Kyrgyzstan Declares War on Imams “Kyrgyz secret services have decided to establish total control over the activity of Islamic clergy” — because they know that the clergy fuels the jihad.

Kyrgyzstan Declares War on Imams

“Kyrgyz secret services have decided to establish total control over the activity of Islamic clergy” — because they know that the clergy fuels the jihad. Western authorities, meanwhile, persist in ignoring this fact. From AxisGlobe, with thanks to A Girl Scout:

Kyrgyz secret services have decided to establish total control over the activity of Islamic clergy. According to operational data, clerics are getting more and more actively involved in the radical organizations, including filling supervising positions there. Similar situation is especially dangerous as «the Kyrgyz pattern» might be in the long term demanded in the scale of the entire Central Asia…Total espionage plan

The National Security Service (SNB) of Kyrgyzstan has developed a special plan on strengthening the control over the republic’s Islamic clergy. This was told by a high-ranking source in the diplomatic department of one of the Central Asian region countries. According to his information, the plan contains a list of actions directed to activation of gathering of data on current activity and external contacts of the Islamic clerics.

The paramount attention in this document is paid to the following aspects of activity of the clergy:

– Content of appearances in mosques, in the lessons in religious educational institutions, and during informal meetings with the believers;
– Content of the religious literature, audio and video materials distributed by clerics;
– Structure of visitors of mosques, in particular their ethnic belonging and political views. Special interest is represented with possible contacts of clerics with the activists of the illegal Islamic fundamentalist organizations, especially of the Jihadist persuasion;
– Participation of clerics in private business, first of all, in partnership with foreign businessmen, in particular from the Arab countries, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Britain;
– Personality of the foreign sponsors allocating donations to concrete clerics;
– Foreign trips of clerics, both on religious and commercial motives.
First of all it concerns those clerics who from the end of the 1990s – the beginning of the 2000s more than one to three times had gone abroad behind the CIS borders.

The following categories of the Islamic clergy are representing heightened interest for the SNB:

– Persons who have arrived from Uzbekistan since the first half of the 1990s, and even more those who have arrived within the last six to eight years;
– Natives of Kyrgyzstan of Uzbek and Uighur origin, living or having earlier lived in the southern part of the republic, especially in the urban centers of Osh, Jalalabad and Batken areas;
– Persons younger than 35 years of age, having received religious education of Islamic clergy outside the CIS after proclamation of the state independence, especially in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Egypt;
– Persons combining duties of cleric with private business, especially those who have continuous contacts with the foreign partners.
The plan is developed and will be realized with an active assistance of secret services of Uzbekistan and Russia. It is aimed not only at revealing the secret supporters of the fundamentalist movement in the environment of the Islamic clergy. In opinion of the SNB analysts, such clerics play far not the last role in the activity of the organizations of radical trend. It is determined by the fact that they have continuous contacts with many believers and the legal right to conducting religious propagation. Moreover, by experience of the Middle East countries (in particular Palestine and Jordan), and also other republics of Central Asia (especially Uzbekistan), attendants of mosques and teachers of Islamic educational institutions may privately participate in the medium and the highest level of leadership of the fundamentalist movement. While other prominent members of the organizations of similar trend are compelled to operate in the conditions of conspiracy, clerics are public figures.


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