Somali cleric calls for pope’s death

Somali cleric calls for pope’s death


September 17, 2006 

A HARDLINE cleric linked to Somalia’s powerful Islamist movement has called for Muslims to “hunt down” and kill Pope Benedict XVI for his controversial comments about Islam.Sheikh Abubukar Hassan Malin urged Muslims to find the pontiff and punish him for insulting the Prophet Mohammed and Allah in a speech that he said was as offensive as author Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses.“We urge you Muslims wherever you are to hunt down the Pope for his barbaric statements as you have pursued Salman Rushdie, the enemy of Allah who offended our religion,” he said in Friday evening prayers.“Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim,” Malin, a prominent cleric in the Somali capital, told worshippers at a mosque in southern Mogadishu.“We call on all Islamic Communities across the world to take revenge on the baseless critic called the pope,” he said.Reached by telephone on Saturday, Malin confirmed making the remarks that were echoed in less strident form by other senior clerics in the Supreme Islamic Council of Somalia (SICS).Another SICS executive member, Sheikh Ahmed Abdullahi, vented similar anger at the pope’s “barbarous criticism” but stopped short of calling for his murder.“He must apologise because he has offended the most honorable person who ever lived in the world,” Abdullahi said.The German-born leader of the Roman Catholic Church has been condemned in the Muslim world for comments he made at a Tuesday lecture, in which he implicitly denounced links between Islam and violence, particularly with reference to jihad, or “holy war.”The pope also quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who said innovations introduced by the Prophet Mohammed were “evil and inhuman.”Somalia, a Horn of Africa nation of some 10 million mainly moderate Muslims, has been wracked by instability for the past 16 years but has recently seen the rise of fundamentalist Islamists who seized the capital in June.AFP


Bush rules out meeting with Ahmadinejad

Bush rules out meeting with Ahmadinejad

Both US and Iranian presidents are scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly in New York next week, but Bush said the two would not meet. ‘I have made it clear that we will sit down with the Iranians once they verifiably suspend their enrichment program. I meant what I said,’ Bush states
Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – US President George W. Bush declared Friday that he has no intention of meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his visit to the United Nations headquarters in New York next week.  Bush and Ahmadinejad are expected to carry speeches Tuesday in front of the UN General Assembly, with Bush’s oration scheduled for the morning hours and Ahmadinejad’s for the evening.  Bush addressed the press at the White House’s Rose Garden Friday. When asked whether he would take advantage of the opportunity to meet with the Iranian president, he responded unequivocally, “No. No I will not meet with him.” Bush reiterated the conditions for the US to speak with Iranian leaders, namely, when the nation has verifiably halted uranium enrichment.  The US president noted that during Hizbullah’s offensive against Israel in Lebanon in July, the United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1696, which gave Iran an ultimatum – the 31st of August – to stop enriching uranium. A few weeks have already passed since the deadline, and Iran has failed to make any moving towards compliance.  US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice clarified during a meeting with Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni this week that discussions were finished and the matter would be set before the UN next week.  ‘Common consensus’Bush again emphasized that Iran must be prevented from developing nuclear weapons.  The president noted that internationally there was a “common consensus” on the issue, and the aim is to advance towards a solution without allowing Iran to plant obstacles to the progress. “I have made it clear that we will sit down with the Iranians once they verifiably suspend their enrichment program. I meant what I said,” Bush stated.  He said his trip to New York aimed to clarify that the process must be advanced quickly, without Iran disrupting it.

 Ahmadinejad, on his part, hoped the New York event would pit US and the West in debate against Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and the nations of the Non-aligned Movement, and last week challenged Bush to a televised debate. ‘Frustrated’ by UN Ahead of his departure to New York to address the UN General Assembly, Bush expressed dissatisfaction with the organization. He said the Americans were frustrated with the functioning of the UN.  Speaking of the situation in Darfur, Bush said: “The problem is that the United Nations hasn’t acted. And so I can understand why those who are concerned about Darfur are frustrated. I am,” he said.  “I’d like to see more robust United Nations action.” He further hinted that the UN should better use American tax money. ‘Enemy wants to attack again’Meanwhile, facing a Republican revolt in the Senate, Bush urged Congress to join in backing legislation to spell out strategies for interrogating and trying terror suspects, saying “the enemy wants to attack us again.”  “Time is running out,” Bush told reporters. “Congress needs to act wisely and promptly.”  Bush denied that the United States might lose the high ground in the eyes of world opinion, as former Secretary of State Colin Powell suggested.  “It’s unacceptable to think there’s any kind of comparison between the behavior of the United States of America and the action of Islamic extremists who kill innocent women and children to achieve an objective,” said Bush, growing animated as he spoke.


Mulla Dadullah terms Pope’s remarks as war against Islam


Mulla Dadullah terms Pope’s remarks as war against Islam

Chief Military Commander of Taliban Mulla Dadullah has said that Pope’s remarks proved that a war has begun against Islam in the world. Talking to Afghan Islamic Press from and undisclosed location on Saturday (Sept. 16), Mulla Dadullah, said, “The Pope’s remarks were false and misleading and he knows nothing about Islam. Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) preached Islam for 13 years in Mecca and migrated to Madina due to Kafirs (infidels) but the infidels followed Him to Madina for fighting.”

 As Bush had termed the present war as crusade, similarly the Pope Benedict XVI statement proved that the ongoing war is not between Afghans and Americans but this is a war between Islam and infidelity and now it has been proved that a war has been started against Islam, Mullad Dadullah said while commenting over Pope’s remarks. He termed the present situation in Afghanistan in favour of Taliban and said that government has no control over southern provinces as Taliban rule these areas.

Asked how many suicide attackers Taliban have in their ranks, the Taliban military commander said, “Now, I have 500 suicide attackers (Fidaeen) and we have set up training centres in Afghanistan for the formal training of suicide attackers.” To a question about NATO decision of sending more troops to Afghanistan, Dadullah said, “We have no fear neither we have any concern as the more infidels come to Afghanistan, the more will be killed.” He dismissed government figures of Taliban casualties and said, “Once I saw 25 bodies of the enemy soldiers but the enemy reported that one of their soldiers was killed and one wounded.”

About the huge civilian casualties in Taliban attacks, he said, “We do not kill civilians but the government do it as approximately 400 to 500 civilians were killed by collation and Afghan forces in Panjwai.” He also criticized Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf for his remarks, saying that “It is not a matter of Pakhtuns but every Muslim in the world is our supporter and if they think us more dangerous then really we are.”

Dadullah also rejected reports of the presence of Mulla Omar and Osma bin Laden in Pakistan and said they were not in Pakistan because Pakistan did not allow them as it handed over 250 fighters to Afghanistan during the last one and half months. With the beginning of new year (21 March 2006) our war and explosions will be in the heart of Kabul, he concluded.

Source: AIP

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Security around pope beefed up

Security around pope beefed up

Italian media report security around Benedict XVI tightened following harsh responses to his remarks on Islam; pope expected to deliver weekly sermon from his summer home on Sunday, but it remains unclear whether he will address international uproar
Nir Magal and agencies

Italian media reported that security around Pope Benedict XVI has been beefed up following the harsh responses to his remarks on Islam.  On Sunday the pope is expected to deliver his weekly sermon from his summer home, and it is still not clear whether he will address the international uproar his comments have stirred. In a speech delivered last week in Germany the pope quoted 14th-century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus who said: “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”  Following harsh condemnations from the Muslim world, the Vatican issues a statement saying that the pope is “extremely upset” that Muslims have been offended by some of his words. The new Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, said that the pope’s position on Islam is unmistakably in line with Vatican teaching that the Church “esteems Muslims, who adore the only God.”   Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that the pope’s comments were “ugly” and said the pontiff should withdraw them.  “The Pope spoke like a politician rather than as a man of religion,” Erdogan said. “We cannot accept these statements. The Islamic world cannot accept them. I think these statements cannot be accepted by the Christian and Catholic world either.”  Hizbullah and Lebanon’s top Sunni Muslim religious authority denounced the pope’s remarks, with the militant Shiite Muslim group warning of a global religious schism.  Hizbullah called on the Vatican to review the pope’s “declared attitude which can lead to world divisions and from which the enemies of humanity – the neo-conservatives led by (US President George W.) Bush and the neo-racists and Nazis, the Zionists who attack civilians and the land – can benefit.” ‘We will blow up all of Gaza’s churches’The spiritual leader of Lebanon’s Sunnis, the Grand Mufti Sheik Mohammed Rashid Kabbani, said the pope’s remarks emanated either from “Ignorance and lack of knowledge or were deliberately intended to distort Islam.”  Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said “there should be no controversy; the pope has already explained his true intentions. The religious dialogue and the respect for every religion is a necessity, and religion doesn’t justify violence.  

 Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said of Benedict XVI: He is a great pope, with great intelligence.  Right-wing politician Roberto Calderoli said “I ask myself some crazy member of the Left will come forth and demand the pope’s resignation. According to the crazy people, he has offended the Muslim world. The holy father’s message is that of peace and dialogue.”  Five churches throughout the West Bank were attacked by Palestinians wielding guns and firebombs.  Firebombings left black scorch marks on the walls and windows of Nablus’ Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches. At least five firebombs hit the Anglican church and its door was later set ablaze. Smoke billowed from the church as firefighters put out the flames  In a phone call to The Associated Press, a group calling itself the “Lions of Monotheism” claimed responsibility for those attacks, saying they were carried out to protest the pope’s remarks in a speech this week in Germany linking Islam and violence.  Later Saturday, four masked gunmen doused the main doors of Nablus’ Roman and Greek Catholic churches with lighter fluid, then set them afire. They also opened fire on the buildings, striking both with bullets.  In Gaza City, militants opened fire from a car at a Greek Orthodox church, striking the facade. A policeman at the scene said he saw a Mitsubishi escape with armed men inside. Explosive devices were set off at the same Gaza church on Friday, causing minor damage. On Friday night about 2,000 protesters gathered outside the Palestinian parliament building to express their anger at the pope’s statement. “This is a new crusade against the Arab Islamic world. It comes in different forms, in cartoons or lectures … They hate our religion,” Ismail Radwan, a local Hamas official, told the rally. During one rally gunmen in Gaza city opened fire at the Greek Orthodox church; no injuries or damage were reported. An unknown organization named “The sword of Islam claimed responsibility for the incident. “We want to make it clear that if the pope does not appear on TV and apologize for his comments, we will blow up all of Gaza’s churches,” the group said in a statement.     

Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war

Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war

Muslim world newspapers filled with articles slamming pope’s remarks; ‘it is clear that such remarks only contribute to the fueling of the fire raging between Islam and the West,’ op-ed published in al-Sharq al-Awsat says
Roee Nahmias

The recent remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI on Islam are threatening to ignite the entire Muslim world.  Op-Eds published in the Arab newspapers slammed the pope even after the Vatican’s apology.  The most extreme opinion was voiced by Hani Pahas in the London-based Arabic-language daily newspaper Al-Hayat, who wrote “the pope’s comments may lead to war; we fear that the pope’s statements may lead to a war that we, Muslims and Christians alike, are trying to prevent through dialogue between East and West.  Hussein Shabakshy wrote in an article published by the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat “It is clear that such remarks only contribute to the fueling of the fire raging between Islam and the West. There is no difference between Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri speaking from their caves in Tora Bora and the stage of an important Christian saint. Both parties contribute to the world verbal weapons for mass destruction.”  “The pope’s latest statement cannot be considered a slip of the tongue or a comic bit from a TV show; the situatio0n here is different, and his remarks are indicative of an important and highly symbolic stance toward the religion (Islam) and the prophet of about a billion and-a-half Muslims,” he said.  “These are ignorant comments previously made by Adolf Hitler, who spoke of a supreme white race against all the other races, especially the African race.  Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said a Vatican statement on Saturday saying Pope Benedict was sorry for upsetting Muslims with his comments on Islam did not go far enough.   “We want a personal apology (from the Pope). We feel that he has committed a grave error against us and that this mistake will only be removed through a personal apology,” Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Leader Mohammed Habib told Reuters. The Grand Imam of the Al – Azhar University in Cairo, Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi said the pope’s statements stem from complete ignorance regarding all that is related to Islam.  Other religious leaders throughout the Muslim world, including Iran, also slammed the pope.  The spiritual leader of Lebanon’s Sunnis, the Grand Mufti Sheik Mohammed Rashid Kabbani, said the pope’s remarks emanated either from “Ignorance and lack of knowledge or were deliberately intended to distort Islam.”  “Reason is the substance of Islam and its teachings … Islam prohibited violence in human life. Anyone who wants the truth (about Islam) must take it from Islam’s holy book, the Koran, rather than from a dialogue or excerpts,” he said.  ‘Assad can’t sleep at night’  Meanwhile in Lebanon, prominent Shiite leader Muhammad Hassan said Hizbullah failed to prove during the recent war that it is capable of preventing Israel from attacking the country. In an interview with Al-Sharq al-Awsat Hassan said “the resistance, despite the strong military resolve and the heroic acts of its warriors, it did not prove to be a deterrent against such technologically-supreme aggression and an aggressive air force. This deterrence was only successful on the ground.” The anti-Syrian “March 14 Forces” said in response to claims made by Hizbullah Chief Hassan Nasrallah that the group had repeatedly ‘stabbed Lebanon in the back’ that Hizbullah has launched a political battle that has resulted in a major split. Nasrallah’s political advisor Hussein Halil said “their (March 14 Forces) culture is similar to Israeli demands. We want to protect this land from foreign patrons.” Tensions in Lebanon are mounting ahead of the next UN report on the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. In an interview with UPI, Former Syrian Vice President Abdel Halim Khaddam reiterated his claim that Syrian President Bashar Assad is to blame for the murder. Asked why Assad was absent from the summit of Non-Aligned Movement nations in Cuba, Khaddam said “Bashar can’t sleep at night. He is very fearful regarding the internal situation and is afraid to leave the country for fear he may not be able to return.”   

Islam and Christianity The Koran vs. The Bible

The Mullahs’ Europe

The Mullahs’ Europe
By Robert Spencer | September 22, 2004

How quickly is Europe being Islamized? So quickly that even historian Bernard Lewis, who has continued throughout his honor-laden career to be strangely disingenuous about certain realities of Islamic radicalism and terrorism, told the German newspaper Die Welt forthrightly that “Europe will be Islamic by the end of the century.”

Or maybe sooner. Consider some indicators from Scandinavia this past week:

• Sweden’s third-largest city, Malmø, according to the Swedish Aftonbladet, has become an outpost of the Middle East in Scandinavia: “The police now publicly admit what many Scandinavians have known for a long time: They no longer control the situation in the nations’s third largest city. It is effectively ruled by violent gangs of Muslim immigrants. Some of the Muslims have lived in the area of Rosengård, Malmø, for twenty years, and still don’t know how to read or write Swedish. Ambulance personnel are attacked by stones or weapons, and refuse to help anybody in the area without police escort. The immigrants also spit at them when they come to help. Recently, an Albanian youth was stabbed by an Arab, and was left bleeding to death on the ground while the ambulance waited for the police to arrive. The police themselves hesitate to enter parts of their own city unless they have several patrols, and need to have guards to watch their cars, otherwise they will be vandalized.”


• The Nordgårdsskolen in Aarhus, Denmark, has become the first Dane-free Danish school. The students now come entirely from Denmark’s fastest-growing constituency: Muslim immigrants.


• Also in Denmark, the Qur’an is now required reading for all upper-secondary school students. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but it is unlikely, given the current ascendancy of political correctness on the Continent, that critical perspectives will be included.


• Pakistani Muslim leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed gave an address at the Islamic Cultural Center in Oslo. He was readily allowed into the country despite that fact that, according to Norway’s Aftenposten, he “has earlier make flattering comments about Osama bin Laden, and his party, Jamaat-e-Islami, also has hailed al-Qaeda members as heroes.” In Norway, he declined to answer questions about whether or not he thought homosexuals should be killed.


Elsewhere in Europe the jihad is taking a more violent form. Dutch officials have uncovered at least fifteen separate terrorist plots, all aimed at punishing the Netherlands for its 1,300 peacekeeping troops in Iraq. And in Spain, Moroccan Muslims, including several suspected participants in the March 11 bombings in Madrid, have taken control of a wing of a Spanish prison. From there they broadcast Muslim prayers at high volume, physically intimidated non-Muslim prisoners, hung portraits of Osama bin Laden, and boasted, “We are going to win the holy war.” The guards’ response? They asked the ringleaders please to lower the volume on the prayers.


What are European governments doing about all this? France is pressing forward with an appeasement campaign to free two French journalists held hostage by jihadists in Iraq. The Swedish state agency for foreign aid is sponsoring a “Palestinian Solidarity Conference,” which aims, among other things, to pressure the European Union to remove the terrorist group Hamas from the EU’s list of terrorist groups – despite Hamas’s long history of encouraging and glorifying the murder of civilians by suicide bombers.


What Europe has long sown it is now reaping. Bat Ye’or, the pioneering historian of dhimmitude, the institutionalized oppression of non-Muslims in Muslim societies, chronicles in her forthcoming book Eurabia how it has come to this. Europe, she explains, began thirty years ago to travel down a path of appeasement, accommodation, and cultural abdication before Islam in pursuit of short-sighted political and economic benefits. She observes that today “Europe has evolved from a Judeo-Christian civilization, with important post-Enlightenment/secular elements, to a ‘civilization of dhimmitude,’ i.e., Eurabia: a secular-Muslim transitional society with its traditional Judeo-Christian mores rapidly disappearing.”


After the Beslan child massacres, however, there are signs from Eastern Europe that this may be changing. Last Sunday Poland turned away one hundred Chechen Muslims who were trying to enter the country from Belarus. This is the sort of measure that the countries west of Poland have been so far unwilling to take. But since one cannot by any means screen out the jihadists from the moderate Muslims, and the moderates are not helping identify the jihadists either, what choice did the Poles have?

 It might not be too long before they will have to turn away entrants from Scandinavia and France as well.

Indonesian Islamist Abu Bakar Bashir: ‘It is Not Democracy That We Want, but Allah-cracy!’

Indonesian Islamist Abu Bakar Bashir: ‘It is Not Democracy That We Want, but Allah-cracy!’

The Indonesian Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, who was released from prison in July 2006 after having been charged with complicity in the Bali terror attacks of 2002, gave an interview to Al-Jazeera in which he outlined his plans for establishing an Islamic state in Indonesia. Bashir attacked democracy and the West, and called on Muslims to wage jihad against the ruling regimes in the Muslim world. The interview appeared on August 21, 2006, on Al-Jazeera’s English-language website.

The following are excerpts from the article: [1]
“We Demand an Islamic State”

“We demand an Islamic state, and not some form of Islamisation of society. We want the state to be Islamic, with Islamic leaders who have the courage and will to implement the shari’a in total. There is no other way…

“We want an Islamic state where Islamic law is not just in the books but enforced, and enforced with determination. There is no space and no room for democratic consultation. The shari’a is set and fixed, so why do we need to discuss it anymore? Just implement it!

“Right now we are drafting our own constitutional amendments for Indonesia, the framework for an Indonesian Islamic state where Islamic laws are enforced. Indonesians must understand that there is no Islamic state without the enforcement of Islamic laws. Otherwise it is just talk and nothing else.”

“Our Leaders Have All Been… Trained to Speak the Way Their Western Bosses Want Them to…”

“…We should not accept the idea that being a radical is a bad thing. Any movement for change will be radical…

“Today the Western powers and media want to domesticate us like sheep, to keep us tame and domesticated. But why are animals domesticated? So that they can be slaughtered in the end!

“That is why they use the label ‘radical’ in the way they do, to keep us scared and to keep us under control. This is true for our leaders, who have all been domesticated and trained to speak the way their Western bosses want them to…

“The West is trying to weaken Islam from outside and inside. They attack our people and invade our countries from outside, and they weaken us from within with ideas like secularism, liberalism and democracy. This is all designed to contaminate our pure Islam.”

“The Jews are Cunning and Cannot Be Trusted”

“There is not a single Muslim leader today who has the courage and commitment to defend Islam and Muslims, they are all in awe of the United States and other Western powers, and are indebted to them… Our Prophet warned that this would be the case in the future, that the Muslim ummat would be great in numbers, but weak in spirit…

“How can Malaysia sign a free trade agreement with America and Japan? Are these not kafir countries? And America today is an enemy of Muslim states and the supporter of Israel. In Islam that makes America a kafirharbi (enemy) state, and we Muslims are obliged to cut off all ties, diplomatic and economic with such an enemy state…

“The Jews are cunning and cannot be trusted, as it states in the Qur’an. At the moment the United States is just being the donkey for Israel, who is riding the USA.

“How can we dialogue for peace in the Arab world as long as Israel exists? Israel cannot dream of having peaceful borders because Israel has no right to exist, no right to be there. That is the land of Palestine, for the Palestinians. How can any Muslim leader say that Israel has the right to safe borders? It should not be there in the first place!…

“There is not a single Islamic state in the world, not even in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are hypocrites and friends of the United States; their leaders are all corrupt and worldly. The closest we ever got to an Islamic state was the Taliban government in Afghanistan, but the Americans destroyed that, with their Western allies…”

“We Need to Go on Jihad Against Our Own Hyprocrite Governments”

“It is the duty for Muslims to oppose their governments when their leaders dialogue with our enemies. It says so in the Quran (Surah 60:9), that those who oppose Islam are our enemies and we must fight against them. So before we dialogue with kafirs, we need to go on jihad against our own hypocrite governments first that are apostates and against Islamic principles…

“Islam is in two parts: the Quran and the Sword.

“The Quran has all the guidelines, rules, norms, laws and punishments we need. The enforcement of the shari’a is the sword we are talking about…”

“If the Prophet Carried a Spear Then… We Can Carry an M-16!”

“Look at the sunna (practice) of the Prophet. When he gave his speeches and sermons he had a spear (tombak) in his hand. Why? This was the symbol of power. His followers knew he was serious, and not simply giving empty talk. He meant what he said and he did what he said he would do.

“Sadly over the centuries Islam grew weak and we forgot that the Prophet carried a spear when he spoke. The spear was replaced with a staff (tongkat) instead, as if Muslims were weak and needed a walking-stick to stand up! We need to go back to this original, strong, robust Islam. Like the Prophet we need to carry the spear (tombak) again. If the Prophet carried a spear, then for us today we can carry an M-16!”

“There is No Democracy in Islam”

“There is no democracy in Islam, so do not try to interpret the Quran and turn Islam into a democracy to suit your needs. God’s law comes first. It is not up to the will of the people to decide what is right and how to live. Rather the will of the people have to be bent to suit the will of God. It is not democracy that we want, but Allah-cracy!

“The principles of Islam cannot be altered and and there is no democracy in Islam or nonsense like ‘democratic Islam’.

“Democracy is shirk [polytheism] and haram [forbidden]. Here we do not compromise. Those who claim to be Muslims and do not support Shariah one hundred percent are all munafik [hypocrites] and kafirs, they are out of Islam. No need to discuss with these people, they are not part of the ummat anymore. There is no need to listen to public opinion: kafirs, apostates, liberals, atheists – they are all non-believers…

“Islam’s victory can only come through dawah [preaching] and jihad, not elections. That’s why Islamic parties are on the wrong path… As long as democracy is their chosen path, the end result is haram. Nothing good can come from that which is haram, is that not the case? So if democracy is haram, then what kind of Islamic state can come from that? Certainly not a pure Islamic state. Elections are quite useless.”

“There Can Be No Islam Without Jihad”

“The struggle for Islam can only come through crisis and confrontation. Islam is here to change the world, not to be changed by the world. So there is bound to be resistance, that is why the West fears us.

“If we accept Western norms like democracy then we can never reach the Allah-cracy I mentioned earlier. Democracy must be replaced by Allah-cracy and this cannot come from elections. Those who oppose us must be educated, that is why dawah is important, to show them that Islam is the only way. But if they still resist, and are willfully stubborn, or if they create obstacles for us, then they must be opposed. In particular all the Muslims who oppose us are apostates (murtad) and they in particular need to be dealt with firmly…

“This is the Islamic view of things. We must never compromise, relent, give up, submit to our kafir enemies. We must always keep to the Islamic path, jihad in the name of shar’ia, and never be apologetic…

“Remember that jihad is what brought Islam to power and built our community. There can be no Islam without jihad….”

[1], August 21, 2006.

Rioters’ madness shames Muslim world

Rioters’ madness shames Muslim world

Father Raymond J. de Souza speaks truth to power in the National Post (thanks to Twostellas):

The eruption of rage in some quarters of the Islamic world against Pope Benedict XVI requires that several tough things be said.Painful though it may be, speaking frankly is necessary if there is to be honest and open dialogue between the Abrahamic faiths. Given the reaction to Benedict’s address, though, one wonders if that dialogue is even possible.


Benedict was quoting a 14th-century Christian emperor, under siege from the Ottomans, defending the position that spreading religion by violence is contrary to the nature of God. The Emperor, quite reasonably given his circumstances, suggested to his Persian interlocutor such a view did not prevail in Islamic thought.

In response to this historical excursus in an academic lecture by one of the world’s most erudite theologians, we are witnessing a wave of madness and malice, no doubt an embarrassment to millions of Muslims.

Roman Catholics are likely angry. Relations between adherents of the two religions simply cannot develop without all conducting themselves as mature adults.

It does a disservice to children to call the wild-eyed statements and deranged behaviour of the past days childish.

It is not only the obscenity of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist terrorist band suppressed in several Muslim states, demanding an apology from anyone, let alone the Holy Father.

It is not only the grandstanding Pakistani politicians passing resolutions condemning a papal speech few read, and even fewer understood. It is not only the extraneous charges about the Holocaust and Hitler by the agitated and excited.

It is that we have seen this before.

When Pope John Paul II made his epic pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Palestinian Muslim representatives jostled him on the Temple Mount, shouted at him, and, in one episode of maximum rudeness, abandoned him on stage during an interfaith meeting. Bashir Assad, the Syrian President, treated him to an anti-Semitic rant when the late pope visited Syria.

Catholic goodwill toward global Islam is severely attenuated by such continued maltreatment of our universal pastors.

And it is well past time that the maltreatment of history ceased too.

The irony of the accusations that Pope Benedict has a “Crusader mentality” is that he was speaking about the period in which the Crusades themselves took place.

Catholics have for quite some time now confessed the sinful and wicked shadows that marked the Crusades, but any suggestion the whole affair was about rapacious Christians setting upon irenic Muslims must be rejected.

After all, the formerly Christian lands of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor were not converted to Islam by Muslim missionary martyrs. Those lands were conquered by the sword.

The Crusader idea was that they could be recovered. Who wronged who first is a fruitless historical inquiry, but historical honesty requires an admission that Muslims wronged as much as they were wronged against.

Actually, the recapture of all the lands conquered and Islamized by the warriors of jihad was never part of the Crusader program. But in any case, this is an excellent and, under the circumstances, courageous piece. Read it all.

A collision course with reality

A collision course with reality

Posted: August 8, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
Perception trumps reality … especially for those who are unfamiliar with reality.

For example, take the Israeli-Lebanese mini-war being played out as I write. Whose fault is it? And who are the bad guys?

The liberal media have done a masterful job of confusing the world. Read this to see the truth of “The Media War Against Israel.”

There. The distortion is even worse than you thought, isn’t it?

Just today, my friend Robert Seelye relayed a report from Israel in which a deserted building in Qana was hit by an Israeli bomb at 1 a.m., long after the Israelis had dropped warning leaflets. When the bomb hit, there was a big hue and cry that women and children had been in the place and were killed. Right on cue, here came stretcher-bearers carrying out the dead for the cameras. But someone peeked at the bodies, and they had been dead for days.

Fellow WND columnist Michelle Malkin credits these Muslim theatrics to “the Acting Guild of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage.” With her usual eloquence, she sums up, “This ongoing production utilizes the same talented field of Jew-haters and West-haters and flag-burners and machete-wielders who brought you … months of manufactured rage over the Muhammad cartoons, crazed riots in Nigeria over the Miss World pageant, Shariah-approved murders in Somalia of World Cup soccer fans, the fictional Jenin ‘massacre,’ the fable of Muhammad al-Dura, and ululating protests over the corrupting influences of ‘The Satanic Verses,’ Theo Van Gogh, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s, the sacrilegious Burger King ice cream swirl, Valentine’s Day and Piglet from ‘Winnie the Pooh.'” [Michelle: How could you forget the megaflap of Guantanamo, in which some genius supposedly figured out a way to flush an entire Quran down the toilet?]

When your main audience is a perennially crazed horde of data-deficient martyr wannabes, it’s not hard to persuade them that they are victims of aggression. Every Islamic jihad has been whitewashed into a heroic defense of Muslim lands.

That has been the mindset of most Muslims since … oh, the time of Muhammad. In 638, four centuries before the start of the Crusades, Muslims began conquering Jerusalem, Alexandria, Antioch and Constantinople. The Crusades were in part an effort to retake the lands and protect the threatened Christian populace.

In 732, the Muslims defended themselves as far north as Tours, France, where they were finally stopped by the outnumbered but valiant forces under Charles “The Hammer” Martel.

In 1529, Suleiman the Magnificent defended Turkey – all the way to the gates of Vienna, Austria. In 1683, the Ottoman Turks tried again, but Islamic stupidity reigned, and they managed to blow a 20-1 numerical advantage. Hatred blinds the eye and fries the brain.

Alain Gresh summarizes the problem neatly:

“Put simply, they don’t like us, not because of what we do, but because they reject our love of freedom and because they have been on the losing side for 200 years. Why did Nasser nationalize the Suez Canal Company in 1956? Out of Muslim hatred of the West. What caused the fall of the shah of Iran and the revolution of 1979? Muslim hatred of the West. Why do the Palestinians constantly rise up against the occupation of their lands? Hatred of the West. Iraqi resistance? Hatred of the West. The conflicts in Kosovo and Bosnia? Muslims’ refusal to be ruled by infidels. It’s all obvious. And it explains why they hold democracy in such contempt.”

U.S. and U.N. policy rests upon the idea that there’s a vast and healthy majority of Islam out there that’s moderate and peaceful. All we have to do is energize it, and denunciations of jihad violence will rapidly resound from every mosque, while fatwas will be issued on everyone who makes noises like Osama bin Laden. Soon thereafter, democracy will bloom in the Middle East, and the Palestinians will calm down and cheerfully learn to coexist with Israel.

In other words, we are on a collision course with reality.

I applaud every successful attempt to curtail the violence in the Arab and Muslim world. Yet I know that the ultimate solution won’t be found on either the battlefield or the podiums of the U.N. The basic problem we face is a spiritual evil that creates mental darkness and physical violence. The only solution will come when Christians finally get serious, stop playing church, and unite in dedicated prayer and fasting to oppose this evil at its satanic root. Are we up for that?