Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla under threat by Islamic radicals

Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla under threat by Islamic radicals
By h.b.
Sun, 05 Nov 2006, 10:38

One of those detained in connection with the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group being transferred by National Police in Madrid – Photo EFE

El Pais newspaper reported on Sunday that the Spanish North African Encalves of Ceuta and Melilla were now objectives for the Islamic Holy War or Jihad.Intelligence services are describing the information they now have as the most worrying since 2004, with a fundamental group distributing a statement which describes the two cities as being occupied. It was also placed on a radical webpage from a cybercafé in Algeria.

Meanwhile, police have attested two alleged members of the GICM – The Moroccan Islamic Combat Group in Melilla in connection with the bomb attack on the Casa de España in Casablanca in May 2003 in which 41 people lost their lives.

The arrested men are 43 year old Belgium, although born in Morocco, Ali Aarras, and 31 year old Nordin El Behri Hamed Mohande from Melilla.
The second was released from custody on Sunday after questioning.

Ramsey Clark, you are a mockery!



In order to be a hypocrite, you have to hold to standards higher than your own behavior. Standards in whose light you are, by your own choice, a sinner, in need of repentance and change of life.

The first prayer at the Catholic Mass is the “I confess to Almighty God that I have sinned…” As altar boys, we used to say, “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” – Through my own fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.

Someone wrote a few years back that now that socialism is dead as an economic system, the center of liberal values has migrated to sex and gender. Being a liberal means having a right to do anything that you want sexually anywhere, anytime, and with anybody. Thus, there is no way for liberals to be hypocritical about sex. Except by being chaste.

World War Is Upon Us — I’m coming closer to this opinion daily

World War Is Upon Us

Friday, November 03, 2006 12:49 PM

                                                                                   The Star of David
Thailand will be going under Sharia law. Somalia will be suffering under the Janjaweed until they have total control. Indonesia is under Sharia. Turkey is moving away from secularism and towards Sharia. Europe is being held hostage to the Islamic immigrants it took in. World War is at the door. If we do not open it, it will knock the door down anyway.  Call me whatever you want to. Label me a hatemongering, xenophobic, racist. I DON”T CARE! Islam is violent and evil. It will continue to be spread by the sword just as it began. I am an infidel in the eyes of these people and they wish to kill me and mine. The butchering, raping, pillaging, and plundering that is occurring in the world today is all at the behest of Mohammed and his fake god allah.

Allah is satan and Mohammed is his spawn. If there is a 12th Imam in hiding, awaiting that special moment, my bet is that it is one of Lucifer’s buddy’s. In reality I think the whole idea is another one of the Islamic lies written to keep the ignorant in control. Imam, if you can see this, I SPIT ON YOU! Unlike radio personalities or writers that are trying to keep an audience, I will not compromise my belief or faith. I do not care if my Islamic neighbor hates me. I do not care if some nutjob cleric issues a fatwa. I am sick and tired of this ilk getting their way because of the faithless and secularist cowards that wish to commit suicide as opposed to fight.

Allah is not my god. It was not the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Isaac, and Israel. It was not the God that sent Jesus to sacrifice himself on my behalf. It is not the God that helped found and grow this nation by leading our forefathers. Allah is evil incarnate, if there is such a being after all. Mohammed was an epileptic pedophile with a megalomaniac bent. Allah was probably one of his visions during a seizure. If there is an Allah it is a murderous being that takes sick pleasure out of watching humans destroy themselves. The Koran offers nothing to eliminate this but convert, infidels are not humans.

Here’s one for you, Islamists are not human. They’re ignorant, murderous, psychopaths with a sinful taste for death and destruction. They go around raping, beheading, blowing themselves up for what?! What gain do they expect? So the Democrats win and pull out, how does this change the fact that the murderous scum are still just that? Maybe we need the war to come here. Maybe the cowards will be forced to realize that they were deathly wrong. Maybe Ted Kennedy, Noam Chomsky and their fellow socialists can be the first victims of the Islamic revolt. Our revolution started in Massachusetts, maybe the second one can start there too.

I’m tired of the cowards. I’m sick of Islamists and their double speak and the morons that believe them. The Islamic problem is NOT Israel, Not the US, NOT a hijacked religion. The problem with Islam IS Islam.

The War is here. Who’s got the courage to fight it?


UN criticizes Saddam Hussein’s death penalty

Top news: 5 November 2006, Sunday.

The European Union has welcomed the guilty verdict announced in the trial against Saddam Hussein, but said the former Iraqi leader should not be killed.

In a statement issued by Finland, which currently holds the EU presidency, the EU said it opposed capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances, DW reported.

The United States has called the guilty verdict a good day for Iraqis and evidence of an independent judiciary in Iraq. Earlier on Sunday, Saddam Hussein and two co-defendants were sentenced to death for crimes against humanity.

The charges stemmed from the killing of 148 Shiite Muslims in the village of Dujail in 1982.

UN criticizes Saddam Hussein’s death penalty

UN criticizes Saddam Hussein’s death penalty

The UN on Sunday criticized the decision to sentence Saddam Hussein to death, calling upon local authorities to refuse the to hang the ex-leader.

UN Human Rights Commission head Louise Arbour said that the “appeal process is reliable and a vital part of the fair judicial procedure.” Army Radio reported. She said that “the results of the appeal will what they will be,” and Arbour expressed hope that the Iraqi government would suspend its death sentence.

53 Al Qaeda militants, 14 others killed across Iraq

53 Al Qaeda militants, 14 others killed across Iraq

* Curfew in Baghdad for Saddam verdict

BAGHDAD: Iraqi police commandos killed 53 suspected Al Qaeda militants in a fierce gunbattle on the southern outskirts of Baghdad on Saturday, said an Interior Ministry spokesman, while 14 people were killed in violence across the country.

“This afternoon we received intelligence reports that gunmen were endangering the security of the region,” said Brigadier General Abdel Karim Khalaf, referring to the Baghdad suburb of Tuwaitha. “They are Al-Qaeda.”

“The national police had a severe fight with them and as a result of these clashes, they killed 53 terrorists, arrested 16, burned 40 cars and seized many weapons,” he said.

A US military spokeswoman said there had been a clash and that American liaison officers were on the scene following the fighting, but she could not immediately confirm either details of the fight or the casualty toll.

Iraq also braced itself on Saturday for a violent backlash from Saddam Hussein’s remaining supporters if, as expected, the ousted leader is sentenced to death in his trial for crimes against humanity.

National Security Adviser Muwaffaq Al-Rubaie said a curfew would be in force on Sunday in Baghdad and the flashpoint provinces of Diyala and Salaheddin, which contains the deposed dictator’s hometown of Tikrit, on the verdict day.

State television said all pedestrian and road traffic would be banned indefinitely from 6am on Sunday and the international airport shut, before the televised trial hearing begins.

Iraq has also cancelled all military leave and put its armed forces on alert to prevent violence before or after Sunday’s ruling.

“All military personnel are on alert. Leave has been cancelled and we are on alert for any possible emergency. Those on leave should report to their units,” said defence ministry spokesman Major General Ibrahim Shaker.

Baghdad, which is already reeling under a brutal campaign of insurgent and sectarian violence, will be virtually sealed off on Sunday.

Iraqi authorities fear that Sunni Arab supporters of the ousted president will carry out attacks against the dominant Shia community.

Meanwhile on Saturday, a car bomb exploded in the Sadr City suburb of mainly Shia east Baghdad, said a security official as violence in and around the Iraqi capital killed at least eight people in a series of gun and bomb attacks.

Five members of Iraqi President Jalal Talabani’s security detail were killed in a roadside bomb attack on Friday in northern Iraq, a source from his party said.

Shia militia are the main suspects for a rocket attack on Saturday, which wounded four Russians and killed an Iraqi colleague working for the Basra Electricity Company.

British military spokesman Major Charlie Burbridge said mortars or rockets had been fired at a nearby British base, but had fallen short and hit the power plant. Police said one Iraqi worker was killed.

Military bases in Basra and elsewhere in southern Iraq regularly come under rocket and mortar attack from Shiite militias connected to political and tribal factions in the city.

A gunbattle also erupted in Baghdad during the early hours of Saturday as US and Iraq forces raided the Shiite bastion of Sadr City and detained three suspects.

The US military said the raid was aimed at capturing a leader and member of a group that had killed “innocent Iraqi citizens and security forces”.

There were no casualties among the joint force, it added, but gave no details on whether any militants or civilians had been hurt. Separately, one civilian was killed and seven were wounded on Saturday when a bicycle bomb exploded at a petrol station in the town of Suweira, while three corpses were also retrieved from the nearby Tigris River. afp

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