The Money Changers Are In The Temple

I was channel surfing earlier this week when I stopped on channel 39 in Phoenix. There was a “Dr.” Mike Murdock extolling people to “seed” $8500 into his ministry. His pitch was if you would sow the seed you would get a lifetime income. He suggested that if you had money in your retirement fund, seed $8500 of it. He made the following statements

“If you have a lawsuit pending either for you or against you seed $8500 to get a favorable out come”
He looked into the camera and said “there is someone out there that has a daughter on drugs seed the $8500 in her name, and she will be healed.
“If you have a loan you are trying to get, Seed $8500 for approval”
These are just some of the outrageous claims he made

I put Dr. in quotes as he has an honorary doctorate from some obscure seminary. In actual fact he left seminary before getting any degree
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I will continue to post more on the money changers
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