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By Debbie Schlussel

Open Hezbollah supporter and extremist Muslim, David Turfe, was unfortunately elected a Michigan District Court Judge in Dearborn Heights 20th District. (Dearborn Heights is home to North America’s second largest mosque, headed by the former spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iranian Navy, Imam Mohammed Elahi–a domestic agent of Iran & Hezbollah.)

Remember the Hezbollah rally I attended at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center a/k/a the Hezbollah Social Club, at the height of the war between Hezbollah and Israel–where speakers made a plethora of anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian speeches? Turfe was there campaigning, and openly supporting and cheering all of those statements. Not surprisingly, the Pro-Hezbollah/pro-HAMAS, Islamist Arab American PAC, which denies Israel’s right to exist, endorsed Turfe. (AAPAC’s then-Secretary Lola Elzein sent me and my family death, torture, and rape threats, coupled with Holocaust denial.)

Michigan Judge-Elect David Turfe Supports HezbollahAnd his close relative, Mohammed Turfe (I’m told that’s his brother), was one of the speakers uttering those statements. From my July 26, 2006 column, “Hezbollah U.S.A, Part III: My Date at Dearbornistan’s Hezbollah Social Club“:

Haj Mohammed Turfe (AP incorrectly called him Mohammed “Torfah”), Founding Chairman of the Bint Jebail Cultural Center, gleefully and repeatedly spoke of how “only a few thousand Jews will survive Armageddon.” This mantra, repeated often throughout the event, got raucous, deafening applause and cheers. Well, for once–I thought–extremist Muslims have respect for Christianity. . . when they can twist it to suit their fascist hopes and dreams.

The 20th District of Michigan is now apparently Hezbollah-occupied territory. And, apparently, many non-English speaking Muslims voted for Turfe, only Turfe, on the ballot Were they all legal U.S. citizens? Don’t count on it. From our spy in Dearbornistan Heights:

I have to say, my city had a large turn out. From what I witnessed…..many many FOREIGNERS…….couldn’t even speak English. Lots of young people……headscarves & all.

Here’s an interesting fact……From what I saw, many
ballots were only marked off with 1 vote…….by Turfe’s name. Just goes to show how much they care about all the other issues……they have an agenda & I see we are losing a damn fighting battle !!! Sad part is….We still outnumber them here….so far.

Final results from the Detroit Free Press:

100% of precincts reporting
David Turfe 8,524 51%
Donald Rivard 8,138 49%

Justice Mid-West style, Meet Justice Mid-East style.


Posted by Debbie at November 8, 2006 08:25 AM

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