Jihadists train, propagandize in western China

Jihadists train, propagandize in western China

Quoting the Qur’an and referring to Islamic law. And that’s how they gain recruits, while self-proclaimed “moderates” in the West do nothing to counter their Islamic arguments, and take issue only with the non-Muslim spokesmen who dare to point out that this is happening. “Video of Mujahideen Training and Operating in China (‘Eastern Turkestan’) on Islamist Website,” from MEMRI:

On November 8, 2006, Islamist websites posted a 32-minute video (http://switch3.castup.net/cunet/gm.asp?ai=214&ar=vcd-wmv&ak=null ) showing mujahideen training and operating in the Xinjiang (Shing Yang) District in western China, referred to in the video as “Eastern Turkestan.”[…]

Next, the film presents evidence indicating involvement of the Islamic Party in Eastern Turkestan in the production of bombs and hand grenades, and in attacks. The film then shows two masked mujahideen delivering messages urging Muslims in Eastern Turkestan to engage in jihad and to establish an Islamic state in Eastern Turkestan.

The speakers claim that since the Chinese government compels Muslim youth to know Communist ideology and is determined to corrupt Muslim youth’s beliefs and morals, Muslims must wage jihad and free themselves from Chinese rule. They add that under these circumstances, jihad is not just a collective duty incumbent upon the Muslim community as a whole (fard kifaya), but is also a personal duty (fard ‘ayn) incumbent upon every single Muslim, and that therefore all Muslims must participate in jihad either directly [i.e., by fighting] or indirectly [i.e., by assisting the mujahideen].

Among the Koranic verses the speakers cite are the following: “O Prophet, wage jihad with the unbelievers and hypocrites and be thou harsh with them; their refuge is Hell and evil homecoming [9:73].” “O believers, take not My enemy and your enemy for friends, offering them love, though they have disbelieved in the truth that has come to you, expelling the Messenger and you because you believe in Allah your Master. If you go forth to wage jihad for My sake and seek My good pleasure, [but you] secretly [love] them, I know very well what you conceal and what you publish…[60:1]”


At the end, the video presents a quote attributed to the Chinese governor of Eastern Turkestan: “If we wish to end the crisis in Eastern Turkestan, we must kill the religious among the Muslims. This is the only way to control Eastern Turkestan… The Islamic religion is inconsistent with Communism. If we leave Islam [in peace] we will not be able to rule Eastern Turkestan. We [thus] have to eliminate all traces of the Islamic religion.”

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