Hawaii’s “Progressive” Surrender Candidate read this very carefully ====Scary

Hawaii’s “Progressive” Surrender Candidate
By Andrew Walden
FrontPageMagazine.com | October 19, 2006

Like far-Left Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, D-OH, Hawaii Democratic Congressional candidate Mazie Hirono calls for replacing the U.S. Defense Department with a “Department of Peace, to educate us into peaceful ways of resolving our conflict.” Hirono has promised to join Kucinich and fellow Hawaiian Rep. Neil Abercrombie in the far-Left Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC). Her record and rhetoric show she would be a perfect match for this extreme, quasi-socialist organization.

As is the case with so many left-wingers, Hirono finds hefty support on the hate-filled pages of The Daily Kos, the largest so-called “liberal” blog.  Kos’ Maui-based diarist “Raatz” enthuses about Hirono in a July 13 post:

Yesterday, Mazie told a crowd at Maui Booksellers in Wailuku that, if elected, she will join the Congressional Progressive Caucus. She also expressed her support for expanding gay rights (as evidenced in part by her courageous opposition to the mean-spirited constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in 1998).

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is a former co-chair of the CPC, and Hirono’s misnamed Department of Peace campaign is led by Kucinich and new-age mystic Marianne Williamson, who has been called by some “
Hollywood’s answer to God.”

If elected, she will be in some heady, radical company. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, is a CPC member. The current co-chairs of the CPC are Lynn Woolsey, D-CA, and Barbara Lee, D-CA. Lee was the only member of Congress to vote against the use of force in
Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, and Woolsey introduced a unilateral surrender plan a year before Rep. John Murtha, D-PA. The CPC co-chairs and membership generally support the Murtha plan to retreat from Iraq to Okinawa
The CPC was openly allied to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) until 1999; all mention of the alliance was removed from the Progressive Caucus and DSA websites after press reports called attention to the link.

She does have bona fides on the social issues: While most of
Hawaii was still digging out the day after the recent

Island earthquake, Hirono issued a statement reminding us she supports unrestricted taxpayer funded abortion on demand. (Although at the same time, she would leave Middle Eastern women to the tender mercies of Islamist terrorists.)

“Raatz” continues defending Mazie’s surrender credentials:

Two days ago, I personally heard Mazie say she would’ve voted against the Iraq resolution and that she’d work to bring the troops home safely with Kucinich and Abercrombie (two of the strongest peace advocates in Congress – and she mentioned both by name). In the talk I saw earlier this week, she also said that the main reason she joined the Democratic Party in 1972 was to support antiwar candidate George McGovern…Mazie has also been endorsed by
Maui peace activist Ave Diaz (Kucinich’s campaign chair here).

Ironically, 1972 was one of the few elections in which Hawaii voted Republican against the radical campaign of George McGovern.

Hirono echoes Raatz’s views, writing on her campaign website:

Our most pressing foreign policy problem is our reputation in the world as a result of our basically unilateral action in preemptively attacking
Iraq. Preemptive strike is not a policy which builds allies and strengthens our position at the global table. The President’s conduct in the war in Iraq influences our country’s ability to lead on a number of other important matters—human rights, environmental responsibility, and international health issues like avian influenza (bird flu), just to name a few.

Hirono does not even mention the War on Terror among the nation’s priorities. To hear her tell it, the real issues are America’s “reputation” abroad, bird flu, and “environmental responsibility.” Perhaps Hirono would like to explain how “environmentally responsible” it would be to surrender
Afghanistan, and
Pakistan to Islamist warlords and terrorists? How much “environmental” damage would be done by an Iranian nuclear weapon or by the decades of war which would result from U.S. withdrawal? 
Hirono continues: “We should get out of the quagmire that is
Iraq with a phased redeployment of
U.S. forces that begins before the end of 2006 and significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty should also occur. The
U.S. should play a leading role in promoting peace in the region. As long as we are at war, we are severely compromised in our ability to do so.”
Hirono’s plan for immediate withdrawal from
Iraq, beginning even before she would be sworn in, would quickly lead to a collapse of the democratic governments of
Iraq and
Afghanistan. Hirono’s plan to get
America out of the region would quickly lead to the overthrow of Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf, putting Pakistani nukes in the hands of Islamist radicals. Iranian nuke-builders would go unchallenged.

This is not a peace plan—it is a victory plan for the other side.

The result of implementing Hirono’s ideas would be a far larger war costing tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of American lives—and millions of lives in the Mideast and
South Asia. 

…Which would not be so upsetting, if she had not pledged in her campaign to micromanage foreign affairs, the Constitutional domain of the president. Hirono writes on her campaign website:

No one can link the Pentagon’s financial inputs to its policy outputs; in other words, Congress and the public cannot know whether a line item is actually linked to a desired policy outcome. This must change. We expect public schools to be accountable for meeting their goals; it is time to hold the Pentagon to the same standards.

In other words, our national defense should be run more like Hawaii’s failing Department of Education. Hirono would make every military move subject to the pet theories of hundreds of preening, self-important politicians. Hirono’s proposal, which has been echoed by Abercrombie, would result in a death by a thousand cuts to our armed forces.


It would certainly doom any advanced anti-missile defense, which protects
Hawaii from North Korean missile attacks. There are reports that
North Korea’s failed long-range missile test was aimed at Hawaiian waters. Those who believe American action is at the root of the world’s problems—including Hirono—will argue that

North Korea is belligerent because
America is a threat. From their point of view, spending on anti-missile defense would not logically link to a “desired policy outcome” and therefore should be cut from the budget.
 How many
Hawaii residents would like to base their protection on the belief that Kim Jong-il can be trusted to leave us alone if only we leave him alone?


How can spending on training, readiness, force protection, ammunition, personnel, tanks, ships or planes be measured in so-called “peace” outcomes in Iraq, North Korea—or even Darfur, for that matter?

Hirono’s pacifist orientation clashes with the founding of her party. The Hawaiian Democratic Party was put in power in 1954 by Nisei veterans returning from WWII. After fighting for their country in European battles, some of which cost more than 3,100 soldiers in a single day, they couldn’t see themselves going back to living under the thumb of the plantation system. Hirono isn’t part of that tradition. Hirono wants
America to run from a War on Terror which has cost
America about 3,100 soldiers in five years.

Hirono does not explain how peace comes from restoring
America’s Clinton-era cut-and-run “reputation,” which led to the series of terror attacks culminating on 9/11.
America needs to have a reputation for standing up to attackers. It is only when the
U.S. confronts terrorist warmongers that we are able to promote peace.
Any other reputation invites more attacks. 

Although it has been the defining moment of our lives, Hirono only once mentions 9/11 once: “We need to support the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission and we must fully fund the needs of our firefighters, police officers, and others who serve in the homeland security efforts.” 

This is probably good advice, because if Hirono gets her way in Congress, firefighters and police will again and again find themselves on the front line of the War on Terror—which will have shifted from Iraq and Afghanistan to the heart of American cities.

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