Iraqi Leader Disparages US Media Coverage

Iraqi Leader Disparages US Media Coverage
By Dawn Rizzoni Correspondent
November 06, 2006

( – U.S. media coverage of Iraq was so gloomy that during a recent visit to the U.S. the prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan wondered whether the situation had deteriorated to such a degree during his absence that he should stay away.

“CNN International and [Arabic television network] al-Jazeera are equally bad in their coverage of the situation in Iraq,” Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani was quoted as telling a visiting group of Americans on Monday.

“When I was in the United States recently and read the negative news in the Washington Post, New York Times and in the network TV broadcasts, I even wondered if things had gotten so bad since I had left that I shouldn’t return,” he said.

Barzani was speaking during a meeting with a group of Americans who have lost sons during the conflict in Iraq. The group is in the country, according to the trip organizers, to learn for themselves what their loved ones died for.

The Americans also met with Iraqi Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani.

“The emotional meeting lasted for an hour as the families and Barzani exchanged stories of loss at the hands of Saddam Hussein’s violent regime,” reported Joe Wierzbicki, spokesman for Move America Forward (MAF), the group that organized the visit.

Earlier Monday, the delegation met with U.S. troops stationed in northern Iraq and presented them with a “God Bless Our Troops” banner that had been signed by several hundred Americans at rallies around the nation.

Wierzbicki told Cybercast News Service that the visit had been supported solely by funds from contributors. The delegation, comprising seven family members as well as MAF representatives, arrived in Irbil on Saturday for a 10-day stay.

The trip, which organizers call “historic,” has been in the planning stages for over a year and has been kept strictly secret until now.

“For more than one year, we have worked with these Gold Star families to put this trip together,” said Wierzbicki.

“These families have suffered an awful loss, and yet, they’ve redoubled their efforts to supporting our troops and the missions they are serving in,” he added. “Now they want to bring their message to the American people, and we are doing all we can to make sure this message is heard from coast to coast.”

U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq in March 2003 to overthrow the regime of Saddam Hussein. An Iraqi court Sunday found the former leader guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced him to death.

Wierzbicki said the families regarded the Saddam verdict as “especially heartening since their children gave their lives to free the people of Iraq and bring an end to Iraq’s dubious role as a state sponsor of terrorism under Hussein’s brutal rule.”

On Monday, the group released comments made by delegation members.

“Justice has been served, and we are now celebrating together with the people of Iraq,” said Joseph Williams, whose son, Michael, was killed near Nasiriyah in March 2003.

Another parent, Mike Anderson, said the verdict provided additional justification for the war on terrorism.

“We are doing the right thing in Iraq, and many of the people in Iraq are trying to do the right thing in building a future free of violence and terrorism,” said Anderson, whose son, Michael Jr., died in Anbar province in December 2004.

Debra Argel Bastian, whose son Derek Argel died in Iraq’s eastern Diyala province in May 2005, agreed.

“I am so happy to see that justice has prevailed over terrorism and bloodshed,” she said. “I am so proud of the men and women of the United States military who have made this moment possible. And I honor the sacrifice my son gave to serve his country in the war against terrorism.”

‘Spitting mad’

Argel also commented on Sen. John Kerry’s controversial “stuck in Iraq” comments last week.

“I am spitting mad at John Kerry for insulting our troops,” she said. “Duck and run was [Kerry’s] specialty in Vietnam.”

Joe and Jan Johnson, who lost their son, Justin, in Baghdad in April 2004, had similar feelings about the Massachusetts Democrat’s remark.

“These were grown men we are talking about,” the couple said in a statement. “Contrary to Kerry’s belief, they made an ‘educated’ decision to join the military, most of them after 9/11, so they knew the possibilities of going to war were pretty good, and they chose to serve anyway.”

Kerry last week triggered a storm when he said during a California campaign event: “Education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

As Cybercast News Service reported recently, the Johnsons claim in a newly released book that Kerry tried to recruit them at their son’s funeral to speak out against President Bush and the war in Iraq.

Instead, the family, whose son was good friends with Casey Sheehan, son of anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, said they support the president and the war.

“I want to be able to tell the troops that there are Americans who still believe we are doing the right thing by being here,” Joe Johnson said.

A key reason for the visit is to enable the delegation visiting Iraq to see the progress the U.S. has made there since the war began.

“The American people are shown a skewed picture of the situation in Iraq day after day by the international news media,” said MAF Chairwoman Melanie Morgan.

“We felt it was time to allow the families of U.S. troops who died in Iraq to come see the progress being made in Iraq and report it back to the American people,” Morgan noted.

“I will tell anybody who will listen the good that we have done and are currently doing,” Anderson said. “We cannot find security by turning a blind eye or thinking that ‘if we leave them alone, they’ll leave us alone.’ That’s utterly ridiculous.”

Todd Bastian, Derek Argel’s stepfather, said the delegation had been “welcomed with open arms” when they arrived in Irbil province. “There appear to be a very grateful people here for our presence,” he said.

Irbil is one of the safer areas in Iraq – something MAF says that the media fail to show. “Most provinces in Iraq are without the violence that is shown each day by the international news media,” the group said in a statement, “but for some reason only the most negative developments from Iraq are regularly reported.”

Live updates and photos of the trip, as well as biographies of delegation members, can be found at the MAF website.

Watch the left-wing poll watchers

George Soros Interview On 60 Minutes


That’s the only word for the glimpse into the mind of George Soros provided by Steve Croft of 60 Minutes in an interview broadcast last night. Steve Gilbert of Sweetness & Light does an excellent job of highlighting and commenting on a partial transcript of the interview, concerning Soros’ behavior during the Holocaust in Hungary, when he was a 14 year old Jewish boy posing as a Christian. 

KROFT: My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. Yes.

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Mr. SOROS: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

KROFT: I mean, that’s—that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Mr. SOROS: Not-not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’tyou don’t see the connection. But it wasit created no-no problem at all.

KROFT: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. SOROS: No.

KROFT: For example that, ‘I’m Jewish and here I am, watching these people go. I could just as easily be there. I should be there.’ None of that?

Mr. SOROS: Well, of course I c-I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that waswell, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in marketsthat if I weren’t thereof course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else wouldwouldwould be taking it away anyhow. And it was thewhether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the-I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.

Of course most of us here are already aware of Mr. Soros’ highly questionable actions during the Nazi occupation. (Though the public at large undoubtedly has a different perspective, if they know anything about his earlier days at all.)

But the statements he made in this interview to my mind are quite chilling. He forgives himself everything. He says that if he hadn’t done it somebody else would have.

All of which would seem to indicate that Mr. Soros has no conscience. A lack of conscience is said to be a common symptom of sociopaths

Thomas Lifson   10 30 06

Update: Reader Marilyn Wolgat writes:

I knew Soros was obsessed and anti Western. This interview reveals the missing link when Soros states:

 ”And it was thewhether I was there or not, I was only a spectator”

That is the descriptor I remember from Psychology 101. The sociopath is detached from the world around him. He lacks the normal empathy. Other humans are nearly props in a play starring himself.

Normal sociopaths commit hideous murders, shoot bank tellers and party store clerks, or snipe postal workers in D.C.

Soros is what happens when a sociopath is immensely rich and has the world as his stage. This is something I had never contemplated as a possibility: that a sociopath could hold it together long enough to build a financial empire. It is not that he was corrupted by his callous mentors, but his sociopathic needs found mentors to suit. 

I had long dreamed of getting a seat next to him on a plane (as if) to try and convert him. I thought he might make a spectacular convert in the war against the Dark Side. Guess I might still try, but more likely, I would pray from a distance. He loves to destroy his perceived enemies.

Thanks for this insight,

Gaza: Suicide bomber blows herself up near IDF force

Gaza: Suicide bomber blows herself up near IDF force


Woman wearing explosive belt approaches Givati soldiers manning temporary checkpoint in Beit Hanoun, blows herself up. One soldier lightly injured, terrorist killed. Suicide bomber apparently affiliated with al-Quds Brigades

Hanan Greenberg

Published:  11.06.06, 16:10


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The suicide bomber, Marvat Masud, was affiliated with the al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad’s military wing.

The incident took place at about 3:30 p.m., when the woman arrived at a temporary checkpoint set up by Givati soldiers in town. The crossing was established in the framework of efforts to apprehend wanted suspects.

IDF sources reported that the soldiers identified the suicide bomber after she approached them and raised their suspicion. The soldiers called on her to stop and remove her overcoat, at which point she activated the explosive belt.

The officials noted that the troops’ alertness prevented a large-scale attack. The soldier who was lightly injured was evacuated to the Barzilay Hospital in Ashkelon for treatment.

Beit Hanoun. Some gunmen still active (Photo: AFP)

Several incidents have taken place in Beit Hanoun throughout the day and a number of gunmen were shot by IDF forces and air force planes.

Army sources reported that some 50 terrorists had been killed since the onset of Operation Autumn Clouds in Beit Hanoun, but added that some gunmen were still operating in the area.

The suicide bombing Monday appears to be part of the terrorists’ efforts to carry put a massive attack against military forces in the region.

Morning attack

Earlier Monday IDF forces attacked a target in Jabalya, killing 17-year-old Mahmoud Ashrafi and wounding seven other Palestinians, mostly teenagers.

Palestinian sources said the IDF fired a missile from the air, while army officials claimed the attack was launched by ground forces.

The IDF said soldiers spotted a Qassam-firing cell that planned to collect launchers used in Sunday’s rocket attack on Sderot; the force proceeded to open fire at the suspects and identified a hit, according to the IDF.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the ongoing IDF operation in Beit Hanoun is expected to conclude in a number of days; army officials have expressed their satisfaction with its results, despite the fact that the Qassam attacks on the western Negev have not ceased. On Monday Palestinians in Gaza fired another Qassam rocket toward Israel; the rocket landed in an open field near Kibbutz Yad Mordechai; no injuries were reported.

The Palestinians, who refer to the operation as a “massacre,” said some 50 people have been killed so far and called on the international community to intervene. On Sunday the captors of Corporal Gilad Shalit said the operation is endangering his life.

It is estimated that an even broader IDF operation is in the cards, although it has not received cabinet approval as of yet.

Ali Waked contributed to the report

The path we’re on

 Thursday, November 02, 2006 11:41 AM ” A man does what is right no matter the consequences or who stands against him.”

The enemies are numerous: Islamists, mutlicituralists, moral relativists, socialist, communists, homosexual advocates, ACLU, the list goes on and on. Reading a newspaper or watching television news is enough to drive a person over the edge. Everyday there appears a new enemy. Raising children and running a family becomes harder and harder when battling against the constant specious barrage that the world puts against you. “God, Country, and Family” is now considered a euphemism. The modern view has determined that God either doesn’t exist or he’s to busy with other issues to worry about us.  Country is only in ones mind, its a fascistic, capitalistic, xenophobic idea that deserves to die. Family is in the process of losing any definition or meaning whatsoever.

Islamists are advancing through propaganda, money, and violence. Multiculturalist and moral relativists are on the verge of destroying Europe and are making inwards in America. Socialists and Communists are siding with both the latter in hopes of eventually winning out. Homosexual advocates are trying to redefine normal with the help of the ACLU. There are no longer any inalienable rights given by God. All rights are mandated and controlled by man. No longer is opportunity the catalyst for advancement it is equal outcome. Everyone, no matter their education or work ethic, should have the same outcome in life. Make a bad decision, no problem. File a lawsuit and you can have what the other guy has. Does anybody else realize that this is an evil act? It doesn’t get the press of a Saddam or Ahmadinejad, but this is an everyday occurrence in the US. This is what is bringing us down internally. Why work hard when you can file suit?

This isn’t the bullet in the head it’s a cancer. Undetected, it grows slowly poisoning and disabling the body as it works it’s way towards the heart. The body realizes something is happening and it throws all kinds of inaffective self defense at it. None of it works. Refusing to truthfully recognize this cancer is allowing it to spread. This refusal will prevent the radical treatment needed  to kill it.

There is nothing in our country that couldn’t be righted by the return of the family. Father. Mother, and children. My guess is that if you wanted to find out how our country got into the ideological split, as well as the decrease in “smarts”, look no further back than when mother went to work. Tow income households sped up the economy and ripped the family apart. Divorce became acceptable and single mothers were their own community. The feminizing of the men and the growing independence of women metastasized into our problems today. Yes there are a lot of college degreed individuals running around. However, this doesn’t correlate to a smarter or better society. Children lacking a foundation become adults that get toppled in the wind.

Our society is commiting suicide. What used to make America strong has been scoffed at and put in the closet. It’s considered an embarrassment to accept ones frailties or failures and make the best you can. No longer is it honorable to raise your children with the discipline to overcome their own shortcomings and to utilize their talents. If a parent tries to prevent a child from performing the same mistakes they did it is purely hypocritical. Punishment for a wrong doing that the parent may have done as a child is considered wrong. This creates wishy-washy parents and undisciplined children with no shot to truly succeed in the world.

Honor, courage, and duty are ideas that have no place in our new world. They are relegated to old fashioned curmudgeons who spend their time living in the past. Men who fought wars in defense of America. Men and women who protested unequal treatment based on skin color or gender. These ideas are archaic and belong only in history books where they can be distorted and ridiculed.

This attitude prevails throughout our society from our schools to our athletics to our movies. Is there any wonder why CEO’s and politicians are found to be lacking in any moral character? Is there any wonder why children walk into schools and commit murder? This lack of morals and principles can be found as the basis for all of our country’s ill’s. In every situation there is a right and a wrong approach. With the growth of relativism neither approach is wrong. Bad is good and good doesn’t matter. Quite the future we leave for our children

Pressure on Pope to rebuild ties with Islam

Pressure on Pope to rebuild ties with Islam

From correspondents in IstanbulNovember 05, 2006 11:29pmArticle from: Reuters 

PRESSURE is growing on Pope Benedict XVI to use a trip to Turkey this month to rebuild badly strained ties between the Vatican and the Muslim world. Two new developments last week – a shooting incident at the Italian consulate in Istanbul and news that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan would not meet him during his visit – have given an added edge to the visit from November 28 to December 1.The Muslim world was enraged in September when the Pope gave a lecture at a German university in which he quoted a Byzantine emperor in a passage which denounces Islam as violent.His repeated expressions of regret have failed to quell the anger in the Middle East which has also been keenly felt in politically secular but mostly Muslim Turkey.“The majority of Turkish society was very angry with his Regensburg (University) speech, but many of them will see this visit as a chance for the Pope to explain his own thoughts on Islam,” said Cemal Usak, a Muslim activist in Turkey who has long been involved in inter-religious debate.“I believe he can compensate for his faults on Islam during his visit.”On Thursday, a young Muslim Turk fired a gun in front of the Italian consulate in Istanbul to protest against the Pope’s visit and called on him to stay away.The Vatican played down the protest and the fact that Erdogan would be too busy to meet the Pontiff.“We think it (the Pope’s visit) is a good chance to develop good relations,” said Sheik Muhammad Dormuhammad, secretary general of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, who was in Istanbul to attend a religious conference.The crisis – like controversies over Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad or the death sentence for an Afghan convert to Christianity – reveals a deeper gulf between two world views that only sustained dialogue can overcome.Some even accuse Pope Benedict of undoing years of bridge-building by his predecessor.Father Francois Yakan in Istanbul, the former Byzantine Christian capital conquered by the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1453, said the visit would open up much-needed dialogue.“The Pope’s visit will calm things a bit and improve relations between Europe and Islam,” said the patriarchal vicar of the Chaldean Catholic Church.“Don’t expect miracles here.”It will be Pope Benedict’s first visit to a Muslim country since becoming Pontiff in April 2005.“Maybe he will learn something about Islam, because the things he has said in the past are not good about Islam,”said Mohammad El Amin Nibaruta, secretary general of the Council of Religious Organisations of Burundi.“We think he doesn’t have enough information about the religion,” he said at the religious conference.peTwo weeks ago, 38 Muslim scholars sent Benedict an open letter pointing out what they said were wrong or tendentious statements about Islam made in the Regensburg speech.Turkish nationalists and Islamist activists – both suspecting the Pope’s visit was aimed at boosting non-Muslim faiths – have called for his trip to be cancelled.Even before the Pope’s latest remarks on Islam, Turks were distrustful of Benedict, who before becoming Pope said Turkey as a non-Christian country would not fit into the European Union.“The Pope will be coming at a time when relations with the West are deteriorating and Turks feel the EU doesn’t want them,” said Hasan Unal, a nationalist-minded academic at Ankara’s Bilken University.The nationalist mood has strengthened following a barrage of criticism from EU leaders of Turkey’s failure to recognise Cyprus, improve human rights and bring the revered military firmly under civilian control.The Pope’s visit will also put a spotlight on religious freedom in Turkey.His main purpose in visiting the country which spans Europe and Asia, is to meet Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the Istanbul-based spiritual head of the world’s 300 million Orthodox Christians.


Columnist in Egyptian Government Newspaper: I Am Happy at the Death of American and British Soldiers in Iraq

Columnist in Egyptian Government Newspaper: I Am Happy at the Death of American and British Soldiers in Iraq

In his October 27, 2006 column in the Egyptian government evening paper Al-Masa’, Muhammad Foda wrote that he was happy to know that American and British soldiers were being killed in Iraq.

The following are excerpts from the article:

“I Am Very Happy When I Learn That an American or British Soldier Has Been Killed”

“By my nature, I cannot stand the sight of blood spilling out of a bird or an animal, not to mention of a human. My heart does not let me watch a chicken being slaughtered or a knife being waved over a lamb’s or calf’s neck on the Festival of Sacrifice. If I see a predator on television, like a lion or a tiger, chasing after a deer, I flip to another channel so as not to see the weak prey becoming a tasty meal in the claws and teeth of this beast.

“Nonetheless, I am very happy when I learn that an American or British soldier has been killed by the resistance forces in Iraq. It is true that this soldier and his family have no choice but for him to be in Iraq, so I express my condolences to the family for [the death of] a person like ourselves. However, I am happy at the downfall of the American statesmen, and especially President Bush, his vice president Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, who dragged their people into this quagmire in order to murder the Iraqi people and slaughter its children and women.

“In October 2006 alone, the Americans lost 101 soldiers in Iraq… This number is relatively large in comparison with the number of dead in past months, and this proves that the Iraqi resistance is growing stronger day by day, week by week, and month by month. Thus it is developing its methods and is focusing on occupation soldiers at their posts, in their lodgings, in their training [facilities], and in their military bases.”

“We Hope That the Resistance Forces Will Focus More on ‘Hunting’ American and British Soldiers”

“We hope that the resistance forces will focus more on ‘hunting’ American and British soldiers, and in this way will harm Bush and his people, who seem to be determined to stay in Iraq at any cost – even if over 50 soldiers are killed every hour. What matters to them is the implementation of their policy, even [if this be] over the remains of their soldiers’ corpses.

“When the American President George Bush, Jr. and his English partner Blair understand that there is a high price for their forces’ remaining in Iraq, and that Iraqi soil will be a graveyard for their invading soldiers, [only] then will [they] – this bloody man and his partner who walks in his footsteps – [understand] that they are guilty before their own countries, before they are guilty before Iraq and the Iraqi people.”

The Islamization of Europe — America, take note before it is too late….

The Islamization of

America, take note before it is too late….

By Abdullah Al Araby

 It has been said,  “ Those who ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them.”   Another famous quote says,  “ History repeats itself.”    The moral is that people often have short memories.    Whether we observe bad things happening to other nations or experience such ourselves we seldom learn the needed lessons. As time passes,  all is forgotten and the same mistakes are repeated,  over and over again. When the topic of the serious ramifications of the Islamic invasion of
America comes up,  few people register sufficient concern.   They underestimate the potential threat because they view the
USA’s current Muslim population of 1%-2% as insignificant.   The danger is that,  like some Europeans nations,  we will wait till the percentage figures doubles,  triples or even quadruple before it dawns on us that we have a problem.    Our government and our entire population would be wise to look,   listen and learn from what countries in
Europe are suffering as the result of unchecked Islamic population growth.   If we don’t heed the warnings that their problems represent,  we will be sentenced to duplicating them.
There are many similarities between life in America and that in the Christian countries of
Europe.   The difference is the homelands of Muslims are much closer geographically to
Europe and therefore the immigration invasions began much earlier.   The Muslim population of
Europe is now estimated to be around twenty million strong.   That represents about 5% of
Western Europe’s total inhabitants.
France’s Islamic population presently ranks as the highest as it has raced to about 10%.    The price tag for naively permitting that degree of growth has proven to have dire consequences.


Naive and goodhearted Americans often complain and cite various reasons for rejecting any suggestion that the growth of Islam should be a point of concern. They figure,  why criticize other religions?    Why can’t we all just live and let live? Surely,  civilized societies should pride themselves on tolerance towards those of other beliefs and grant freedom of religion to all citizens.   No one should care about how or what others worship,  as long as they worship peacefully.    Another test is whether or not a religion infringes on the rights of others.   Islam misses on both counts.    It’s not peaceful because at various junctures it infringes on the rights of others to worship as they choose.   Once it gains dominance,  it is totally intolerant of other religions.Such concerns might be invalid if they pertained to adherents of most any world religion,  other than Islam.   The thing that makes Islam different is the fact that it is more than a religion.   Islam is a political,  social,  and economic way of life,  cloaked in religious garments.    Islam’s strict observances and regulations are imposed on all Muslims and affect every area of their lives.    These shape their attitudes and responses towards those of other religions.   Full compliance brings the promises of rewards in this life and in the hereafter.    Noncompliance dictates harsh punishments both here and in eternity.    As a result many Muslims are willing to kill and to die for the cause of religious fervor.    These factors, combined with Islam’s inherent tendency to violence,  make it difficult for it to co-exist in society with other religions. Islam is never satisfied to be one religion among many.    It has to be supreme;  the one and only.    ” the (only) religion (acceptable) before God is Islam.”   Surah 3:19 Within Islam,  freedom of religion is never an option.    Allah says, ” If anyone desires a religion other than Islam,  never will it be accepted of him.”    Surah 3: 85 Domination is the name of the game.   Islam’s objective is to obtain influence superior to that of all other religious groups.    Its long-term agenda inevitably includes complete dominion over a nation.    In free societies,  as in
America,  they make no effort to hide such agendas.    Omar M. Ahmed,  chairman of the board of CAIR ( Council on American- Islamic Relations ) said once at a banquet,  ” I urge Muslims not to shirk their duty of sharing the Islamic faith with those who are on the wrong side.”    He added,  “ If you choose to live here,  you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam.
    Islam isn’t here to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant.”The plan for the conquest and domination of
Europe has been at work for some time.    Giueppe Bernardini,  the 72 year old Italian Archbishop of the archdiocese of Izmir,  Turkey,  said something startling.    ” The dominion has already begun with the petrodollars,  used not to create work in the poor North African or Middle Eastern countries,  but to build mosques and cultural centers in Christian countries with Islamic immigration,  including
Rome,  the center of Christianity.”
Perhaps,  there might be some European Muslims who are simply satisfied to enjoy the prosperity afforded them in their adopted countries and therefore don’t mind accepting the status quo.    However,  there is a host of others who strive to see the traditionally Christian societies that welcomed them conform to the rigorous demands of Islamic society.    The result is that
Europe is undergoing a gradual transformation into a society in which Islam is not just equal to other faiths; it is the dominant player.    This may not even be merely dependent upon increasing numerical strength.    It may be solely driven by Islamist’s innate desire to control societies.    It is a strategy of Islamic leaders that is carefully thought out and concisely executed.


Muslim Arabs were invited to Europe from Africa and Asia in the 1950’s and 1960’s to meet the labor shortages of
Western Europe’s booming postwar economies. Subsequently,  Muslim refugees seeking political asylum to better their lives drastically increased those numbers.   The trend continued into the 1970’s.   The waves of Muslim immigrating from North Africa and the Middle East began to change the demographics of
Europe.    Muslim birthrates soared.    According to U.N. statistics,   the Islamic population of
Europe doubled between 1989 and 1998, representing approximately 2% of the population.   That number had again more than doubled by 2005,   representing about 5% of all Europeans.


France has the largest concentrations of Muslims in Europe,  about 10% of the total population.    Its situation is a clear example of the influence of Islam on European societies.    The French actress,  Brigitte Bardot,  laments the Islamization of
France in her book,  ” A Scream in Silence “.    A court accused her of “presenting Muslims as barbaric and cruel invaders,  responsible for terrorist acts and eager to dominate the French to the extent of wanting to exterminate them.”    She states in her book, “There are many new languages in new
Europe;  mediocrity is taking over from beauty and splendor.    There are many people who are filthy,  badly dressed and badly shaven.”

France has about 5 Million Muslims.   The younger generations of French Muslims seem to have a problem with identity.    About half of them are almost indistinguishable from other non-Muslims.   However,  the other half poses a serious problem for
France.   They don’t view themselves as French and they also reject identifying with their families.   They see themselves solely as Muslims. About 70,000 young Muslim women are subjected to forced marriages every year. Every year,  35,000 girls undergo Female Genitalia Mutilation/circumcision,  or are under threat of the same.
You can’t miss seeing Islam’s influence if walking along many French streets.  Parts of
Paris look and sound more like an Arab country than they do European.
Marseilles is racing towards becoming the first European city with a non-European majority.
The future is not promising.   It is estimated that within 25 years,  one in four residents of
France will practice Islam.   In an effort to maintain
France’s traditional character,  its government is strongly asserting the nation’s secularism.   In doing so,  a fierce struggle with the Islamists has ensued.   Towards that goal,  parliament banned Muslim women from wearing Islamic scarves ( hijab ) in public institutions. This decision is causing uproar from Muslims,  not only in
France,  but all over the world.

France is Burning

Night after night,  youthful Muslims blitzed through the outskirts of the poorer sections of French cities.    From late October and into November of 2005 much of
France was set aflame by Muslim rioters aged 13-24.    At least 350 cities were attacked.    Police intelligence sources indicate that the Jihadists minded gangs plan to import the mayhem to the main streets of France’s primary cities,  including
Paris.    Unquestionably,  the authorities lost control of the nation and a form of marshal-law was enacted to restore some semblance of order.    The sparks from those riots ignited embers of Islamic discontent in neighboring Belgium and
The riots were triggered by the deaths of two Muslim teenagers who were attempting to elude the police and were accidentally electrocuted in a poor suburb of
Paris.    The violence subsequently spread to other areas of
France.   More than 6,400 vehicles were torched and one man has been killed.   More than 1,600 rioters were arrested.   Schools,  government buildings and churches were firebombed by the predominantly Muslim gangs.   Though it was portrayed as race riots caused by official discrimination,   it was in fact nothing less than a French intifada by French Muslims against
France.    Historically,  France has been the most accommodating and liberal country in
Europe towards Muslim immigrants.  Its reward is exactly that which I have depicted in this volume,  civil troubles.   Innately Islam,  the Quran and Islamic policies are predisposed to attempt to rule any nation that is foolish enough to extend overly liberal policies to them.
Unfortunately,  this is not likely to be an ugly isolated and passing incident.   The riots bear every indication of being the initial skirmishes of what will turn into a long war.   These Muslim bands might retreat;  if so,  it will only be temporarily.   They will likely fervently regroup later under the banners of experienced Islamic terrorists who will gladly inspire them.


Bat Ye’or is a history expert on the subject of “dhimmitude;  “ how Islam treated the People of the Book,  Christians and Jews,  throughout history.   She originated the term  “Eurabia”  to underscore the growing influence of Islam in
Europe.   In a recent article titled,  “How
Europe Became Eurabia,”  she states:
 “Beyond a fleeting awareness,  the overwhelming majority of Europeans and Americans do not understand the new Eurabian entity,  which is only the first step in a steady progression toward its Arabization and Islamization.   Europe has evolved from … a Judeo-Christian civilization,  with important post-enlightenment / secular elements,  to a ‘civilization of dhimmitude,’  i.e. Eurabia: a secular-Muslim transitional society with its traditional Judeo-Christian more rapidly disappearing.”The Islamization of
Europe becomes more obvious as time goes by.   Thanks to the Saudi funds,  beautiful mosques are erected in large cities.   Many Imams and staff personnel of those mosques are paid by Saudi funds.   All over
Europe,  the picture is not pretty:
Sweden‘s third largest city is
Malmo and for all intents and purposes is ruled by violent Muslim gangs.    Some of its Muslim residents have lived there as long as 20 years and still cannot read or write Swedish.    Muslims succeeded into turning a first world city into another third world,   like the countries they came from.
Britain‘s Muslim population is estimated to be between 1.6 and 3 million.      A substantial segment of young Muslims in the United Kingdom does not identify with
Britain,   but only with Islam.   Such young men were behind the terrorist attack of July 7, 2005.    In some areas that have large concentrations,   Muslims are targeting churches for arson and their clergymen for physical attacks.    The objective is to cleanse such areas of any non-Muslim presence.    Muslims are demanding that names of local districts be changed from traditional British names to Arabic Muslim names.

Spain‘s Muslims have expressed their plan to recapture the Mosque of
Cordoba. The building was originally a church that was turned into a mosque after the Islamic conquest to
Spain.    After the Muslim invaders were put to flight,   it again became a Catholic cathedral.

Reports from
Italy state that doctors are treating Muslim wives who have been flogged by their Muslim husbands.
Finland,  some imams preach on the Islamic duty to … kill Muslims who convert to other religions.

Netherlands has recently turned from tolerance of Islam to the exact opposite. The change of mind followed … the brutal killing of the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a young Muslim in November 2004.
 The preceding were just a few glimpses from the big picture of present-day
Europe’s landscape.   The indications are that what was once tranquil and peaceful
Europe is beginning to boil.   The fire is fueled by the undisputed ultimate goal of Muslims to Islamize
Some Christians dismiss concerns about the possibility of
Europe becoming Islamic before the end of the century as unrealistic and pessimistic.    It must be remembered,  however,   that most Islamic countries of the
Middle East were once Christian.    Christianity was completely eradicated from many of these countries, while some still have just a symbolic presence.   It is rather naive to presume that the same could not happen to
There is a lesson that America must learn from
Europe’s experiences with Islam. Surely, it is indicative for us to understand something.   That which is happening to our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic is subtly in progress at this moment in

Muslim Propaganda at the University of Chicago

Muslim Propaganda at the University of Chicago

Diana Muir in History News Network points out some Islamic apologetic propaganda at The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago:

Visitors can see the sixteen foot tall human-headed, winged, guardian bull from the palace of Sargon II, the astonishing giant head of a bull made of polished black that guarded the entrance to the Hundred-Column Hall at Persepolis, and an almost equally remarkable bit of Islamic propaganda – written by the museum staff and posted in the section on ancient Megiddo – in which history is rewritten and Mohammed actually travels to Jerusalem.*The Muslim propaganda wall plaque is headed:

Land of the Bible 600 B.C. to the Present Three Major Religions Grew in the Southern Levant

Right in the headline, the curator misstates history to satisfy a political agenda. Judaism and Christianity “grew” in the southern Levant (defined by the museum as roughly the territory of modern Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian territories.) Islam did not. It “grew” in the Hijaz (Mecca and Medina,) nor did the scholars who defined the religion after the death of the Prophet live in the Levant.

The plaque continues:

Long after the Canaanites and the Israelites, the Southern Levant has continued to play an important role in the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.The golden days of Israel and Judah ended at the hands of the Babylonians with the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 586 B.C. and subsequent mass exile of the Israelites. Although many returned to the Southern Levant under the rule of the Persians (529-332BC), they would not soon regain their autonomy.

But Israelite religion continued to develop. At the turn of the first millennium AD, several religious sects broke away in response to Roman rule and the local political climate. One of these lines led, ultimately, to the tradition of modern Jewish religion.

Did the curator slip that bit of anti-Jewish sovereignty propaganda under your radar?

The Israelites fail to “regain their autonomy” but continue to “develop” as a “religion.” This is a standard line of argumentation according to which the Jews cease to be a political community and transition to being a religious community with, consequently, no entitlement to sovereignty.

Written out of history by the Oriental Institute is not only all evidence that the proto-Jewish community in Judea under the Persians at times enjoyed a limited degree of political autonomy, but the entire history and existence of the Hasmonean and Herodian kingdoms. Since one of the strongest arguments that can be made by a national liberation movement is that the group claiming a right to sovereignty has a history of sovereignty, eliminating ancient Jewish kingdoms from the historical narrative reduces the historically based claim to legitimacy of the modern Jewish state, with real political implications.

Having skipped right over two centuries of Jewish political sovereignty in favor of an anti-Zionist story line that has the Jews abandoning political life after the Babylonian exile in favor of developing exclusively as a religion, we come to the advent of Christianity.

Jesus was born into this context, and was hailed by his followers as the Messiah, Son of God.

Fair enough. Scholarly and objective. But when we come to Mohammed, scholarly objectivity disappears.

Six centuries later, the Prophet Mohammed would visit Jerusalem where he would experience his Night Flight and Ascension to heaven.

Only the pious believe that the visit and night flight are actual, historical events. Mohammed’s visit and Night Flight is a religious myth or dream, not an actual event. The Prophet never actually visited Jerusalem. The Quran speaks not of a visit to Jerusalem, but of a visit to the “farthest mosque.” Scholarly dispute over the event centers around the question of how early the Quranic reference to “the “farthest mosque” came to be interpreted as a reference to Jerusalem.

But note the wording of the plaque. Even a museum visitor who does not believe in night flights and ascensions to heaven, will read — and quite likely accept as fact — the notion that Mohammed’s visit to Jerusalem was an actual, historical event. After all, this is the faculty of the University of Chicago saying that he did.

The assertion that Muhammad actually visited Jerusalem is a political statement which has the effect of making the groundless assertion in the headline — that Islam grew in the Levant — appear to be true. If Mohammed did travel to Jerusalem, if he actually set foot on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem becomes one of the places where the religion of Islam “grew.” Because one of the arguments made by national liberation movements is that formative events in the history of the group claiming sovereignty took place on the land they are claiming, if we accept that the Prophet visited Jerusalem, the Muslim claim to Jerusalem is strengthened, with real political implications.

You can see just how baseless the plaque’s statement is, and get the real story of the Night Journey from Islamic tradition, in my book The Truth About Muhammad.

Election season is bad time for slip of the quip

Election season is bad time for slip of the quip

November 5, 2006

My face time with John Kerry has been brief but choice. In 2003, I was at a campaign event in New Hampshire chatting with two old coots in plaid. The senator approached and stopped in front of us. The etiquette in primary season is that the candidate defers to the cranky Granite Stater’s churlish indifference to status and initiates the conversation: “Hi, I’m John Kerry. Good to see ya. Cold enough for ya? How ’bout them Sox?” Etc. Instead, Kerry just stood there nose to nose, staring at us with an inscrutable semi-glare on his face. After an eternity, an aide stepped out from behind him and said, “The senator needs you to move.”

“Well, why couldn’t he have said that?” muttered one of the old coots. Why indeed?

Right now the Democratic Party needs the senator to move. Preferably to the South Sandwich Islands, until Tuesday evening, or better still, early 2009.

He won’t, of course. A vain thin-skinned condescending blueblood with no sense of his own ridiculousness, Senator Nuancy Boy is secure in little else except his belief in his indispensability. We’ve all heard the famous “joke” now: “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.” (Rimshot!) Yet, tempting as it is to enjoy his we-support-our-dumb-troops moment as merely the umpteenth confirmation of the senator’s unerring ability to SwiftBoat himself, it belongs in a slightly different category of Kerry gaffe than, say, the time they went into Wendy’s and Teresa didn’t know what chili was.

Whatever he may or may not have intended (and “I was making a joke about how stupid Bush is but I’m the only condescending liberal in America too stupid to tell a Bush-is-stupid joke without blowing it” must rank as one of the all-time lame excuses), what he said fits what too many upscale Dems believe: that America’s soldiers are only there because they’re too poor and too ill-educated to know any better. That’s what they mean when they say “we support our troops.” They support them as victims, as children, as potential welfare recipients, but they don’t support them as warriors and they don’t support the mission.

So their “support” is objectively worthless. The indignant protest that “of course” “we support our troops” isn’t support, it’s a straddle, and one that emphasizes the Democrats’ frivolousness in the post-9/11 world. A serious party would have seen the jihad as a profound foreign-policy challenge they needed to address credibly. They could have found a Tony Blair — a big mushy-leftie pantywaist on health and education and all the other sissy stuff, but a man at ease with the projection of military force in the national interest. But we saw in Connecticut what happens to Democrats who run as Blairites: You get bounced from the ticket. In the 2004 election, instead of coming to terms with it as a national security question, the Democrats looked at the war on terror merely as a Bush wedge issue they needed to neutralize. And so they signed up with the weirdly incoherent narrative of John Kerry — a celebrated anti-war activist suddenly “reporting for duty” as a war hero and claiming that, even though the war was a mistake and his comrades were murderers and rapists, his four months in the Mekong rank as the most epic chapter in the annals of the Republic.

It’s worth contrasting the fawning media admiration for Kerry’s truncated tour of duty with their total lack of interest in Bob Dole’s years of service two presidential campaigns earlier. That convention night in Boston was one of the freakiest presentations in contemporary politics: a man being greeted as a combination of Alexander the Great and the Duke of Wellington for a few weeks’ service in a war America lost. But Kerry is the flesh-and-blood embodiment of the Democratic straddle, of the we-oppose-the-war-but-support-our-troops line. That’s why anti-war Dems, outspinning themselves, decided they could support a soldier who opposed a war. And as Kerry demonstrates effortlessly every time he opens his mouth, if you detach the heroism of a war from the morality of it, what’s left but braggadocio? Or, as the senator intoned to me back in New Hampshire when I tried to ask what he would actually do about Iraq, Iran or anything else, “Sometimes truly courageous leadership means having the courage not to show any leadership.” (I quote from memory.)

In fairness to Kerry, he didn’t invent the Democrats’ tortured relationship with the military. But ever since Eugene McCarthy ran against Lyndon Johnson and destroyed the most powerful Democrat of the last half-century, the Democratic Party has had a problematic relationship with the projection of power in the national interest. President Jimmy Carter confined himself to one screwed-up helicopter mission in Iran; Bill Clinton bombed more countries in a little more than six months than the Zionist neocon warmonger Bush has in six years but, unless you happened to be in that Sudanese aspirin factory, it was as desultory and uncommitted as his sex life and characterized by the same inability to reach (in Ken Starr’s word) “completion.” As for John Kerry, since he first slandered the American military three decades ago, he’s been wrong on every foreign policy question and voted against every significant American weapons system.

To be sure, like Kerry in 2004 deciding that the murderers and rapists were now his brave “band of brothers,” the left often discover a sudden enthusiasm for the previous war once a new one’s come along. Since Iraq, they’ve been all in favor of Afghanistan, though back in the fall of 2001 they were convinced it was a quagmire, graveyard of empire, unwinnable, another Vietnam, etc. Oh, and they also discovered a belated enthusiasm for the first President Bush’s shrewd conduct of the 1991 Gulf War, though at the time Kerry and most other Democrats voted against that one, too. In this tedious shell game, no matter how frantically the left shuffles the cups, you never find the one shriveled pea of The Military Intervention We’re Willing To Support When it Matters.

To be sure, the progressives deserve credit for having refined their view of the military: not murderers and rapists, just impoverished suckers too stupid for anything other than soldiering. The left still doesn’t understand that it’s the soldier who guarantees every other profession — the defeatist New York Times journalist, the anti-American college professor, the insurgent-video-of-the-day host at CNN, the hollow preening blowhard senator. Kerry’s gaffe isn’t about one maladroit Marie Antoinette of the Senate but a glimpse into the mind-set of too many Americans.

©Mark Steyn, 2006