The coming Israeli-Saudi alliance.

The coming Israeli-Saudi alliance.

Silent Partners

by Gregory Levey  
Only at TNR Online | Post date 10.20.06

On Tuesday, a leading Saudi Arabian daily, Al Eqtisadiah, called on the Saudi government to follow Iran’s lead and engage in the development of nuclear reactors. Just a few days earlier, Al Madina, another Saudi newspaper, urged the Kingdom to pull out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in order to do so. In Israel, and among Israel’s supporters, many will see this sort of talk as yet another threat to the Jewish state. Saudi Arabia and Israel, after all, are not exactly considered the best of friends. But something much more nuanced may be at play, and, in the near future, Saudi Arabia may end up being one of Israel’s most important–albeit secret–allies. Today, the interests of the Israeli and Saudi governments are so aligned that they may have little choice but to work together. What’s more, because the United States currently enjoys an unprecedented level of trust from both states, if it capitalizes on this situation, this convergence of interests could actually bring some major positive changes to the region. In fact, it may already be doing so. 

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