By Ben Johnson | November 7, 2006

Michael Schiavo became infamous as the man who pulled the plug on his ex-wife; now he’s trying to elect politicians who will do the same thing to Iraq.

The vehicle of his left-wing political ambitions is “TerriPAC,” a political action committee he formed to retaliate against anyone who tried to keep Terri Schindler Schiavo alive. In a fit of hubris, he named it after his late wife, whom he had denied treatment over her family’s objections. Now, he has teamed up with the leftist blogosphere to support the most extreme candidates the Democratic Party will offer in today’s election.

 The surviving Schiavo blogs for the left-wing activist fever swamp DailyKos and attended its most recent YearlyKos gathering in Las Vegas. This pivotal year, he has endorsed the Left’s favored candidates in his late wife’s name. Of the 15 Congressional candidates backed by TerriPAC – only two are Republicans, and they share the Left’s view of the war. DeathPAC’s favored candidates this year include such radicals as: 

·        Ned Lamont of Connecticut. The man who – with the help of George Soros’s money – purged the Democratic Party of Joe Lieberman, tops Schiavo’s list of preferred candidates. Lieberman dared to be “outspoken” in his opposition to removing Terri’s feeding tube. However, Terri Schiavo could hardly be more trivial to this race. The New York Times dubbed Lamont’s victory the left-wing blogosphere’s “moment of arrival.” Lamont has made good on its trust, running a far-Left (and apparently unsuccessful) campaign built around immediate withdrawal from Iraq.


  • John Hall, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional district. Hall is endorsed by such left-wing heavy-hitters as Pete Seeger, Rep. Maurice Hinchey, the Progressive Democrats of America, the AFL-CIO, Bill Clinton, and the New York Times. Hall wrote in an op-ed in The Hill newspaper:

This is a war that never should have happened. The “reasons” for going to war were based on fabrications, to put it charitably. We have destroyed one of the great jewels of civilization, the nation that gave the world mathematics centuries before there was a United States. It was a war of choice against a country whose leaders may have been despicable and brutal but who posed no threat to us, and who had caused us no harm. It was a “preemptive” war in violation of international law, our own Constitution, the United Nations charter and against—as Thomas Jefferson eloquently wrote in our Declaration of Independence—“a decent respect to the opinions of mankind.” 

…I would vote for orderly but immediate withdrawal [from Iraq]…It may be too late to save face for this administration, but we can still save the soul of our country


  • Samm Simpson, Democrat running in Florida’s 10th district. His website reads like a Noam Chomsky pamphlet:

Let’s have a dialogue about the responsible withdrawal of our military and the U.S corporations that have wasted billions of our tax dollars…Let’s demand an end to torture, extraordinary rendition, illegal wiretapping…This can include abandoning the visions of empire and lawlessness that has [sic.] stirred up worldwide resentment, increased cooperation with foreign intelligence and law enforcement, stopping the vitriolic rhetoric against Muslims  

Making a pitch to last election’s “values voters,” he adds, others may tell Bush to reconsider but “I will tell Bush to repent.”

·        Rep. Brad Miller, the Democrat currently (mis-)representing the13th District of North Carolina. Miller voted against trying terrorists before military commissions; against the president’s NSA terrorist surveillance; voted “present” on H. Res. 861, pledging support for the War in Iraq and rejecting a timetable; voted against extending the Bush tax cuts; and voted “yea” on an amendment introduced by Rep. Bernie Sanders, the socialist of Vermont, that forced authorities to go through a more rigorous process before examining terrorists’ library and bookstore purchases. His campaign rhetoric questions our motives in Iraq:

 Through no fault of our troops, most Iraqis now see them as an occupying army…If our presence in Iraq is truly not for Iraq’s oil or for a permanent staging area for military operations in that part of the world, we need to say so. We need to state clearly that we do not intend a long-term occupation of Iraq and that Iraqis will decide their own future. 

I have sponsored a joint resolution (see below) requiring the President to submit a detailed plan to Congress for ending the occupation of Iraq, including a near-term reduction of United States forces…We demand that the President clearly state the remaining mission of our military in Iraq, and the time period that the President believes will be necessary to accomplish that mission.


  • Kathy Castor, Democratic candidate in the 11th district of Florida, boasts of her endorsement from the thoroughly disreputable Rep. Alcee Hastings. Exactly what she stands for is a bit of a mystery; she refused to fill out the Project Vote Smart questionnaire, which is essentially de rigeur for serious candidates. She is the daughter of Betty Castor, former president of the University of South Florida, who refused to fire Sami al-Arian after it became known he was chief financier of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (and used his position at USF to employ his fellow Islamic radicals). Instead, she placed him on paid leave for two years, then reinstated him as a professor. Ma Castor ran for Florida’s open senate seat in 2004; now Kathy hopes to bring her mother’s values to Washington, at last.

When Rep. John Murtha, the first Vietnam combat veteran elected to Congress, started the debate on America’s role in Iraq by saying “Our troops have done all they can do,” he was right. Our troops toppled the Saddam Regime [sic.] and made sure that there were no WMDs. It is time to change the direction in Iraq, and we need to start bringing our men and women home now.


Ironically, his website proclaims, “Patrick believes that access to quality health care is a basic human right, and that it’s long past time that the United States joined every other industrialized nation in ensuring health care security for all Americans.

  • Eric Massa, D-NY, also bitterly criticizes the commander-in-chief during wartime: “The Iraq war was a bill-of-goods sold to the American people on the basis of misinformation and political positioning, and we need to remember how we got into this terrible mess in order to get out of it. And whatever the original goals, we’re now less secure, not more.” Massa wrote on the DailyKos that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld made “the choice to invade Iraq on false pretenses. That alone should be sufficient grounds to call for his resignation. When one adds in the choices to approve torture and to keep secret prisoners, etc.” Massa demands we get Out in less than 24 Months. 

  • Phyllis Busansky, the Democrat in Florida’s 9th district, wants to see heads roll in Iraq: American contractors’s heads. “Phyllis Busansky supports a new ‘Truman Commission’ tasked with ending fraud and abuse among contractors – and, if warranted, charging serious offenders with treason.” She supports a three-state solution in Iraq, which “will allow us to strategically redeploy our troops.” However, she opposes offshore oil drilling, which would reduce our dependency on foreign petroleum. Busansky has been endorsed by none other than Betty Castor.

  • Joe Sestak, the Democrat running for Congress in the Keystone State’s 7th. He wants to “withdraw from Iraq by end of next year.” He believes, before we went into Iraq, we should have first settled the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Then we would have liberated Iraq “within a large Arab-led regional coalition.” Instead, he calls Operation Iraq Freedom “a misadventure” and “an inconclusive, open-ended occupation,” proposing “a planned end to our military engagement in Iraq within the next year.

  • Linda Stender, a Democrat from the 7th district of New Jersey, willpush the President for an exit strategy, one that safely phases troops out of Iraq, and a plan to bring American soldiers home from Iraq within one year.” She also chides her Republican opponent for “voting to renew the Patriot Act.” 

  • John Cranley, a Democrat, is again running against Republican incumbent Steve Chabot of Ohio. Cranley pledges to “demand” the president provide “an exit strategy” and that “will bring our troops home.”

  • Frank Gonzalez, the Democratic candidate in Florida’s 21st Congressional district. He opposes the “unethical and unconstitutional” nature of our “Invasion & Occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan” He is “Persuading Real Conservatives to Stop the Erosion of Civil Liberties…through such legislation as the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.” And he’s against “freedom-robbing” trade sanctions against Castro’s Cuba. Running as a crypto-libertarian Democrat (nothing odd about that combination), he links to and to support his leftist views.  

  • Michael Calderin of Florida’s 25th district and a Democrat. He, too, channels Chomsky. We must go beyond calling for “an honorable and respectable exit strategy,he says. “We must destroy terrorism at its rootsOnly when hate is gone and economic conditions give people an alternative will terrorism disappear. This should not be confused with a willingness to support oppressive or aggressive regimes.

TerriPAC is also supporting two Republicans – who likewise want to cut-and-run: 

  • Jack Robinson, who lives in the 9th district of Massachusetts, Robinson is a Republican running against Rep. Stephen Lynch, whom a leftist group derides as “a regressive Democrat” and “a Bush-Cheney booster on Iraq.” Robinson would partition Iraq and advocate “a speedy return of virtually all U.S. forces,” leaving only 700 soldiers behind. Although he claims to be a libertarian and “[s]trongly conservative on fiscal issues,” he favors a higher national minimum wage.

  • Rep. Chris Shays, R-CT, who happens to be the one of the few Republican Congressmen favoring a timetable for withdrawal. He wants “to set firm timelines for Iraqi security forces to replace our troops who are doing police work.” He is also known as the co-sponsor of campaign finance reform legislation in the House, with Rep. Martin Meehan.

All is not smooth-sailing for TerriPAC at present. The relatively new leftist committee has faced continual questions about its financial integrity.

 Not to mention its logical or moral integrity. Terri Schindler Schiavo was a martyr of our sick judicial system. For Michael Schiavo to open a PAC rewarding those who would have aided his wife’s euthanasia is reprehensible. (All his business cards need is a picture of Terri Schiavo saying, “Hey, thanks for killing me!”)  This is a strikingly left-wing list of endorsements, particularly given the prominent Democrats who voted to save Terri Schiavo. The Rev. Jesse Jackson led public demonstrations outside the hospitals – where the cameras were – and his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-IL, voted with Tom DeLay to let Terri live. So did Rep. Harold Ford Jr., who is waging a neck-and-neck battle with for Tennessee’s open U.S. Senate seat (which it appears he has lost). In fact, 47 Democrats voted for the bill, and only 53 had the guts to vote against it. Yet Schiavo has contributed to only two Republicans – one of whom is believed to have no chance at winning – while supporting the Democratic Party’s fringe, especially those running against vulnerable hawks (like Chabot and Lieberman). 

Perhaps the blogosphere’s acclaim of Michael Schiavo is the logical extension of its current victimology. First the Left lauded Cindy Sheehan, who blamed President Bush for her son’s death. Now, it joins hands with Michael Shiavo, who blames Republicans for almost saving the woman whose life he terminated.


If elected, these representatives will do to our national security what Michael did to Terri. He has done enough damage to the wife he abandoned and ultimately dehydrated by judicial fiat. How tragic that he may make our homeland security his final victim.

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