“We have identified certain civilizing aspects of the modem world. Music, art, a sense of family, love, appreciation of beauty, intellect, and education. After Auschwitz we realize
that being a killer,………. a family man and a lover of Beethoven are not contradictions. The
killers did not belong to a gutter society of misfits, nor could they be dismissed as a collection
of rabble. They were scholars, artists, lawyers, theologians………… aristocrats.”
from Hitler’s Death Camps by Konnilyn G. Fieg

We observe our society from a distance, trying not to be involved in the wrongs we see everyday. Millions of children are being killed every year at the hands of abortionists, not unlike the German society of World War II. For some of the German people, the real impact of the death camps did not become a reality until after the war. The tragedy was that those that spoke out during the war were eliminated. We cannot blame a totalitarian regime for our problems. We can only blame apathy. Where were we when decisions were made about prayer in school? Where were we when the supreme court made abortion legal. Did we speak up? We have been as silent as the Germans were in the 1940’s. Now that the mantle of leadership has passed from our hands into the hands of a liberal government, what do we do? Are the people we oppose monsters? No they are us. No different except for our Christian beliefs. As Christians we have lost the upper hand. Now the issue becomes alive with violence. Passions grow into hatred and hatred into violence and violence into murder. We see that confrontation breeds violence. Peaceful demonstrations are being shown by the media as violent acts. The Federal Government has put an old racketeering law in place to control the demonstrations. Both sides are leveling vicious attacks on each other. What is the correct response? We must ask God for forgiveness in our apathy and pray for His guidance. We must inform our leaders of our opinions, and expectations. We must inform the people of our nation of the facts. Take a stand at work and with your friends. When someone asks for your vote, ask them for their opinion on abortion. If your political party will not adopt a pro-life platform, then make your voice heard. After all, it’s our country and our political parties. Vote with your God given conscience.
Pray everyday for the leaders of our country to change their minds. Peaceful demonstration and marches show our character and determination.

The root of the problem is not in the abortion, but in the lack of moral fiber that leads to abortion. Therefore, we must resolve to take back our country by prayer and by the exercise of our ballot. Pray for the leaders of the country daily and for a change of heart. Stand up for our beliefs and our country. Pray for God to give us back the U.S.A.

Bud Simmons © 2005

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