The path we’re on

 Thursday, November 02, 2006 11:41 AM ” A man does what is right no matter the consequences or who stands against him.”

The enemies are numerous: Islamists, mutlicituralists, moral relativists, socialist, communists, homosexual advocates, ACLU, the list goes on and on. Reading a newspaper or watching television news is enough to drive a person over the edge. Everyday there appears a new enemy. Raising children and running a family becomes harder and harder when battling against the constant specious barrage that the world puts against you. “God, Country, and Family” is now considered a euphemism. The modern view has determined that God either doesn’t exist or he’s to busy with other issues to worry about us.  Country is only in ones mind, its a fascistic, capitalistic, xenophobic idea that deserves to die. Family is in the process of losing any definition or meaning whatsoever.

Islamists are advancing through propaganda, money, and violence. Multiculturalist and moral relativists are on the verge of destroying Europe and are making inwards in America. Socialists and Communists are siding with both the latter in hopes of eventually winning out. Homosexual advocates are trying to redefine normal with the help of the ACLU. There are no longer any inalienable rights given by God. All rights are mandated and controlled by man. No longer is opportunity the catalyst for advancement it is equal outcome. Everyone, no matter their education or work ethic, should have the same outcome in life. Make a bad decision, no problem. File a lawsuit and you can have what the other guy has. Does anybody else realize that this is an evil act? It doesn’t get the press of a Saddam or Ahmadinejad, but this is an everyday occurrence in the US. This is what is bringing us down internally. Why work hard when you can file suit?

This isn’t the bullet in the head it’s a cancer. Undetected, it grows slowly poisoning and disabling the body as it works it’s way towards the heart. The body realizes something is happening and it throws all kinds of inaffective self defense at it. None of it works. Refusing to truthfully recognize this cancer is allowing it to spread. This refusal will prevent the radical treatment needed  to kill it.

There is nothing in our country that couldn’t be righted by the return of the family. Father. Mother, and children. My guess is that if you wanted to find out how our country got into the ideological split, as well as the decrease in “smarts”, look no further back than when mother went to work. Tow income households sped up the economy and ripped the family apart. Divorce became acceptable and single mothers were their own community. The feminizing of the men and the growing independence of women metastasized into our problems today. Yes there are a lot of college degreed individuals running around. However, this doesn’t correlate to a smarter or better society. Children lacking a foundation become adults that get toppled in the wind.

Our society is commiting suicide. What used to make America strong has been scoffed at and put in the closet. It’s considered an embarrassment to accept ones frailties or failures and make the best you can. No longer is it honorable to raise your children with the discipline to overcome their own shortcomings and to utilize their talents. If a parent tries to prevent a child from performing the same mistakes they did it is purely hypocritical. Punishment for a wrong doing that the parent may have done as a child is considered wrong. This creates wishy-washy parents and undisciplined children with no shot to truly succeed in the world.

Honor, courage, and duty are ideas that have no place in our new world. They are relegated to old fashioned curmudgeons who spend their time living in the past. Men who fought wars in defense of America. Men and women who protested unequal treatment based on skin color or gender. These ideas are archaic and belong only in history books where they can be distorted and ridiculed.

This attitude prevails throughout our society from our schools to our athletics to our movies. Is there any wonder why CEO’s and politicians are found to be lacking in any moral character? Is there any wonder why children walk into schools and commit murder? This lack of morals and principles can be found as the basis for all of our country’s ill’s. In every situation there is a right and a wrong approach. With the growth of relativism neither approach is wrong. Bad is good and good doesn’t matter. Quite the future we leave for our children

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