Walking-Around Money?


Walking-Around Money?

The State Compensation Fund of Arizona is taking money that would otherwise be returned to Arizona Businesses and handing it out to various interest groups that support the Governor.  Here’s a list of tables purchased at various events.  Check out this incredibly candid spreadsheet. 

Download 2006_community_outreach_events.xls

The first category is the “date of the event”.  So far, so good.  The second category is “Issue &/Or Ethnicity.”  Ethnicity?  March 3rd is a good example.  The event is classified as “Hispanic/Business” and shows a $5,000 contribution to buy a table at a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event.

Why are they classifying events by ethnicity?  For example, a meeting of the Arizona Black Chamber of Commerce is categorized as “African American.” 

The spreadsheet contains 84 events for 2006 alone and totals $187,364.  Why is the State Comp. Fund spending this much money to buy tables at these events?  To be sure, they all seem like worthy causes.  But that doesn’t mean that insurance premiums from the Worker’s Comp. fund should be used to fund them.  Golf and Casino night at Ventana Canyon on behalf of the University Medical Center Foundation for $10,000? 

The State Comp. Fund was created by the legislature to be the provider of last resort for worker’s compensation insurance.  It has a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor to five-year staggered terms.  The Governor also appoints the Chairman.

I don’t want to sound overly cynical, but it looks to me like some of the excess money in the State Compensation fund is being spread around to various causes that are naturally sympathetic to a Democratic Administration. 

There is a category titled “Board Approval?” and in almost every case, the answer is “N/A”.  Who is approving these events?

If the Symington administration had spent 200K in excess premiums annually to attend events like the Center for Arizona Policy Dinner, or the Arizonans for Tax Reform lunch, all hell would break lose.  And if the Symington administration had classified those events as by “ethnicity” heads would roll

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