Iran test-fires missile that can reach Israel

Iran test-fires missile that can reach Israel

It has been awhile since we had a 1938 Alert. “Iran Test-Fires Longer Range Missile,” by Nasser Karimi for AP, with thanks to James:

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iran test-fired dozens of missiles, including the Shahab-3 that can reach Israel, in military maneuvers Thursday that it said were aimed at putting a stop to the role of world powers in the Persian Gulf region.The show of strength came as Iran remains locked in dispute with the West over its nuclear program, which Washington says is geared to producing atomic weapons but Tehran says is only for generating electricity. The maneuvers came three days after U.S.-led warships finished naval exercises in the Gulf that Iran branded as “adventurist.”

State television reported that several kinds of missiles were tested, and broadcast footage of them being fired from mobile launchers.

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