Islamic Group Urges Muslims to Invest in Media

Islamic Group Urges Muslims to Invest in Media
Wednesday, September 13, 2006; 9:10 AM

RIYADH (Reuters) – Muslim tycoons should buy stakes in global media outlets to help change anti-Muslim attitudes around the world, ministers from Islamic countries heard at a conference in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

Information ministers and officials meeting under the auspices of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the world’s largest Islamic body, said Islam faced vilification after the September 11 attacks, when 19 Arabs killed nearly 3,000 people in U.S. cities in 2001.

“Muslim investors must invest in the large media institutions of the world, which generally make considerable profits, so that they have the ability to affect their policies via their administrative boards,” OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu told the gathering in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

“This would benefit in terms of correcting the image of Islam worldwide,” he said, calling on Muslim countries to set up more channels in widely-spoken foreign languages.

Muslim stakes in Western media are minimal. Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns 5.46 percent of media conglomerate News Corp., the Rupert Murdoch-run group behind the Fox News Channel. The U.S. channel is generally seen as right-wing and no friend of Arab or Muslim interests.

Washington’s response to September 11, invading Afghanistan and Iraq and tightening civil freedoms at home as part of a wider “war on terror,” has created a widespread feeling among Muslims worldwide that their religion is under attack.

A row earlier this year over Danish cartoons that depicted the Prophet Mohammed deepened the sense of a divide between Islamic culture and the West.

“The fierce attack on Islam in the five years since the September 11 attacks has forced us into a defensive position on our faith and understanding of our tolerant religion,” Egyptian Information Minister Anas el-Feki said in a speech.

“Now more than ever we need a new Islamic media message that reaches all parts of the world,” Feki said, citing Israel’s recent 34-day war in Lebanon as one issue where Muslims needed to make their views and influence felt.

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If Only Bin Laden Had a Stained Blue Dress…

Ann Coulter

If Only Bin Laden Had a Stained Blue Dress…by Ann Coulter
Posted Sep 13, 2006
If you wonder why it took 50 years to get the truth about Joe McCarthy, consider the fanatical campaign of the Clinton acolytes to kill an ABC movie that relies on the 9/11 Commission Report, which whitewashed only 90 percent of Clinton’s cowardice and incompetence in the face of terrorism, rather than 100 percent.Islamic jihadists attacked America year after year throughout the Clinton administration. They did everything but blow up his proverbial “bridge to the 21st century.” Every year but one, Clinton found an excuse not to fight back.The first month Clinton was in office, Islamic terrorists with suspected links to al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein bombed the World Trade Center. For the first time ever, a terrorist act against America was treated not as a matter of national security, but exclusively as a simple criminal offense. The individual bombers were tried in a criminal court. (The one plotter who got away fled to Iraq, that peaceful haven of kite-flying children until Bush invaded and turned it into a nation of dangerous lunatics.)In 1995 and 1996, various branches of the Religion of Peace — al-Qaida, Hezbollah and the Iranian “Party of God” — staged car bomb attacks on American servicemen in Saudi Arabia, killing 24 members of our military in all. Each time, the Clinton administration came up with an excuse to do nothing.Despite the Democrats’ current claim that only the capture of Osama bin Laden will magically end terrorism forever, Clinton turned down Sudan’s offer to hand us bin Laden in 1996. That year, Mohammed Atta proposed the 9/11 attack to bin Laden.Clinton refused the handover of bin Laden because — he said in taped remarks on Feb. 15, 2002 — “(bin Laden) had committed no crime against America, so I did not bring him here because we had no basis on which to hold him.” Luckily, after 9/11, we can get him on that trespassing charge.Although Clinton made the criminal justice system the entire U.S. counterterrorism strategy, there was not even an indictment filed after the bombing of either Khobar Towers (1996) or the USS Cole (2000). Indictments were not filed until after Bush/Ashcroft came into office.Only in 1998 did the Clinton-haters (“normal people”) force Clinton into a military response. Solely because of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Clinton finally lobbed a few bombs in the general direction of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. In August 1998, three days after Clinton admitted to the nation that he did in fact have “sex with that woman,” he bombed Afghanistan and Sudan, doing about as much damage as another Clinton fusillade did to a blue Gap dress.The day of Clinton’s scheduled impeachment, Dec. 18, 1998, he bombed Iraq. This accomplished two things: (1) It delayed his impeachment for one day, and (2) it got a lot of Democrats on record about the monumental danger of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.So don’t tell me impeachment “distracted” Clinton from his aggressive pursuit of terrorists. He never would have bombed anyone if it weren’t for the Clinton-haters.As soon as Clinton was no longer “distracted” by impeachment, he went right back to doing nothing in response to terrorism. In October 2000, al-Qaida bombed the USS Cole, killing 17 sailors and nearly sinking the ship. Clinton did nothing. This is only an abbreviated list of Clinton’s surrender to Islamic savagery. For a president who supposedly stayed up all night “working” and hated vacations, Clinton sure spent a lot of time sitting around on his butt while America was being attacked. According to Rich Miniter, author of “Losing Bin Laden,” Clinton’s top national security advisers made the following classic Democrat excuses for doing nothing in response to the Cole attack:

  • Attorney General Janet Reno “thought retaliation might violate international law and was therefore against it.”
  • CIA Director George Tenet “wanted more definitive proof that bin Laden was behind the attack, although he personally thought he was.”
  • Secretary of State Madeleine Albright “was concerned about the reaction of world opinion to a retaliation against Muslims and the impact it would have in the final days of the Clinton Middle East peace process.” (How did that turn out, by the way? Big success, I take it? Everybody over there all friendly with one another?)
  • Secretary of Defense William Cohen “did not consider the Cole attack ‘sufficient provocation’ for a military retaliation.”

Less than a year after Clinton’s final capitulation to Islamic terrorists, they staged the largest terrorist attack in history on U.S. soil. The Sept. 11 attack, planning for which began in the ’90s, followed eight months of President Bush — but eight years of Bill Clinton.Clinton’s own campaign adviser on Iraq, Laurie Mylroie, says Clinton and his advisers are “most culpable” for the intelligence failure that allowed 9/11 to happen. Now, after five years of no terrorist attacks in America, Democrats are hoping we’ll forget the consequences of the Democrat strategy of doing nothing in response to terrorism and abandon the Bush policies that have kept this nation safe since 9/11. But first, they need to rewrite history.
Ann Coulter is Legal Affairs Correspondent for HUMAN EVENTS and author of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” “Slander,” ““How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must),” and most recently, “Godless



Former Head of Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. on Iranian TV: ‘The 9/11 Events Were Planned by the American Administration’


Special Dispatch Series – No. 1287

September 13, 2006 No.1287

Former Head of Islamic Center in Washington, D.C. on Iranian TV: ‘The 9/11 Events Were Planned by the American Administration’

In a September 10, 2006 appearance on an Iranian Channel 2 TV special, Muhammad Al-Asi, who is affiliated with the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, accused the U.S. government of carrying out the September 11 attacks.

Al-Asi is active in Islamic organizations and participates in Muslim conferences throughout the world and in the U.S. For instance, earlier this month he presented his paper, titled “Islamophobia: Its Causes and Cures,” at the second annual conference of the Muslim Congress. According to the conference’s brochure, the Muslim Congress is an “organization of the united Muslims of North America.” [1]

Al-Asi has a history of making accusatory statements against the U.S., Israel, and Jews. In remarks he made prior to the Gulf War in 1990, that were aired in the November 1994 PBS documentary Jihad in America with terrorism expert Steve Emerson, Al-Asi said: “If Americans are placing their forces in the Persian Gulf, we should be creating another war front for the Americans in the Muslim world – specifically where American interests are concentrated.” [2]

In an undated article on, Al-Asi wrote about Jewish “control” of Western countries’ and the end of Israel, [3]The Israeli Zionists have convinced themselves that their presence in Palestine is permanent. They have even managed to deceive world public opinion into believing this myth. The brainwashing that has gone into this effort is phenomenal… To bolster their argument, they tell us indefatigably that the Jews are politically as strong as ever because they are in virtual command and control of the American and Russian administrations; not to mention their political and foreign policy clout in the European continent. It is enough to have the Jews running the only superpower in the world, the U.S., to know that Israel is shielded, guarded, and protected from all political angles.”

The following are excerpts from Al-Asi’s September 10, 2006 appearance on Iranian Channel 2 TV, which also includedDavid Musa Pidcock, leader of the Islamic Party of Britain, and French author Thierry Meyssan, who also accused the U.S. government of involvement in the attacks.


Cradle to Grave: Hezbollah Children

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Cradle to Grave:
Hezbollah Children

by Russell Berman ·

In the debates during and after the recent war in Lebanon, supporters of Hezbollah have tried to represent it as a deliverer of social welfare and not as a terrorist organization. Let us leave aside the question as to why a social welfare organization would be armed to the teeth and dwell for a moment in order to consider the claim itself and its theoretical/political implications. The utopia of the social welfare state has been phrased for a more than a century in terms of providing benefits to its client-citizens “from cradle to grave.” In other words, the whole life course would become an object of state administrative practices. This bureaucratic apparatus logically necessitates some level of intrusion by the state into the private sphere of family life: care-taking, starting with the cradle, means a politicization of the nursery, and so forth. Hence Hayek’s anxieties that even a modest social state would not stay modest for long and set out on a “road to serfdom.”

To talk about Hezbollah as only a welfare state is an apologistic misrepresentation, akin to discussing Hitler in terms of managing unemployment and building the Autobahn (the way the press praises Hezbollah for its Iran-bankrolled big-spending in the Lebanese reconstruction). Hezbollah is however like a “welfare state” in the Hayekian sense: leveraging its resources and political clout to extend a tyrannical control over the private sphere. This is nowhere more evident than in the fate of the Hezbollah children.


The intrusion of Nazi ideology into nascent pan-Arabism in the 1930s in fact included the establishment of youth movements modeled on the Hitlerjugend, and the lynchpin in this connection was none other than Baldur von Schirach, the leader of the Nazi youth program. This sort of fascist politicization of youth therefore has a long history, but Hezbollah has taken it to new heights. Its message to the Lebanese is evidently this: the price for the social welfare benefits is sacrificing your children. The content of Hezbollah’s welfare state practice is to accelerate the itinerary from cradle to grave: straight from the cradle, into the grave.


The Egyptian weekly Roz al-Yusuf published an article on August 18 by Mirfat al-Hakim on “Hezbollah’s Children Militia.” Some excerpts:

Hizbullah Recruits Children Barely 10 Years Old

“Hizbullah has recruited over 2,000 innocent children aged 10-15 to form armed militias. Before the recent war with Israel, these children appeared only in the annual Jerusalem Day celebrations, and were referred to as the ‘December 14 Units,’ but today they are called istishhadiyun [‘martyrs’] . . . ”

“Hizbullah has customarily recruited youths and children and trained them to fight from a very early age. These are children barely 10 years old, who wear camouflage uniforms, cover their faces with black [camouflage] paint, swear to wage jihad, and join the Mahdi Scouts [youth organization] . . . 

“The children are selected by Hizbullah recruitment [officers] based on one criterion only: They must be willing to become martyrs.”


The Children Train to Become Martyrs

“The children are educated from an early age to become martyrs in their youth, like their fathers, and their training is carried out by the Mahdi Scouts youth organization. . . . [This organization], which is affiliated with Hizbullah, teaches the children the basic principles of Shi’ite ideology and of Hizbullah’s ideology. . . . The first lesson that the children are taught by Hizbullah is ‘The Disappearance of Israel,’ and it is always an important part of the [training] program. . . . 

“The Mahdi Scouts organization was founded in Lebanon on May 5, 1985. . . . According to the organization’s website, the number of [scouts] who had undergone training by the end of 2004 was 1,491, and the number of scout groups which had joined [the organization] was 449, with a membership of 41,960. According to the organization’s most recent statistics, since 2004, 120 of its members have been ready to become martyrs.

“The organization’s goal is to train an exemplary generation of Muslims based on the [principle of] ‘the rule of the jurisprudent’ [a founding principle of the Islamic Revolution in Iran], and to prepare for the coming of the Imam Mahdi [the Shi’ite messiah]. Its members, including the children, undertake to obey their commanders, to bring honor to the [Muslim] nation, and to prepare themselves for helping the Mahdi [when he comes].”

(Source: The Middle East Media Research Institute, Special Dispatch Series – No. 1276, Sept. 1, 2006. Link.)

“A Nation With Child-Martyrs Will Be Victorious”

According to the article, Na’im Qasim, deputy to Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, said in an interview on Radio Canada: “A nation with child-martyrs will be victorious, no matter what difficulties lie in its path. Israel cannot conquer us or violate our territories, because we have martyr sons who will purge the land of the Zionist filth… This will be done through the blood of the martyrs, until we eventually achieve our goals.”


Blaming the Jews a video from BBC

173 killed in Afghan suicide bombing

173 killed in Afghan suicide bombing Staff and agencies
13 September, 2006

By PAUL GARWOOD, Associated Press Writer 34 minutes ago

KABUL, Afghanistan – Suicide bombings have killed 173 people in Afghanistan this year, NATO announced Wednesday amid a sharp escalation of Taliban violence that saw 16 militants slain in southern clashes and an aid worker gunned down in the west.

NATO spokesman Maj. Luke Knittig said 151 of the year‘s suicide attack victims were Afghan civilians, including children, while the remainder included NATO and U.S.-led coalition forces and Afghan authorities.

“Such blatant disregard for human life and potential undertaken by insurgents who callously ask to be called mujahedeen (holy warriors) cannot be more clear,” Knittig told reporters in Kabul.

That warning came after a car bombing in the capital Friday killed at least 16 people, including two American soldiers, in the deadliest suicide attack in the city since U.S.-led forces toppled the Taliban in 2001 for sheltering Osama bin Laden .

In southern Helmand province, police killed 16 Taliban in a mountainous area outside the town of Garmser, which militants recently took over for the second time in two months, before Afghan and NATO forces claimed it again on Monday.

Rassoul said he believed the militants were linked to a group that seized Garmser‘s district headquarters on Sept. 6 and held it for six days.

The aid worker with U.N.-Habitat, a United Nations organization dedicated to promoting adequate and sustainable housing, was killed on Tuesday when militants fired on his car as he drove from a remote village into the city of Farah, the capital of Farah province, said Maj. Gen. Sayed Agha Saqib, the provincial police chief.

Aid workers in remote parts of the country have been routinely targeted by militants trying to derail the U.S.-backed reconstruction of Afghanistan. Gunmen kidnapped a Colombian and two Afghans working with a French-funded non-governmental organization west of Kabul on Sunday. No news has surfaced on their whereabouts.

One rocket landed just outside the airport in Jalalabad at 7 a.m. where the two leaders later landed and the other hit near a courthouse in the city, said Ghaffour Khan, spokesman for the provincial police chief.

Tight security has been imposed throughout the city, with Afghan and U.S.-led coalition soldiers blocking streets and searching cars, Khan said.

Aziz was leading a delegation of several senior Pakistani government officials on a one-day visit.

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have improved recently following years of strained ties, mainly over allegations by Afghan officials that remnants of their country‘s ousted Taliban regime are hiding in Pakistan. Pakistan has rejected such charges.

Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and Karzai met in Kabul this month and pledged to jointly fight militants.

Pakistan was once a key Taliban supporter, but switched sides to become a U.S. ally in its campaign against terrorism following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.


Associated Press writers Amir Shah and Rahim Faiez in Kabul and Noor Khan in Kandahar contributed to this report.

Terrorist Ali Hamadi Rejoins Hezbollah Following Release From Prison

Terrorist Ali Hamadi Rejoins Hezbollah Following Release From PrisonTuesday , September 12, 2006By James Rosen
WASHINGTON — One of the most infamous terrorists of the 1980s has rejoined Hezbollah following his release from a German prison and deportation to his native Lebanon in December 2005, a senior Bush administration official told FOX News.
Mohammed Ali Hamadi was released despite strong U.S. objections, FOX News learned. Those objections were raised in phone calls to German authorities by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller, as well as by top-level State Department and administration counter-terrorism officials.“[The Germans] ignored us and didn’t give us enough time to pursue it through legal action,” an official told FOX News on the condition of anonymity. “They gave us very short notice.”U.S. officials said they “can’t rule out” the possibility that Germany deported Hamadi, after he had served 19 years of a life sentence, in exchange for the release of Susanne Osthoff, a German archeologist taken hostage in Iraq and freed four days after Hamadi’s deportation. German authorities have denied any such deal was made.Click here to go to’s Mideast Center.In June 1985, Hamadi was one of four Islamic militants who commandeered TWA Flight 847 — en route from Athens to Rome — and hijacked it to Beirut. The ensuing hostage ordeal lasted 17 days, with the plane shuttling among various Mediterranean airports.On the second day of the hijacking, Hamadi and his accomplices learned that U.S. Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem was on board. Hamadi and his co-conspirators beat Stethem unconscious, then shot him to death and dumped his body on the tarmac of the Beirut airport. The hijackers later escaped.In 1987, Hamadi was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany, for carrying explosives in his bag at the airport. He was convicted both on that charge and of Stethem’s murder and sentenced to life in prison. Late last year he was paroled by the German authorities and deported to Lebanon.On Dec. 21, 2005, shortly after Hamadi’s return to Lebanon, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters: “I think what I can assure anybody who’s listening, including Mr. Hamadi, is that we will track him down, we will find him and we will bring him to justice in the United States for what he’s done.“We will make every effort, working with the Lebanese authorities or whomever else, to see that he faces trial for the murder of Mr. Stethem.”At a press briefing Tuesday, State Department spokesperson Tom Casey confirmed that contact had been made with the Lebanese government regarding Hamadi, and that the case remains active.“The United States still believes that he and anyone else who is responsible for such heinous acts should face justice,” Casey said. “And we do continue to wish to see him be brought to the United States to face trial here.”Hamadi’s alleged accomplices — Hassan Izz-Al-Din, Ali Atwa and Imad Mughniyeh — were never captured.Mughniyeh is also believed to be responsible for the 1983 barracks bombing that killed 241 U.S. Marines in Lebanon and for the 1984 torture and murder of William Buckley, the CIA Station Chief in Beirut.Mughniyeh, who is believed to have undergone extensive plastic surgery to make himself unrecognizable, has been described in the media as “probably the world’s most wanted outlaw.”Upon hearing news of Hamadi’s release in 2005, Stethem’s family members said they would keep pressuring the U.S. government to seek extradition from Lebanon.“We’ll be after him,” Stethem’s mother, Patricia, said of Hamadi. “We won’t let it rest.” 

Bibi: Iran president more dangerous than Hitler

Bibi: Iran president more dangerous than Hitler

Likud chairman tells international counter terrorism conference ‘Hitler went out on global campaign first, and then tried to get nuclear weapons. Iran is trying to get nuclear arms first – therefore it is much more dangerous’
Yaakov Lappin

Knesset member Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could be more dangerous than Adolf Hitler.  Speaking at the sixth International Counter Terrorism Conference, organized by the Interdisciplinary Center’s (IDC) Institute for Counter Terrorism, Netanyahu told the audience: “Al-Qaeda can’t develop nuclear weapons, while the militant Shiite movement is galloping forward towards developing nuclear terror.”

  He added: “Hitler went out on a world campaign first, and then tried to get nuclear weapons. Iran is trying to get nuclear arms first. Therefore from that perspective, it is much more dangerous.”  Netanyahu said he was not downplaying the Holocaust. “Hitler was defeated because he could not develop weapons of mass destruction. But Iran stands close to developing nuclear weapons. Does the world understand? In Europe, where I returned from, there are glimpses of understanding,” he said. Preparing the ultimate weapon “International terrorism is a mistaken term, not because it doesn’t exist, but because the problem is international militant Islam. That is the movement… that operates terror on the international level, and that is the movement that is preparing the ultimate terror, nuclear terrorism,” Netanyahu said.  The opposition chairman warned that if international terrorism goes nuclear, it could turn “the terror we know today to something marginal.”  He described the “Iranian component” as the most “dangerous and fanatical component.”  Netanyahu added that Sunni al-Qaeda and Shiite Iran were “competing for the leadership of the combative Islamist movement.”  “The free world, when faced with fanatical ideologies, and when it understood the danger, eventually used its power to remove the danger. It won in the war against Nazism and communism in the Cold War. I believe that here too there will be a victory,” Netanyahu said.  He described the 9/11 attacks on New York, using “two fully fuelled passenger 150 ton aircrafts to smash into the Twin towers” as the “equivalent of a tactical small nuclear bomb. But no one questions that if they had nuclear weapons, al-Qaeda would have wiped out Manhattan, and wiped out a good portion of Washington.” Describing the psychology of militant Islam as “pathological,” Netanyahu said the difference between Islamism and communism was the willingness of Islamists to commit suicide, and the “love of death.”  ‘Suicidal regime’While the Soviet Union in history backed away from self destruction, Netanyahu said, the West may now be facing a “suicidal regime” in the form of Iran, which is willing to sacrifice itself for its ideology. Recognizing the danger was the first step in dealing with it, he added. Professor Raymond Tanter, Founder of the Iran Policy Committee, expressed hope that the Iranian people and anti-regime movements would themselves topple the Iranian regime, which he branded as “fascist.”  “I think military action is highly problematic, diplomacy is failing, sanctions won’t work either,” Tanter said. He argued that Iranian opposition movements should be removed from the terror list, and be allowed to work freely to bring down the Iranian government.  The conference on global terrorism attracted representatives of militaries and governments from around the world, including Berham A. Sahukar, a retired Indian army Lieutenant Colonel from the Parachute Regiment.  Speaking to Ynetnews, Sahukar addressed some of the similar threats faced by both India and Israel.  

“The major threat that we both face, though it is similar, but different in a way, is the threat of Islamic radicalism, the Islamist threat of terrorism, and the constraint of countering both these threats as democracies – both Israel and India are thriving secular democracies, which value human rights to a very great extent. We have an additional constraint, in that we have a very large Muslim population, the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia, and most of them are moderate Muslims, who we don’t want to radicalize at all.”  Sahukar added that both Israel and India faced the threat of non-conventional terrorism, either biological, chemical, or nuclear, coming from “Someone setting off something in Kashmir or even in Delhi. Many Islamist groups operating from Pakistan view India, the US, and Israel as one entity against Islam. Many of the Pakistani terrorist group websites show the flags of India, Pakistan, and Israel being skewered by the sword of Islam.”  Addressing the threat posed by al-Qaeda to Israel, Colonel (Res.) Lior Lotan, Executive Director of the ICT, said that while al-Qaeda initially chose to attack the “far enemy,” the United States, it has now set its sight on the near enemy, moderate Arab states and Israel: “The capability is there. The motivation is increased. Most importantly, Israel as a target came from the bottom to being a top priority. I say to the Israeli authorities, we should never fear to deal with this, and we never deal with it out of fear.”   


Democrat could be first Muslim in congress