World War Is Upon Us — I’m coming closer to this opinion daily

World War Is Upon Us

Friday, November 03, 2006 12:49 PM

                                                                                   The Star of David
Thailand will be going under Sharia law. Somalia will be suffering under the Janjaweed until they have total control. Indonesia is under Sharia. Turkey is moving away from secularism and towards Sharia. Europe is being held hostage to the Islamic immigrants it took in. World War is at the door. If we do not open it, it will knock the door down anyway.  Call me whatever you want to. Label me a hatemongering, xenophobic, racist. I DON”T CARE! Islam is violent and evil. It will continue to be spread by the sword just as it began. I am an infidel in the eyes of these people and they wish to kill me and mine. The butchering, raping, pillaging, and plundering that is occurring in the world today is all at the behest of Mohammed and his fake god allah.

Allah is satan and Mohammed is his spawn. If there is a 12th Imam in hiding, awaiting that special moment, my bet is that it is one of Lucifer’s buddy’s. In reality I think the whole idea is another one of the Islamic lies written to keep the ignorant in control. Imam, if you can see this, I SPIT ON YOU! Unlike radio personalities or writers that are trying to keep an audience, I will not compromise my belief or faith. I do not care if my Islamic neighbor hates me. I do not care if some nutjob cleric issues a fatwa. I am sick and tired of this ilk getting their way because of the faithless and secularist cowards that wish to commit suicide as opposed to fight.

Allah is not my god. It was not the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Isaac, and Israel. It was not the God that sent Jesus to sacrifice himself on my behalf. It is not the God that helped found and grow this nation by leading our forefathers. Allah is evil incarnate, if there is such a being after all. Mohammed was an epileptic pedophile with a megalomaniac bent. Allah was probably one of his visions during a seizure. If there is an Allah it is a murderous being that takes sick pleasure out of watching humans destroy themselves. The Koran offers nothing to eliminate this but convert, infidels are not humans.

Here’s one for you, Islamists are not human. They’re ignorant, murderous, psychopaths with a sinful taste for death and destruction. They go around raping, beheading, blowing themselves up for what?! What gain do they expect? So the Democrats win and pull out, how does this change the fact that the murderous scum are still just that? Maybe we need the war to come here. Maybe the cowards will be forced to realize that they were deathly wrong. Maybe Ted Kennedy, Noam Chomsky and their fellow socialists can be the first victims of the Islamic revolt. Our revolution started in Massachusetts, maybe the second one can start there too.

I’m tired of the cowards. I’m sick of Islamists and their double speak and the morons that believe them. The Islamic problem is NOT Israel, Not the US, NOT a hijacked religion. The problem with Islam IS Islam.

The War is here. Who’s got the courage to fight it?

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