The Money Changers Are In The Temple part 7

Douglas Sanchez a minister in a small church in Meas AZ cheated a large number of people.

He not only was a caring pastor but the Mesa man also seemed to have all the answers regarding finances. And, with his investments, he promised members of his congregations much higher returns than they could get anywhere else.Problem was, according to the state Attorney General’s Office, that Sanchez from 1994 to 2003 was running a fraudulent scheme that took more than $1 million in property from numerous victims, including some who were disabled and elderly.

I have personal knowledge of this I was in the same church. Doug once told me how he worked his way through college buying and selling real estate. The people he took advantage of trusted him. He got htem to take out 2nd mortgages and give him the money. He promised to get them a larger interest than available elsewhere, %16-%20. at first the people would recieve checks the soon they stopped. Many of the people lost their homes. click on the link above for more information