The more I think about it, the madder I get.  The madder I get, the more I refuse to let it happen any more, and I hope this applies to you as well.

What I am talking about is how all of the West, including so many in America, have become self-consciously guilty and ashamed of our Western values and culture by accepting the ceaseless howling of militant Muslims who are always attacking us.  People are falling all over themselves not to “offend” Muslims, who in turn keep increasing their bad manners and braggadocio just to watch Western chickenshits dance to their tunes. 

It is international in scope.  Read this from Tashbih Sayyed’s Why Is The World Afraid Of Muslims? in Jihad Watch.

A number of recent apologies made to the Muslims by non-Muslim leaders clearly indicate that the world has grown increasingly fearful of Muslim rage. Political Islam, as is obvious by the reactions of the socio-cultural and political institutions in countries of Europe, Britain and the U.S. has come of age. It has been allowed to establish itself into a position from where it can manipulate the host country’s social and political systems to its advantage. The significance of this achievement cannot be denied. Political Islam’s disabling fear has already deprived the West of its ability to stand up and defend its values. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten apologized for publishing the Prophet Muhammad’s caricatures, next, Pope Benedict XVI felt compelled to repeatedly explain his comments, and now Germany’s leading opera house, the Deutsche Opera of Berlin has cancelled a production of Mozart’s Idomeneo, because it was determined that it would offend Muslim sensibilities.

A report on combating terrorism issued by the Netherlands Interior Minister Johan Remkes and Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner states that radical Muslims are gaining influence in the Netherlands. According to the report, the ultra-orthodox Salafism that seeks to return to the “pure Islam” of the days of Prophet Mohammed is making its presence felt in an increasing number of mosques. The adherents of Salafism shun western society and work against the moderate Muslims who want to integrate into Dutch society. The report pointed out that the followers of radical Islam have successfully used the internet and lectures to win over more followers in order to gain control of moderate mosques, Remkes said.

U.S. experts believe that radical Islam in France was responsible for Last year’s rioting in France that began in a poor, mostly Muslim, neighborhood near Paris and then spread to other suburbs and cities across France and parts of Europe. They claimed that despite the characterization by several media outlets that those perpetuating the violence were primarily disaffected youth upset with French economic and social policies, the reason the unrest spread so quickly and was virtually limited to Muslim neighborhoods signifies a deeper and more ideologically driven motive.

Great Britain, America’s closest ally in the war against terrorism is also a major base of operation for some of the most radical Islamic organizations, including some direct supporters of Osama bin Laden. Radical Islam has exploited the cultural and moral vacuum which has been emerging in Britain over the past 30 years. The London terrorist bombings last July, perpetrated by homegrown Islamist terrorists, shocked British society who until then thought radical Islam was confined to distant places of which British people knew little and cared less.

What has happened is that people have allowed militant Muslims with their 1400 year old rhetoric and behavior to change our way of life.  Put another way, very many people nationally and internationally have allowed them to make us live defensively, as though we in West have all the shame and evil and must atone for it because  Islam is the gold standard.

It has to stop and stop right now.  Fortunately, I find more and more bloggers, web owners, commentators, radio hosts, and citizens beginning to chafe about this.  Still, I want to hear something universal along the lines of “I’m mad as hell, and I won’t take it any more!”

Just to get some things crystal clear right now, I have never seen or met a so-called “moderate Muslim.”  I know nothing of their existence, although quite a few people, including some whom I trust and respect tell me they exist.  That there might be some seems only logical.  However, whatever “moderate Muslims” are there, they are silent, and their silence is their assent to all the verbal and physical attacks by overtly militant Muslims.  Both groups merit moral contempt.  I know there is no such thing as “moderate Islam,” so anyone not totally orthodox and consistent with Islam’s violent teachings is a “bad Muslim” in the eyes of the orthodox; that means any “moderate Muslims” are subject to aggression from the “good Muslims.”  I also know that “Muslim” does not designate any race–it is solely a term for adherents to the toxic ideology of Islam.  So, being anti-Islam is not the same as being racist any more than being anti-illegal immigrants is racist.  I have studied Islam in depth and continue to, so I know what the foundation documents actually say, and that constitutes the basis for my appraisals of Islam and its advocates.  There is no good Islam, not in part, nor in whole.  Muslims who buy into Islam do so just as Germans who bought into Nazism; there is no “cherry-picking” in Islam.  Many Muslims are said to want peace while having their Islam; that analogizes to Nazis wanting peace while having their Nazism.  The parallels between Islam and Nazism are overwhelmingly super-imposable.  And, I never forget that Islam demands conquest of all peoples who are not Muslim by Muslims, and that deception is central to Islam.  That means I have no way to tell if a “peaceable” Muslim is for real or is just being a dissimulating “sleeper.”  Finally, I am 100% American, and I expect all Americans to be the same (fundamentally allegiant to America), including naturalized Americans.  So-called “Muslim-Americans” clotting together to exclude non-Muslims, refusing to assimilate, and refusing to stand up for this country fully exceed my tolerance.  I have no such feelings about immigrants to America from anywhere who assimilate.  Muslims are the odd-man-out, and so far, since 11 September 2001, I have see NO EVIDENCE to the contrary, but I remain open to examine any such evidence should it become available.

What is emulative about Islam and its products, given its 1400 year history?  Answer:  Nothing.  Destruction of human potential is the hallmark of Islam, along with destruction of everyone and everything not Islamic.  Ignorance, poverty, backwardness, and all out war on human nature are not attractive, but Islam gives nothing more.  That does not make it superior.  Quite the opposite, it makes Islam and all that it touches totally inferior.

What is making the Islamic gambit work?  It is very, very simple.  Muslims have what Western intellectuals have taken away from us in the West:  MORAL CERTAINTY.  Yes, Islam is evil; Islam is intellectual detritus; Islam is small enough to fit the minds of Muslims.  Were Islam complicated in any way, it would hold no sway.  But, as we have been developing in this website, Islam mutates young minds to deform a normal child into a Muslim, always under sway of a simple-minded script and a huge mass of fellow “believers,” all of whom clot together to try to form one independent mind.  What results is the Muslim herd, stuffed with the sense of any true believer that his and her ideology is the ONLY TRUE PATH.  It is moral certainty, all right, but it is an edifice standing on nothing substantial.  That is why Islam is so afraid of questioners and doubters, and seeks to kill them.

Moral certainty coming from rationally perceiving and understanding reality by an independent mind is unbelievably powerful, but this is no description of Islam.  Seeing, metaphorically speaking, that the emperor has no clothes and announcing the same is the cardinal fear of Islam.

Moral certainty no longer characterizes so very many in the West.  That is a major reason why the moral abomination called the United Nations exists, why it stands on valuable property in New York City, and why America pays 22% of its bills PLUS endless other contributions.  What does the USA get in return?  Scorn.

The instances of moral uncertainty leading to retreating from Western values populate a vast list.  Take Christmas alone:  “Must not offend the Muslims.”  It goes on seemingly ad infinitum.

So, let’s make some morally certain statements.  The West is superior to the Middle East and all of Islamia in all things.  The West produces while Islamia only destroys what it does not consume parasitically.  Islam is completely evil and should be banned just as Nazism was banned, and for the same reasons.  Muslims are inferior because of Islam, and it does not matter to what race a Muslim belongs.  Islam deserves NO respect from anyone at any time.  It has proved itself too evil to merit any respect.

I am tired of their insisting that we give up our advances and our principles to join them in their intellectual and physical squalor.  They are wrong; we are right.  I do not care about their sensibilities.  I have had more than enough of their bad manners, bad temperaments, and hostility. 

The problem is Islam, and the solution for Muslims is for them to apostatize.  It is not for us to change, not in any way.  Barring their renouncing of Islam, they must engage in the policy of live and let live as opposed to forcing Islam on non-Muslims.  They are the ones with the bad manners and the moral turpitude, so they are the ones who must clean up their acts.  If they are unwilling, then get out and go to those countries under the yoke of Islam.

I will not kowtow in deed or in speech or in word before Muslims or Islam.  NO MORE LIVING DEFENSIVELY FOR ME, FOR YOU, FOR OUR COUNTRY!

So, I say to you and you and you:  Stop living defensively before Islam and its true believers.  Stand up straight.  Be proud of your freedoms and your culture.  Never again let Islam or Islamists ever get to you.

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