Sick Palestinians killed in gun battle/New York Times blames Jews

Sick Palestinians killed in gun battle/New York Times blames Jews – Friday, November 03, 2006 4:47 PM
Palestinian terrorists rushing to a mosque to shield terrorist gunmen inisde the mosque were killed by Israeli troops. The terrorist shields were women. Never in all human history has a people sunk so low as the Palestinians to use religious shrines for terrorist attacks and to use their own women and children as shields for terror. Naturally the New York Times reports this as thought the Jews were somehow at fault rather than a sick Muslim sect and its followers.

Make no mistake, war is coming again to the Middle East and in the not so distant future. This is the conclusion drawn by John Keegan, perhaps the foremost military historian in the world today. Hizbollah and Hamas are building fortifications for a missile attack on Israel to carry out their stated genocidal goals of destroying the Jewish state and establishing an Islamo-fascist republic on its ruins.

Academic Freedom, Princeton and the Washington Post

The other day the Washington Post ran a typically ignorant and misleading attack on the Academic Bill of Rights by a Princeton senior. Sara Dogan, the national campus director of Students for Academic Freedom answered the column showing that the author either was unable to read simple English or simply decided to ignore the text of the Academic Bill of Rights and attack a bill of his own invention. Today, the author has unmasked himself on the Soros website as an unhinged leftist. Obviously a Princeton education isn’t worth much anymore. 

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