Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing

September 29, 2006 Tasked with pinpointing motivation, analysts find
terrorists ‘rational actors’ following ‘holy book’
With suicide bombings spreading from Iraq to Afghanistan, the Pentagon has tasked intelligence analysts to pinpoint what’s driving Muslim after Muslim to do the unthinkable.Their preliminary finding is politically explosive: it’s their “holy book” the Quran after all, according to intelligence briefings obtained by WND.

In public, the U.S. government has made an effort to avoid linking the terrorist threat to Islam and the Quran while dismissing suicide terrorists as crazed heretics who pervert Islamic teachings.

“The terrorists distort the idea of jihad into a call for violence and murder,” the White House maintains in its recently released “National Strategy for Combating Terrorism” report.

But internal Pentagon briefings show intelligence analysts have reached a wholly different conclusion after studying Islamic scripture and the backgrounds of suicide terrorists. They’ve found that most Muslim suicide bombers are in fact students of the Quran who are motivated by its violent commands – making them, as strange as it sounds to the West, “rational actors” on the Islamic stage.

Palestinian child pretends he’s a suicide bomber

In Islam, it is not how one lives one’s life that guarantees spiritual salvation, but how one dies, according to the briefings. There are great advantages to becoming a martyr. Dying while fighting the infidels in the cause of Allah reserves a special place and honor in Paradise. And it earns special favor with Allah.

“Suicide in defense of Islam is permitted, and the Islamic suicide bomber is, in the main, a rational actor,” concludes a recent Pentagon briefing paper titled, “Motivations of Muslim Suicide Bombers.”

Suicide for Allah a ‘win-win’

“His actions provide a win-win scenario for himself, his family, his faith and his God,” the document explains. “The bomber secures salvation and the pleasures of Paradise. He earns a degree of financial security and a place for his family in Paradise. He defends his faith and takes his place in a long line of martyrs to be memorialized as a valorous fighter.

“And finally, because of the manner of his death, he is assured that he will find favor with Allah,” the briefing adds. “Against these considerations, the selfless sacrifice by the individual Muslim to destroy Islam’s enemies becomes a suitable, feasible and acceptable course of action.”

The briefing – produced by a little-known Pentagon intelligence unit called the Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA – cites a number of passages from the Quran dealing with jihad, or “holy” warfare, martyrdom and Paradise, where “beautiful mansions” and “maidens” await martyr heroes. In preparation for attacks, suicide terrorists typically recite passages from six surahs, or chapters, of the Quran: Baqura (Surah 2), Al Imran (3), Anfal (8), Tawba (9), Rahman (55) and Asr (103).

CIFA staffs hundreds of investigators and analysts to help coordinate Pentagon security efforts at U.S. military installations at home and abroad.

The Pentagon unit is especially concerned about a new wave of suicide bombings hitting Afghanistan.

Suicide bombings have killed more than 200 people in Afghanistan this year, up from single digits two years ago. On Tuesday, a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest and killed 18 outside an Afghan government compound. Last week, a suicide bomber riding a bike killed at least four NATO soldiers. And earlier this month, a suicide car bomber rammed into a U.S. military convoy near the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, killing 16 people, including two American soldiers.

500 suicide bombers in reserve

The U.S. command in Afghanistan now warns that a suicide bombing cell is operating inside the Afghan capital. Meanwhile, the Taliban’s top military commander told ABC News he has 500 suicide bombers at his disposal.

“We have so many of them that it is difficult to accommodate and arm and equip them,” Mullah Dadullah Akhund said. “Some of them have been waiting for a year or more for their turn to be sent to the battlefield.”

The emergence of a suicide cell in Kabul troubles military analysts because suicide attacks are the most effective weapon Muslim terrorists can use against the West. The Rand Corp. predicts they’ll pose a serious and constant threat to the U.S. for years to come.

The U.S. intelligence community is growing increasingly worried, as well.

“Most jihadist groups will use suicide attacks focused primarily on soft targets to implement asymmetric warfare strategy,” warns the just-declassified executive summary of the National Intelligence Estimate on the global terror threat. “Fighters with experience in Iraq are a potential source of leadership for jihadists pursuing these tactics.”

Many scholars and media pundits, however, insist Muslim suicide bombers are not driven by religion.

“Beneath the religious rhetoric with which [such terror] is perpetrated, it occurs largely in the service of secular aims,” claims Professor Robert A. Pape of the University of Chicago. “Suicide terrorism is mainly a response to foreign occupation rather than a product of Islamic fundamentalism.”

He says U.S. foreign policy is more a factor than faith.

“Though it speaks of Americans as infidels, al-Qaida is less concerned with converting us to Islam than removing us from Arab and Muslim lands,” Pape said.

But what about the recent video by Adam Gadahn, the American al-Qaida, warning fellow Americans to convert to Islam before al-Qaida attacks again?

“He never mentions virgins or the benefits Islamic martyrs receive in Heaven,” Pape asserted.

In fact, Gadahn notes 36 minutes into his speech that Allah reserves the highest rewards – “honors and delights” – for martyrs in Paradise.

“[He] promised the martyr in his path the reward over and above the reward of the believer,” Gadahn said. “He has promised them honors and delights too numerous to go into here.”

The 9/11 hijackers and the London bombers made martyrdom videos. In their last testaments, they recite the Quran while talking of their “love of death” and “sacrificing life for Allah.” Seven martyrdom videotapes also were recovered by British authorities in the foiled transatlantic sky terror plot.

Before the 9/11 attacks, the hijackers shaved and doused themselves with flower water in preparation for their weddings with the beautiful virgins in Paradise. “Know that the women of Paradise are waiting, calling out ‘Come hither, friend of Allah,'” according to a four-page letter circulated among them titled “THE LAST NIGHT.” “They have dressed in their most beautiful clothing.”

But are the virgins scriptural or apocryphal? French documentarian Pierre Rehov, who interviewed the families of suicide bombers and would-be bombers in an attempt to find out why they do it, says it’s not a myth or fantasy of heretics.

He says there’s no doubt the Quran “promises virgins” to Muslim men who die while fighting infidels in jihad, and it’s a key motivating factor behind suicide terrorism.

“It’s obviously connected to religion,” said Rehov, who features his interviews with Muslims in a recently released film, “Suicide Killers.” “They really believe they are going to get the virgins.”

He says would-be Muslim suicide bombers he’s interviewed have shown him passages in the Quran “in which it’s absolutely written that they’re going to get the girls in the afterlife.”

Muslim clerics do not disavow the virgins-for-martyrs reward as a perverted interpretation of the Quran.

And even Muslim leaders in the West condone suicide bombings. British scholar Azzam Tamimi recently told 8,000 Muslims in Manchester, England, that dying while fighting “George Bush and Tony Blair” is “just” and “the greatest act of martyrdom.” Earlier, he said it’s “the straight way to pleasing Allah.”

And the founder of an allegedly mainstream Muslim group in Washington – the Council on American-Islamic Relations – also has given his blessing to suicide bombings.

Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine’s annual convention in Chicago, CAIR founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who “kill themselves for Islam,” according to a transcript provided by terror expert Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project.

“Fighting for freedom, fighting for Islam, that is not suicide,” Ahmad asserted. “They kill themselves for Islam.”

Osama bin Laden has encouraged “Muslims brothers” to defeat the U.S. and U.K. with suicide attacks.

“I tell you to act upon the orders of Allah,” he said in 2003, “be united against Bush and Blair and defeat them through suicide attacks so that you may be successful before Allah.”  

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-‘Aziz: We Will Cut Off Tongues of Those Who Try to Distort Islam With Reform and Progress – They Are Serving the West — These are our allies??????

Special Dispatch Series – No. 1305
October 4, 2006 No.1305

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-‘Aziz: We Will Cut Off Tongues of Those Who Try to Distort Islam With Reform and Progress – They Are Serving the West

The following are excerpts from a speech by Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-‘Aziz, which aired on Al-Majd TV on September 25, 2006.


Prince Nayef bin Abd Al-‘Aziz: “Brothers, we are not alone in this world. We are not living on a planet of our own. We are living in the center of this world, with all its good and evil. I say clearly that the evil of this generation is far worse than that of other generations. Everybody should know that our country – because it is the country of Islam, and because it is a country that implements the Koran and the Sunna – is the primary target for the things that are happening in the world.”


“We are being targeted from many directions. I say, with the utmost pain and sorrow, that we are being targeted by those who claim to be Muslims. These people have become preachers, instruments, and implementers of the will of the enemies of Islam, whether knowingly or unknowingly.”


“Jihad is here. We must wage jihad against the enemies of Allah here. The enemies of Allah are in our midst. They claim to be Muslims, although they are as far as can be from Islam. They call themselves ‘reformists’ or ‘preachers,’ and say that we support the West. They are hostile to us on these grounds. Yet at the same time, the Westerners and others claim that we are the birthplace of these people. Where are we? Why don’t we tell these people who we are? Why don’t we argue with them, discuss things with them? Why don’t we respond to everything they say? Why don’t we restrict the ignorant among us, or even those who think they are Islamic scholars?”


“The enemies of the Muslims have used Muslims and Arabs to corrupt Islam and the Arabs. I don’t think any of you present denies this fact.”


“Is it not an insult to Islam in general that someone so plain and worthless like Osama bin Laden is considered important? Does anyone accept this? Not only is he worthless, but he is an agent. He was an agent of foreign intelligence agencies, and he still is – him and those who support him. Who established Al-Qaeda?”


“Al-Qaeda has taken advantage of bin Laden’s money, and they put him in the forefront, because he is affiliated with the Saudi kingdom. Even though he is from another country, he received Saudi citizenship. Who is Al-Zawahiri? We must ask ourselves, Who is Abdallah ‘Azzam, the spiritual father of these people?”


“My brothers, the danger is even greater. Even those people have become tools in the hands of the enemies. Unless we face reality with truth, courage, and evidence, and if we do not stop all the transgressors who are trying to distort Islam with their claims of reform and their corrupt progress – this will be dangerous. These people have been tempted by the West, and have been employed in its service. We are familiar with their relations with foreign elements. We are fighting them and will continue to fight them, and we will cut off their tongues.”

Turkish hijacking not Pope Rage

Turkish hijacking not Pope Rage

“I am a Christian and don’t want to serve a Muslim army,” one of the Turkish hijackers wrote to Pope Benedict. Now it appears they are seeking asylum. This is, of course, completely contrary to previous reports from AP and others that the hijacking was fueled by Pope Rage. “Passengers safe as hijacking ends,” from CNN:

BRINDISI, Italy (CNN) — A hijacking episode that began over Greek airspace has ended in Italy with all 113 people aboard released and both unarmed Turkish hijackers in the custody of Italian aviation authorities, Italian officials said.Earlier reports on Tuesday that the hijackers were protesting Pope Benedict XVI’s planned visit to Turkey were apparently incorrect; authorities now say that the hijackers have requested political asylum.

Turkish officials said one of the hijackers, identified as Hasan Ekinci, wrote a letter to the pope in August asking for help in avoiding service in the Turkish army.

“I am a Christian and don’t want to serve a Muslim army,” he wrote, adding that he had been attending church since 1998….

Albanian member of parliament Sabri Abazi, spoke to ANSA news agency by telephone from the hijacked airline. “They haven’t heard us talking,” he said, according to Reuters.

Abazi said there was one hijacker in the cockpit and another in the cabin. “Up to now we have seen no weapons or use of violence

The Arab world is subject to genocide, it is true. It’s just that it’s mostly self-inflicted, and Israel has nothing to do with any of it. An article by Ben Dror Yemini, Ma’ariv correspondent

Did Democrats Page Mark Foley?

Mon Oct 2, 7:00 PM ET Scandal:

 Right after Mark Foley was revealed to have had inappropriate e-mail conversations with a 16-year-old page, he resigned and checked into rehab. Now, what did Democrats know, and when did they know it?Yes, you read that right: the Democrats. It’s of course clear that Foley, a Republican representative from Florida, resigned for good cause. We don’t defend him or his inexcusable behavior — good riddance.But it didn’t take long at all after Foley’s resignation for the Democrats to call for an investigation of the entire Republican leadership in the House, charging that GOP stalwarts knew early on that Foley, as they like to say in the rehab business, had a “problem.”Democrats have begun losing their once-significant lead in the polls, and a mere five weeks remain until the midterm elections. Is this scandal the Democrats’ own “October Surprise,” meant to throw the GOP into a tailspin shortly before the vote?Recent polls show Democrats aren’t doing very well on several key issues. What better way than a good, old-fashioned sex scandal to get people’s minds off such things as the importance of winning the war in Iraq, our ongoing vulnerability to terrorist attack and the necessity of keeping the Bush economic boom going?As it is, Republicans deny knowing about the explicit text messages that Foley sent to a 16-year-old congressional page back in 2003. In repudiating Foley, House Speaker Dennis Hastert called the messages “vile and repulsive.”Despite this, the immediate take by Democrats and much of the mainstream media was that this was a classic example of Republican hypocrisy — talking “morals” and “values” while all the time shielding a child predator. But it was nothing of the kind.If anything, the episode reveals the Democrats’ hypocrisy about their own behavior. The fact that Foley resigned virtually within minutes of being told that ABC News had copies of his salacious e-mails and text messages indicates he at least felt shame for his actions. Can the same be said for Democrats?Sadly, it doesn’t seem so. How else can you explain the following?In 1983, then-Democratic Rep. Gerry Studds of Massachusetts was caught in a similar situation. In his case, Studds had sex with a male teenage page — something Foley hasn’t been charged with.Did Studds express contrition? Resign? Quite the contrary. He rejected Congress’ censure of him and continued to represent his district until his retirement in 1996.In 1989, Rep. Barney Frank (news, bio, voting record), also of Massachusetts, admitted he’d lived with Steve Gobie, a male prostitute who ran a gay sex-for-hire ring out of Frank’s apartment. Frank, it was later discovered, used his position to fix 33 parking tickets for Gobie.What happened to Frank? The House voted 408-18 to reprimand him — a slap on the wrist. Today he’s an honored Democratic member of Congress, much in demand as a speaker and “conscience of the party.”In 2001, President Clinton, who had his own intern problem, commuted the prison sentence of Illinois Rep. Mel Reynolds, who had sex with a 16-year-old campaign volunteer and pressured her to lie about it. (Reynolds also was convicted of campaign spending violations.)You get the idea. Democrats not only seem OK with the kind of behavior for which Foley is charged, but also they protect and excuse it. Only when it’s a Republican do they proclaim themselves shocked — shocked! — when it comes to light.We have a lot more questions about this whole affair. The timing of the revelations, as we noted, couldn’t be more propitious for the Democrats. Turns out both the Democrats and several newspapers seem to have known about Foley’s problem as far back as November, according to research by several enterprising blogs.Why didn’t they come forward then? Who dredged up these e-mails — and why did they hold them until now? This reeks of political trickery.We’re glad Foley’s gone. He betrayed Congress, his party and the trust of the 33 pages who serve in Congress, and their parents. He behaved immorally, and we won’t be surprised at new revelations. That said, if this scandal is the Democrats’ answer to their problems at the polls, it’s pretty pathetic. It shows a base contempt for the voters.

North Korea says will conduct nuclear test

Oct 3, 8:31 AM (ET) By Jonathan ThatcherSEOUL (Reuters) – An increasingly isolated North Korea said on Tuesday it would conduct its first-ever nuclear test, blaming a U.S. “threat of nuclear war and sanctions” for forcing its hand.The statement by North Korea’s foreign ministry, carried on the official KCNA news agency, was condemned by neighboring Japan as “unacceptable” and caused South Korea to increase its security alert.The announcement confirms weeks of rumors the communist state was planning a test and came amid increasingly sour relations with the outside world after it test-fired missiles in July.“The U.S. extreme threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure compel the DPRK (North Korea) to conduct a nuclear test, an essential process for bolstering nuclear deterrent, as a corresponding measure for defense,” the statement said.But it added that North Korea would never use nuclear weapons first and would “do its utmost to realize the denuclearization of the peninsula and give impetus to the world-wide nuclear disarmament and the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons.”Analysts say North Korea probably has enough fissile material to make six to eight nuclear bombs but probably does not have the technology to make one small enough to mount on a missile.Pyongyang’s latest and, to date, most extreme saber-rattling was most probably aimed at trying to force the United States into direct talks and end a painful financial crackdown on impoverished North Korean offshore bank accounts, analysts said.Japan’s new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, said any nuclear test by North Korea would be unacceptable.“North Korea needs to realize that unless it responds to the concerns of international society, its situation will only worsen,” he told reporters. DANGEROUSThe North Korean statement comes as Abe readies for talks with leaders in China and South Korea from this weekend.Officials in China — North Korea’s main suppliers of aid — gave no immediate official response to the report.Top South Korean security officials met and issued a statement outlining the increased security alert, the presidential Blue House said.Both Koreas, China and Japan are members of six-nation talks trying to end Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program. The two other members are Russia and the United States.North Korea walked out of the talks almost a year ago and has refused to return until the United States ends its financial squeeze.“Pyongyang has been increasingly controlled by hardliners in the past months and its policies and words have become more and more extreme. The situation is really dangerous,” said Shi Yinhong, professor of International Relations at Renmin University in Beijing.“I think by the statement they want to show their resolve to conduct a nuclear test. It’s not that they will do that this month or next month. Technological preparations take time. But they want to tell the world that a political decision has been made and they will just do it.”North Korea has a long history of triggering diplomatic crises to get itself heard.A nuclear test is certain to be seen as another attempt by North Korea to force the United States into direct negotiations, something it has long pushed for but which Washington has rejected until Pyongyang returns to the six-party talks.“North Korea thinks it has no other option but to press the United States to have bilateral negotiations with them. North Korea has nothing to lose by conducting a nuclear test,” Chang Myung-soon, an expert on North Korea’s military, said.“It wouldn’t care if its people will starve due to toughened economic sanctions, and a military attack on North Korea will be really difficult considering opposition from South Korea, China and Russia,” he said. INCREASING THREATNorth Korea blamed the United States for the latest ratcheting up of tension on the Korean peninsula, which has been divided for more than 50 years after a war for which no formal peace treaty has ever been signed.It accused Washington of trying to topple its government with the financial crackdown. The United States said the measures are aimed at curbing illicit activity, such as counterfeiting.“The U.S. daily increasing threat of a nuclear war and its vicious sanctions and pressure have caused a grave situation on the Korean peninsula in which the supreme interests and security of our state are seriously infringed upon and the Korean nation stands at the crossroads of life and death,” the North Korean statement said.Renmin University’s Shi said: “They are also using this as a means to scare the United States and its allies to ease the sanctions and pressures imposed on it. Their primary concern is the financial sanctions.”John Swensen-Wright, associate professor at the Chatham House think tank in London, said the announcement appeared to be timed for the upcoming congressional elections in the United States.“The mid-term elections are only five or six weeks away. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the North Korean leadership has chosen this time to put maximum pressure on Washington,” he said.(Additional reporting by Jack Kim and Kim So-young in Seoul, Linda Sieg in Tokyo, Chris Buckley in Beijing and Gideon Long in London) 

Video: Wafa Sultan on the Mohammed cartoons; Update: Interview with Bassam Tibi

Where  are the Islamic men with this kind of courage ?????