.


So at least for this Islamist murderer, this hopefully will be the end.


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