Families Of Kidnapped Persian Jews Sue Khatami In US Court

Families Of Kidnapped Persian Jews Sue Khatami In US Court
Saturday September 9, 2:47 pm ET

Law suit alleges visiting Iranian implemented anti-Semitic policy of torture and imprisonment

NEW YORK, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Seven Jewish-Iranian families have filed suit in an American federal court against former President Mohammad Khatami over charges that he is responsible for the kidnapping and torture of their missing family members. The families, currently residing in Los Angeles and Israel, contend that Khatami instituted the policy of imprisoning their relatives without trials and refusing to provide them any information concerning their whereabouts. The Jews were arrested on different occasions during the years 1994 through 1997, as they sought to leave Iran across its border with Pakistan.On Friday evening copies of the complaint and summons were served on Khatami at a reception in Arlington, Virginia hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Khatami has twenty days to file an answer denying the allegations or default the case.

The plaintiffs, who are not U.S. citizens, brought the suit under special laws – the Alien Torts Act and the Torture Victims Protection Act – which permit foreigners to sue their tormentors for torture and kidnapping in American courts. The lawsuit filed in the New York District Court is being represented by attorneys Robert Tolchin of New York, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of Jerusalem and Pooya Dayanim of Los Angeles. The plaintiffs are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages against Khatami for his role in the on-going disappearance of their loved ones.

Since the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, millions of Iranian citizens have sought to escape from the Islamic regime. In normal circumstances when Muslim citizens are arrested attempting to leave without official permission, the established punishment is a small fine or a short jail term. However, in the instances where Jewish citizens have been similarly arrested, the Islamic government has instituted much harsher penalties. The Plaintiffs allege that Khatami has singled out the Jewish community and authorized the policy of secretly imprisoning the Jews indefinitely.

Over the years, the Jewish families have received reports from other former prisoners and guards that the missing Jews are alive and being held in different prisons. In the case of the Tehrani family of Los Angeles, a former Muslim neighbor has sworn out an affidavit testifying that he has seen their missing son, Babak Tehrani, in a Tehran prison two years after his disappearance.

“These Persian Jewish families are seeking to bring Khatami before an American court for his involvement in the torture and imprisonment of their loved ones in Iran,” stated the families’ attorney Nitsana-Darshan-Leitner, “It is shocking that the State Department would grant this anti-Semitic criminal a travel visa instead of joining with the families in the struggle to bring him to justice. The court case will establish that these missing Jews are indeed still alive in Iranian prisons and that the former President violated international law with his policy of arrests and torture which targeted the Jewish community.”

Rosie: Radical Christians pose Islamofascist threat (Rosie O’Donnell Moron Eruption Alert)

Rosie: Radical Christians pose Islamofascist threat (Rosie O’Donnell Moron Eruption Alert)
Worldnet Daily ^ | 09/13/06Posted on 09/13/2006 5:01:09 PM PDT by MikeAO’Donnell maintains on ‘The View’: ‘We are bombing innocent people in other countries’ Rosie O’Donnell says “radical” Christians in America are just as much of a threat as the followers of radical Islam who piloted hijacked jetliners into New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. O’Donnell, the newest face on ABC’s “The View,” yesterday let her feelings fly after co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck noted militant Islam provides a threat to free people. “Just a minute,” she interrupted. “Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state.” (Story continues below) She had been saying America was attacked “not by a nation.” Yet, she said, “And as a result of the attack and the killing of nearly 3,000 innocent people we invaded two countries and killed innocent people.” A bewildered co-host, Joy Behar, protested that Christians are not threatening to impose mass murder on Americans. “There’s that difference. This group is threatening to kill us,” Behar said. And Hasselback, appearing surprised, said, “We are not bombing ourselves here in the country.” “No, but we are bombing innocent people in other countries. True or false?” O’Donnell said. Internet chat forums erupted. “Please tell me why Rosie O’overrated Donnell is on TV at all,” said kathleenirish. ” One of the mysteries of life, like why no talents/low raters like her, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and Al Franken still hang around. … God Bless America.” The television show segment launched with O’Donnell reading from President Bush’s speech the previous night, where he expressed sorrow that the war on terror has been thrust on America, but also promising to finish it. Another Internet contributor, identified as Michelle, said O’Donnell apparently believes the federal government is a branch of radical Christianity. And, Michelle said, O’Donnell apparently never has heard of World War II “and the innocent civilians that unfortunately died in the struggle against the Nazis.” “Iraq and Afghanistan never threatened to kill us,” O’Donnell said. But Michelle suggested perhaps O’Donnell should review where the Taliban trained and plotted. “We will never bring peace at the hands of war. … As a species we have to rise above it,” O’Donnell said. Internet chat contributor dcpro said it wasn’t anything surprising. “When you got Rosie sitting at your table, what do you expect?” “The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on,” added Chris Norman. “So, Rosie O’Donnell, stand up comic and geopolitical analyst, thinks if we just do nothing except hang our heads and cry, ‘Oh, woe is me!’, the rest of the world will join together and ride to our rescue? Oh, really. We might get those warm and fuzzy statements of sympathy – maybe. I suppose the liberal plan is. ‘We probably deserve whatever we got. Be sad. Do nothing.'” “Rosie who????” was the terse response from LJS. “Rosie has got to go. Poor Barbara (Walters), you know she knows she made a terrible mistake. It is laughable,” said msh1973.


What she means by “radical Christians” are people who don’t believe her lifestyle, homosexuality, is one in keeping with living a chaste lifestyle that a believer in Christ would live. So that makes us all no better than the Taliban and Al Qaeda. How disappointing that her co-hosts couldn’t point out to this yammering fool that we went into Afghanistan because that’s where Al Qaeda had their training bases and were allowed to operate from with impunity. Additionally, the Taliban were given a chance to hand over Bin Laden and to expel Al Qaeda prior to our invasion and they refused. Does Rosie think women were better off under the Taliban being utterly repressed and not allowed even the most basic rights? And maybe a little study on the brutal history of Saddam’s regime, his determination to seek for WMD and his long track record of helping terrorism, including as we know from his intelligence files that he worked with Al Qaeda would do her well too. If we had not ended Saddam’s regime, we’d have a nuclear arms race in the heart of the Middle East right now between Iran and Iraq. Does she think that’s a recipe for peace and stability? We are not the ones targetting innocent civilians Rosie, Al Qaeda is, both in Iraq and Afghanistan and by far most of those being killed there are killed by the jihadist nihilists. Perhaps you need to go spend some time living under their brutal rule to find out how well you’d be treated A) As a woman (granted only nominally) and B) as an open and practicing lesbian. Rosie’s braindead rant shows these liberals hate America, and Bush, more than they hate our enemies, and can see little difference between us. Anyway, keep talking Rosie. The more liberal nutcases like you spew, the better for the GOP in November. Some of the apparent turn-around in the GOP’s fortunes is precisely because of the overreach in rhetoric on the left turning many Americans off. They’re so confident everyone hates Bush and America like they do, that they’re over-doing it and shooting themselves in the foot in the process. Keep  

The Arab hate industry: Lebanon is still a center for the distribution of anti-Semitic literature, including books by Hezbollah’s publishing house. Such literature, distributed across the Arab and Muslim world, inspires hatred against Israel and the Jewish people and may legitimize violence against them.

“Exporting” the radical ideology of the Islamic revolution in Iran : Analysis of a booklet entitled “Al-Jihad” (holy war) found in the possession of Hezbollah operatives during the Second Lebanon War. The booklet, presents the Islamic teachings of Khamenei, an ideology based on jihad and shahada (martyrdom for the sake of Allah)

More on the Hizbollah Boy Scouts with pictures

Who The Terror Apologists Support A must read !!!!!!!!

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez Spreads 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

September 13, 2006

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez Spreads 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

If the Muslim dream of a world-wide Caliphate comes to pass, the “self-aggression hypothesis”, as Prensa Latina calls it, will become part of its official history and a cruel, mad tyrant like Hugo Chavez will be hailed as a courageous visionary: Chavez Comments on 9/11 Theories

Caracas, Sep 12 (Prensa Latina) Along with an increasing number of people in the world and in the US, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez expressed doubts Tuesday about whether the NY Twin Towers fell because of the impact of planes piloted by terrorists.

It doesn’t matter whether more people are believing this nuttery; doubt coming from self-deception speaks badly of the doubter.

Recalling the self-aggression hypothesis [termed conspiracy theory in the US], he commented that the hypothesis gaining strength is that the imperial power planned and directed that horrible attack against its own people and others to justify the aggressions against Afghanistan, Iraq, and against Venezuela.

Prensa Latina is Cuba’s “News Agency”, e.i., the propaganda mouthpiece of the Cuban regime. I believe the parenthetical was inserted by an editor, because the writer didn’t have the nerve to acknowledge the “U.S.” calls the “hypothesis” a conspiracy theory without authorization from above.

In his speech at a ceremony on the date of the fifth anniversary of the Women’s Development Bank (Banmujer), the dignitary pointed out that it is impossible for a steel mass built to resist earthquakes and the impacts of planes to fall so quickly and easily.

Other publications, such as, heck, the AP release, claim Chavez wasn’t endorsing the theory. But in this paragraph he pretty much does so. It is a sad commentary on the state of the Press that when it comes to certain stories, you can get better information from a Communist mouthpiece.

Noting that architects taking part in the construction of the towers and explosive experts endorse the self-attack hypothesis, the president said it is not ridiculous to think of the placing of explosive charges.

A reference would be nice, but no, repeating the lie is a far more effective propaganda technique.

That hypothesis, he added, was strengthened by reports noting that a few hours after the attack a US plane took relatives of Osama Bin Laden, assumed mastermind of the horrific act, out of US territory.

This is a problem of interpretation; the U.S. hauled away the bin Laden family out of fear there would be retaliatory attacks against them. It is to the everlasting shame of our government that it put the safety of the family over the safety of our people.

The truth is that the entire world is threatened by that obscene, immoral and murderous empire, he stressed.

You would think he was talking about his dictatorship, but sadly no: there is no way Venezuela can be regarded as an empire, not even using the twisted definition Chavez is using.

Sheikh accused over camel boys

Sheikh accused over camel boys

A legal case has been filed in a US district court alleging that the governor of Dubai and his brother enslaved about 30,000 children over the past 30 years for use as camel jockeys.

The claim, which is based on international laws banning slavery and child labour, names Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Governor of Dubai and Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates, and Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as well as others.

The brothers, who are among the world’s most famous racehorse owners, are accused of trafficking boys as young as 2 from Bangladesh, Sudan and southern Asia.

The case has been filed in Florida, where the defendants have property, on behalf of six parents. Lawyers are seeking class-action status on behalf of about 30,000 children. (AFP)

When have you seen Jews or Christians rioting over the things the Muslims say abouy us?

Muslim fury grows at Pope’s speech

The furore over comments made by Pope Benedict about the Islamic concept of Holy War continues to grow. Today British Muslims joined in, fiercely criticising his remarks. The pontiff was accused of falling into “the trap of bigots and racists” with the comments he made on a visit to Germany. Muslims must do more to integrate, says Archbishop Last night Vatican officials were scrambling to defend the comments, saying the Pope had never intended to offend Muslims. During a speech, he quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor who said the prophet Mohammed had brought “things only evil and inhuman”. But Britain’s Ramadhan Foundation, a youth organisation based in Rochdale, reacted angrily to the comments, comparing the Pope unfavourably to his predecessor John Paul II. In a statement it said: “If the Pope wanted to attack Islam and Prophet Muhammad teachings he could have been brave enough to say it personally without quoting a 14th century Byzantine Christian emperor. “The late Pope John Paul II spent over 25 years to build bridges and links with the Muslim community. He showed the world that its perception of Islam was false and that we are peace-loving people. “The Ramadhan Foundation is disappointed that the current Pope has not followed the example of his predecessor; it is essential in today’s world that we link together and encourage a wider understanding of our different faiths, celebrating our religious differences is essential in a ever expanding world.” Muhammad Umar, chairman of the foundation, said: “This attack on Islam and Prophet Muhammad by Pope Benedict is recognition that he has fallen into the trap of the bigots and racists when it comes to judging Islam on the actions of a small number of extreme elements.” The Pope’s speech quoted from a book recounting a conversation between 14th century Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II and an educated Persian on the truths of Christianity and Islam. “The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war,” the Pope said. “He said, I quote, ‘Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached’.” Benedict described the phrases on Islam as “brusque”, while neither explicitly agreeing with nor repudiating them. Pakistan’s parliament condemned the “derogatory” remarks today and demanded an apology. The country’s foreign ministry said they were “regrettable” and claimed they would encourage violence. Vatican spokesman the Rev Federico Lombardi issued a statement defending the speech after Pope Benedict returned to Rome. “It certainly wasn’t the intention of the Pope to carry out a deep examination of jihad (holy war) and on Muslim thought on it, much less to offend the sensibility of Muslim believers,” he said. He insisted that the pontiff wanted to “cultivate an attitude of respect and dialogue toward the other religions and cultures, obviously also toward Islam”. But Turkey’s top Islamic cleric Ali Bardakoglu asked Benedict to apologise and made a string of accusations against Christianity, raising tensions ahead of a planned papal visit to the country in November. He said he was deeply offended by the remarks and called them “extraordinarily worrying, saddening and unfortunate”. The 57-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, said it regretted “the Pope’s quote and for the other falsifications”. Militant Islamic websites also attacked the Pope.