Islam according to Al-Qaeda and mullahs

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Islam according to Al-Qaeda and mullahs

Kash Kheirkhah

Moustafa Akkad, the Syrian-born director of the biggest hollywood movie on Islam “The Message”– an epic depicting the life of Muslims’ Prophet Muhammad–was killed along with his daughter and almost 60 other Muslims in one of the three hotel bombings in Amman, Jordan earlier this week.

In an interview in 1976, Akkad said he felt it was his obligation to tell the truth about Islam, a religion with 700 million followers, and reintroduce it it to the West. Little did he know then that someday, he of all people, will fall victim to the fanatics of the same religion whose image he tried to promote through his blockbuster movie, a religion now represented by Al-Qaeda terrorists and Iran’s mullahs and promoted through their repulsive, murderous ideology.

In this new version of Islam, blowing up mosques and U.N. buildings, beheading aid workers and journalists, proclaiming fatwahs against other Muslims, wiping out other nations, organized killing of innocent Muslims, women and children in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all perfectly legitimate and shamelessly praised as “God’s will”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a muslim and it’s your wedding day, the day Prophet Muhammad praises as one of the holiest days in Islam. So long as you are dancing and celebrating instead of planning for a suicide mission with your spouse, you are the wrong kind of muslim and you must pay for it.

It doesn’t matter if as a Palestinian, you are now able to negotiate your way through political means and get your rights back. So long as you are shaking hands with Israelis and the Americans on peace agreements instead of signing it with your blood, you are the wrong kind of Muslim as death worthy as Israelis, Americans, Britons, Spaniards etc.

It doesn’t matter if you are a highly-respected UN representative and public servant such as Sergio Vieira de Mello, trying to help bring back stability to a muslim nation, or a dedicated relief worker such as Marla Ruzicka, helping the injured, displaced, or homeless muslims, or an extraordinary charity worker like Margaret Hassan, helping the poor Muslims for over 25 years. If you are working for the future welfare of Muslims, In this version of Islam, you must be rewarded with death.

Building roads, making hospitals and framing constitutions in a Muslim country are big enough crimes to warrant your death, whether you are a Muslim or not. This Islam is not about developing a vibrant, peaceful democracy, but poor, captive nations controled by the rejected ideologies of the past, not about new modern buildings and roads, but dark crampy caves, not about the joy of life, but the sadistic pleasures of death.

This sadism is amply vivid in the words of pschyco-fanatics such as Iran’s Friday prayer Mullah, Ahmad Janati who hailed yesterday the coward, cold-blooded killing of former Iranian prime minister Amir Abbas Hoveida with a single bullet. (Hoveida wasn’t allowed to defend himself in the so-called Islamic court in early 1979. Right after his final appearance in that court, as he was being escorted back to his prison cell, He was shot on the head from behind by the mullah head of the court Sadegh Khalkhali). Referring to Hoveida’s murder as an example of the values of Islamic Republic, Janati lavished praise on the system for the mass execution of Iran’s former officials and said, “Hoveida was brought to court. They didn’t speak to him much. Instead, they got rid of him with a single bullet. That’s the way it should be. That’s when we thank God for the Islamic Republic.”

And that’s where Islam stands today, an ideological tool used for unprovoked hostility and ruthless murders of innocent people, in the hands of terrorists such as Bin Laden and Janati whose every fiber of their existence is filled with hate, darkness, death and destruction.

And Moustapha Akkad won’t be the last muslim to pay such a heavy price for this version of Islam.

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